Top 10 Moments for Gamertag Radio in 2013

By on December 18, 2013

By now you have already listened to what the crew’s Games of the Year were, but what have been the top 10 most important moments for GTR this year? Find out below.



10 – Backlogged, The Balcony and Additional content

Ever since the release of our GTR app, we decided to create more content for our listeners. Co-host Mandy, and community manager David decided to launch a brand new show exclusively for GTR App users called ‘Backlogged‘. This show focuses on older games that they haven’t finished and were still part of their backlogged list. Months later, Parris joined the team and launched his own podcast called ‘The Balcony‘. This one is about any topic. Alone or with a special guest. We also launched a new show for the app called ‘GTR Overtime‘. This one focuses on extended roundtable discussions that we couldn’t finish on the regular show.

These special shows are the reason why thousands of listeners downloaded the app and helped us created better content for GTR in 2013.


9 – Xbox One launch coverage from NYC, LA and Orlando

It’s rare to see a brand new console from companies. That happens every 8-10 years. Microsoft announced their new next-gen console back in May 2013 called Xbox One. I knew that they were planning to have a huge launch but we didn’t know it was going to be in multiple cities around the world. Thanks to the Xbox team, GTR got invited to attend the event in New York City, Los Angeles and Orlando. Gamertag Radio was the only podcast that covered this launch coverage in 3 cities and also had several listeners to call us from their local area. You can listen to the full podcast episode here.


8 – Gamertag Radio App free

For a while we were charging for our app and decided to make it FREE for Android, Windows phone and iOS devices. Because of this move, the app downloads have increased big time! Android has now between 500-1,000 downloads, iOS has around the thousands and Windows 8/Windows Phone just launched with a pretty good amount of downloads as well. This helped get new listeners. Yes podcasters, mobile is the future!

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7 – Parris joins GTR staff

Parris retired from podcasting a couple of years ago. After our review of Bioshock Infinite, we had a long talk with this talented podcaster. He decided to come back to podcasting again but part of the GTR team. He helped us get new listeners, create more roundtable debates about gaming and made the show even more fun. Thank you Parris, for joining the team!

Check out his first blog post about joining the team here.


6 – Podcast Exclusive Interviews: ‘Tomb Raider’ Actress Camilla Luddington & ‘Battlefield 4′ Actor Michael K. Williams, Aaron Greenberg and Michael Pachter

Gamertag Radio managed to get some pretty good exclusive podcast interviews during 2013. Making it the only podcast with these interviews from Michael Pachter (twice), Xbox’s own Aaron Greenberg, Battlefield 4 actor Michael K Williams and the voice of Lara Craft, Camilla Luddington. There were a lot more interviews that were also exclusive but these were the ones with the most downloads in 2013. Making them some of the best interviews that we have had in years.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.40.25 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.39.36 AM
5 – Podcast Awards Nominates Gamertag Radio for the 7th year in a row!

Once again the Podcast Awards nominated Gamertag Radio for the 7th year in the row. Thanks to our listeners, we were nominated in the following categories: ‘Best Produced’ & ‘Best Gaming Podcast’. The real question is – are we finally going to win an award? We’ll find out in Jan 2014 during New Media Expo.


4 – Gamertag Radio 400th episode

The number one downloaded episode of 2013 makes it on our list. We had special guest Michael Pacther, where he predicted a couple of things about Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This one got so much buzz that a lot of other blogs picked it up.


1040307_10151470162576937_718092062_o (1)

3 – E3 2013 coverage with 75,000 downloads

Our E3 2013 coverage was one of the best we had in years. In total, our coverage had 75,000 downloads! The GTR crew worked so hard to get you the most up to date coverage from the show floor at E3. Check out our E3 2013 coverage here.


2 – An Open Letter to Don Mattrick: The Xbox Community Wants to Talk to You

After E3 the buzz was all about Xbox One. But not a good one. The topic was all about Microsoft changing their focus on the gaming community and why their message was lost during this year’s press briefing. I was really unhappy with the situation that I decided to post an open letter to Don Mattrick. This letter was one of the biggest highlights ever since I started with the podcast. Many former Xbox employees contacted me or posted a comment on our blog about the situation. Even former Xbox Execs were nice enough to email me in private. It was really nice seeing everyone on the same page about the community. A week later, Don Mattrick resigned from MS and left to work at Zynga. This was a very random move but at the same time I was happy. Now the Xbox team can start from scratch and make some changes. The team has made some better moves and also hired a well known community manager, Jeff Rubenstein. Now with 2014 coming, I wonder how much community focus will we see from Xbox? Only time will tell……

Read the full letter here.

We believe something in your message is missing, and your relationship with the community has been damaged. In our eyes, the trust many of your customers had in the Xbox team–which was what set Xbox apart from the competition–has been lost. What made Xbox so unique in the past was its relationship with its gaming community. Something changed in 2009 and it has not been the same since. I believe you have lost touch with the community. Yes, the MVP program is a wonderful thing, but instead of the Xbox team being made up of people who are passionate about your product, we are only seeing the business side of the Xbox product. The focus on community has taken a back seat. Since 2009 we have seen less and less interaction with the gaming community and more messages like we got during E3 2013.


2013-11-26 20.40.51

1 – 3 million downloads

This is the number 1 HUGE moment from Gamertag Radio. Getting over 3 million downloads! I mean, the podcast is getting support from listeners all over the world. Feedback from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, China, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Japan, etc. It’s not easy to get that type of support. This all happened because of the content, staying engaged with our community and releasing non-stop episodes each and every week. The world is listening to us. We have a powerful voice in the gaming community. That’s why I always say be careful on what you post or say online. You never know who is listening.

Thanks GTR community, this has been one of my favorite years and it was because of your support.

See you next year! Gamertag Radio’s 9th year!

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