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    Episode #430 – Answering Listener Questions (Fan Mail Edition)

    This week on Gamertag Radio: Episode #430 is devoted to answering listener questions. Download Link: Episode #430 – Answering Listener Questions (Fan Mail Edition) (right click save as to download) Subscribe: (iTunes) (RSS) Download our app – it’s FREE!(Google Play – Android)...

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  • Alien Front Online FRONT
    Gaming Noise Episode #50 – Alien Front Online (Dreamcast) and NHL Hitz 2002 Review

    Recorded Date: 10/12/01 Re-airing these old shows EXCLUSIVELY on Gamertag Radio! It’s Number 50. Alien Front Online for the Dreamcast and NHL Hitz 20-02 for the PS2. Lots of fun in our fiftieth show! Download Link: Gaming Noise...

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  • Plants-vs-Zombies-Garden-Warfare-4
    Episode #422 – Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Review & EA Online Server Issues

    This week on Gamertag Radio: Titanfall just a week away EA Online server issues Nintendo Ending Wi-Fi Connection Worldwide on May 20th PS+ March Free Games Thief comparison video Wolfenstein: The New Order will run at 1080p,...

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  • Borderlands2
    Backlogged Episode #18: Borderlands 2 – Exclusively for GTR App users

    Exclusively for GTR App users: Loot, loot and more loot is what Ladyluck and David2SLY are searching for while playing through the 2012 Gearbox Software title, Borderlands 2. Download our app – it’s FREE! (Google Play – Android)...

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  • gta5
    Episode #403 – Grand Theft Auto V Roundtable Review & WWE 2K14 Interview

    This week on Gamertag Radio: Grand Theft Auto V Roundtable Review Join our GTAV crew - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gamertag_radio WWE 2K14 Interview Fanmail Download Link: Episode #403 – Grand Theft Auto V Roundtable Review & WWE 2K14 Interview (right click save as...

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  • The-Elder-Scrolls-Online-Races-Wallpaper
    GTR Overtime: MMO Subscription Model Debate – Exclusively for GTR App users

    Exclusively for GTR App users: This GTR Overtime features David2SLY, LadyLuck, & special guest Jaime (@Sparky7474). During Gamescom this past week, ZeniMax General Manager Matt Firor outlined that upcoming MMO The Elder Scrolls Online will use a...

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    Episode #398 – Grand Theft Auto Online Roundtable Discussion, Xbox One Unboxing and Pokemon X & Y

    This week on Gamertag Radio:  GTA Online video!! WOW Xbox One unboxing video, headset included! Xbox hiring: Community Team – our thoughts Indie Developer Jon Olick Backtracks on Incendiary Tweets About Sony’s IP Policies for the PS4 Pokemon X & Y...

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    Video: Grand Theft Auto Online Gameplay

    Rockstar Games put up a new video today for Grand Theft Auto Online, an addition that comes free packaged with GTA5. Below is the official word on the video which you can watch further down. Watch the...

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  • 20130718_165557
    Review: Bloody V7 Multi-Core Gaming Mouse

    So when I first saw the name of this, I was kind of skeptical.  However, I’m always game (bad pun totally intended) to try new tech so I got a Bloody V7 Multi-Core Gaming Mouse into my...

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  • 74563484
    Review: Castlestorm

    Zen Studios is more commonly known as the immensely talented group behind the definitive pinball video game experience, Pinball FX. For years they have impressed us with their brand new themed tables and addicting scoreboard chasing game...

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