Episode #417 – Podcast Exclusive: Interview with Aaron Greenberg & Albert Penello about Xbox One

By on January 24, 2014

This week on Gamertag Radio:

  • Podcast Exclusive: Interview with Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business, Aaron Greenberg & Senior Director of Product Management Albert Penello at Microsoft
  • 3.9 million Xbox One units sold to retail stores
  • The dark days
  • Hardware question
  • Feedback from Parris
  • TV/HBO GO App
  • net neutrality
  • Xbox One Updates
  • Titanfall
  • Japan launch
  • Xbox UI feedback
  • Albert Penello posting on Neogaf
  • 720p vs 1080p
  • surprise giveaway! Details coming soon

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Danny Pena

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  • http://about.me/daylondeon Deacon

    well done boys!

  • bud_brigman


    Really all that needs to be said. GIF is from NeoGAF. I can take no credit for it.

    • Will

      Who’d expect anything less from that Sony fan boy website anyways.

      • bud_brigman

        That’s funny! Where you there when PS3 came out? Because most of the forum members responded to Sony the same way they’re responding to Microsoft now.

        They just require that statements be backed up with facts, and not “I know better, trust me” bullsh!t.

    • Michael Mullis

      Congrats. You have proven how insecure and immature Playstation fans really are. I am glad I am not one of you.

      • bud_brigman

        Man. Some of you take all of this waaaaaay too seriously. Lighten up.

  • Oxybelis
  • Will

    It’s okay we all know Ryse 900p looks better than any 1080p ps4 exclusive.

  • Jsalas

    Parris, I love your honesty to Aaron, about the GUI… Well done… Props to you! We need more blunt honest constructive criticism.

    • Jude

      Its was just personal opinion, there are many who like the new UI but like anything needs learning in the real world and needs tweaking.

  • marc berry

    He is right !!!! RYSE NO.1, FMS5 NO.2 , BF4 NO.3, and then maybe KZSF no.4. so far……

  • Danny Peña

    Thanks for downloading Ep417! Make sure to share it with your friends.

  • Escopablobar

    Enjoyed the podcast. I appreciate Parris’s refusal to pull any punches. I love both consoles and I believe that as consumers and fans we should be critical when warranted. So applause to you. Ultimately games and experiences, not technical proficiency, are most important. X1 is a marked improvement to the X360 and stands to deliver on both fronts. It just needs to fix its UI and system issues to make it great.

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  • otherZinc


    I really hope Aaron & Albert don’t listen to one compliant of yours. Your and Mandys (I know she wasn’t on this episode) comments are not a reflection of the XBOX ONE users that took time to understand new hardware.

    When we get new cellphones, there’s a new learning curve. When you go from Algebra 2 to Trigonometry, there’s a learning curve. When you go from 360 to XBOX ONE there’s a learning curve. They reason there’s no learning curve from PS3 to PS4, you’re doing nothing new, no innovation, nothing to learn!

    Parris, you don’t have to unhook the XBOX ONE for your wife to use the tv remote, just use it, it works fine.

    Parris, how can you be pissed with a User Interface that’s customisable? You move items where you want them.

    I’m glad Albert said there’s an overwhelming approval of the tv functionality and usage! I know my XBOX ONE is on all day, when my tv is on, gaming or not. I don’t know how I’ve made it all these years from Pong to now without it!

    I love it when I say XBOX On and it shows everything. I like seeing what’s new with XBOX. Then I say XBOX Watch TV…Robin Mead shows her beautiful face, proceeding to inform me of the World News on CNN. Then I say XBOX Watch ESPN…when that’s over, it’s work time.

    Parris, I really hope he doesn’t listen to 1 word you said on this show.

    • http://www.gamertagradio.com peterocc

      So what you’re saying he’s not allowed to have an opinion? There’s requirement for him to HAVE to leave it connected. It’s an option.

      There’s things he doesn’t like. Accept it. I’m sure there are things in this world you don’t like and refuse to use or work around it. Same situation here.

      I don’t like the UI either. I would prefer an easier experience than what we paid for. I’m sure it’s being worked on but to say someone’s opinion is wrong is outright ludicrous.

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  • supersungin

    Microsoft days is dead now

  • dr1evil1

    i was surprised you guys didnt ask about microsofts plan for japan? have they given up? if not what are their plans to compete with sony ?Also will they bother to sell consoles in china now that the government may allow a trial run of systems there

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  • carol argo

    xbox one have one advantage ! there is a lot more room for gain in the future then on ps4 .ps4 as nothing really different from desktop aside from going 64 bit . but this is also a flaw for xbox one for one reason .ms run on the assumption dev will bother learning ddr4 way like now ! dev had since 2003 to go 64 bit bit ! it doesn’t take a lot of finger to count the total 64 bit game .if this is any indication , the way ms went might be way better I agree and way more futureprrof and powerfull but if dev don’t learn it or don’t want to , we are back to remote differential compression and donnybrooks all over again ! on paper those look nice and are nice but nobody bothered to learn it aside from ms themselves !

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