Titanfall Xbox One Controller Easter Eggs

By on February 13, 2014


Hot on the heels of the most anticipated game of 2014, the limited edition Titanfall controller is chock full of Easter Eggs as well. Its no surprise that former Infinity Ward employees came over to Respawn shortly after the Activision split and its refreshing to see their behind the scenes artists getting some shine for their hard work and dedication.

I first met Respawn employee Ryan Lastimosa (aka Brockhaurd) online during a Game with Devs event for the newly released Call of Duty 4; Modern Warfare for Xbox 360. Unbeknownst to me this chance meeting would translate into an actual face-to-face at a hands-on Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer event two years later. Ryan is a Senior Artist at Respawn Entertainment, but he prefers the moniker of “Digital Armorer”. See Ryan is the one in charge of making sure the weapons look authentic and realistic and worked with another Respawn Senior Artist, Brad Allen on the design of the controller. I’ve kept in touch via Facebook and XBL over the years and when I finally got my hands on the Titanfall controller I noticed a few things right off the bat.



The first one that caught my eye was the center. Seeing the serial number end in “HAURD” like his gamertag made me think there might be other things to be found.


The next easter egg is the one that catches you right in the heart. This one is especially close to Ryan as it features the 1st initial of Ryan and his wife’s name (Carina) and their wedding date. This seemingly innocuous dedication to his wife is simply awesome. It’s also featured on the R-101 Assault Rifle in game.


This is HaX0R or leet-speak for his Brockhaurd handle.

The last one “LASTIMOSA ARMORY” is an homage to his last name and what he does at Respawn.


Have you found any other hidden Easter Eggs in the beta so far? Let us know in the comments below!


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