• smallnextgen
    What is “next gen”?

    With the upcoming next generation of gaming consoles, Godfree claiming the WiiU is next gen, and a friend who will not give a game a shot if it looks 16-bit, I felt the need to ask myself...

    • Posted 348 days ago
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  • achievement
    Developers, Game Achievements, & Shiny New Consoles

    With all the attention of news, announcements, and rumors being targeted towards new consoles, the idea of achievements and trophies seems stuck in my mind when a discussion was started on Twitter after the release of the...

    • Posted 411 days ago
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  • What Nintendo Needs To Do To Succeed With “Project Cafe”

    *This article was written with speculative hardware details and it was not confirmed, everything that was referred to could be wrong or different, so take that with a grain of salt* Nintendo’s next console is right up...

    • Posted 1077 days ago
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  • What’s next for next gen?

    So with the emergence of all these rumors and “leaks” (and finally confirmation) concerning the Wii successor, a thought has come to mind. What exactly are the companies going to do next with the next generation of...

    • Posted 1086 days ago
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  • Microsoft Searching For Staff For Next-Gen Xbox

    So all kinds of fun showing up here. It appears that Microsoft is looking for some people to help them build up the next generation Xbox console, which has only had rumors floating around for the past...

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