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    GTR Overtime: Podcasting in 2014 Roundtable Discussion – Exclusively for GTR App Users

    Exclusively for GTR App Users: Roundtable discussion about podcasting in 2014 with Godfree & Parris. Download our app – it’s FREE! (Google Play – Android) | (Amazon App ) | (iTunes Store) | (Windows Phone 8) | (Windows 8)

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  • Xbox One Launch_First Consoles
    Episode #412 – Xbox One Launch Coverage: New York City, LA and Orlando

    This week on Gamertag Radio: Xbox One Launch Coverage: New York City (Godfree, Paustin & David), LA (Parris) and Orlando (Mandy) Interview with John Smith, the VP of GAEMS Xbox Launch countdown! Giveaway winner interview Outro Download...

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  • xbox e3
    Gamertag Radio At Xbox One Launch Events

    Now that we’ve had fun getting the PS4 launch completed, it’s time to move on to the Xbox One launch! Seriously, on one side I’m glad the systems are launching close together, on the other I wanted...

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  • square-enix-logo
    E3 2013: Square Enix Titles

    So this piece will be talking a little bit about two of the titles Square Enix was showing at E3 as the publisher. You can hear a bit about them as Paustinj and I discussed them immediately...

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  • Frost
    E3 2013: Warframe (PS4)

    Warframe is currently a free-to-play title on PC from Digital Extremes. Like many F2P games, the model is based on the option to buy additional gear through micro-transactions which, of course, is not required to play and...

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  • xbox e3
    E3 2013: Microsoft Media Briefing Thoughts

    I know you guys heard a lot of what I (and we) had to say regarding the Microsoft Media Briefing (see our post event roundtables up on the GTR app), but I want to go a little...

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    Gamertag Radio at E3 2013!

    Our first video live from E3 2013!

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  • e3
    Gamertag Radio E3 2013 Coverage Promo

    Gamertag Radio is proud to once again announce an exclusive partnership with Libsyn for their coverage of the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3). Libsyn will be sponsoring the Gamertag Radio crew as several staff members make the...

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  • injustice-gods-among-us-box-art-1020_large_verge_medium_landscape
    Episode #381 – Injustice: Gods Among Us Review & The State of Nintendo: 3DS vs Wii U

    This week on Gamertag Radio: Nintendo Direct – 3DS owners. 3 new Mario games, a new Yoshi title, a new DKC, a new Zelda, and more. The biggest Wii U competition is 3DS Xbox Next Event details...

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  • E3-logo
    ESA & E3 to remain in Los Angeles through 2015

    Just received a press release from the ESA announcing that E3 will remain in Los Angeles through 2015.

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