Episode #409 – Playstation 4 vs Xbox One battle continues, Killzone Shadow Fall In stores & Snap Mode Walkthrough

By on November 3, 2013

This week on Gamertag Radio:

  • Congrats to Mandy Paez (Ladyluck) for getting to the finished line! Marine Marathon – Official time: 3:33:23
  • Gamertag Radio nominated for the Podcast Awards 2013 in 2 categories ‘Best Gaming Podcast’ & ‘Best Produced’ – 7 years in the row! Vote daily at PodcastAwards.com until Nov 15th.
  • Is Peter buying a next gen console on launch day? If so, which one?
  • Apologizes to our listeners
  • Playstation Germany take shots at Xbox and then deletes the tweet
  • Godfree not buying Battlefield 4?
  • Dualshock controller, PS4 camera and Killzone in stores now
  • Xbox One UI and Snap Mode Walkthrough
  • Fan mail question!


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Danny Pena

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  • Hhhhhhhhhh

    “Who cares? Either way, you end up with 1080p.”

    This makes it clear you don’t understand what up scaling is. You are taking a small image and blowing it up. You end up with the same 720p image, but taking up the physical dimensions of 1080p. Go take an 800×600 pixel image. Not stretch it so that it takes up the space of a 21″ 1600×1200 screen. You just up scaled. Congratulations! What else do you have? A very pixelated blocky image with less clarity.

    Also, saying your Luddite dad won’t care or notice is ridiculous. I don’t give a shit about cars. Does that mean every car should be designed for idiots like me who don’t care or know about cars?

  • ray

    You are saying the average non-tech person will care about resolution or fps, but the tech people are early adopters. If one system our horsepowers the other the early adopters may be swayed. The masses will follow the early adopters.

  • wolf

    No wonder you have not ever won any awards… fanboys make bad game journalists. And, please don’t call Pete a “tech” guy because it makes the rest of us look bad.

    • http://www.gamertagradio.com peterocc

      Amazing how having an opinion counter to yours makes me the bad guy.

      Thats fine. I make my own decisions based on me and my needs which is what everyone else should. Not because Youtubers or Gaming/Tech journalists say so.

      Please detail how I make “you guys” look bad… I’m dying to know. /sarcasm

    • Danny Peña

      Tough talk.

  • Gameondaily.com

    Thanks for giving us, Gameondaily a shout! :)

  • misterzeno

    Still no Parris :-( He is needed to balance the fanboy talk with you guys. Being hurt that Sony is bashing Microsoft sounds a little sad, man up and hit back harder.

    I have a strong feeling if the tables were turned Danny would be OK with the bashing. The whole resolution argument is a little silly, these are launch titles on new systems give devs some time to get used of the hardware.

    And Danny oh sweet Jesus yes the whole fps thing is getting a little stale. I agree with you on this one man ;-)

    Congratulations Mandy!

    • Mandy Paez

      Thanks! And yes, I have to agree (to all of the above haha, Parris needs to stop being busy).

      Personally I think the companies shouldn’t take shots at each other regardless. But there’s a lot of “Sony should be the better person” when Sony does it, and “oh it’s okay because Sony did it too” when MS does. Interesting double standard that one company doesn’t have to be the better person (entity?) just because they’re retaliating to another – this applies all around (MS and Apple tend to do this a lot too).

      • Danny Peña

        Parris, where you at? :P

  • Groovemechanic

    I love GTR and have been listening for a long time. Having said that I find the talk about how Sony is ‘taking shots’ and being ‘borderline douchey’ when it comes to Microsoft very comical. I mean guys, have we all forgotten the last generation when, for the most part, multi-plat games ran and looked better on the 360 and MS (and GTR) would gleefully point this out (remember, I’ve been a listener for 5-6 years :) )

    I’m getting both consoles at launch and see value in both. I just have a bit of a problem with revisionist history. I honestly believe that if the new COD and BF ran at a higher native resolution on the XB1 Microsoft would be shouting it from the rafters.

    Remember this quote? “HDMI doesn’t matter” That’s what MS (and some podcasts) said back when the early versions of the 360 only had component video output while the PS3 had HDMI out. Companies will always try to downplay the weaknesses and promote the perceived strengths of whatever their selling.

    Love the show. Keep up the great work.

    • Danny Peña

      HDMI….wow. I forgot about that. HAHA Thanks man for still supporting GTR! I’ll give you a shout out during Ep410.

  • Theo

    First of all, great show as always, I love that you guys find the time to put into your podcasts. Don’t let the negativity get to you, some can’t debate without attacking people, it’s the internet…not much to expect there.

    I want to touch on the subject of the 720p/1080p debate. 1080p native is different than upscaled. Upscaled is stretched to fit the screen, it outputs from 720p to 1080p

    Where as 1080p native renders it in full 1920×1080. You have much more detail on a native resolution than an upscaled one. Upscaling has Aliasing issues and screen tearing will be more noticeable. The refresh rate remains unchanged while the resolution upscales.

    Native resolution, you’ll notice more detail because it’s not stretched and blurred out.

    If you have a high end pc, you can test it. Take the best looking game you have, take your resolution down from 1920×1080 to 1280×720 . Just look at the difference in the menu screen so you’ll get an idea of what has really changed, then you’ll start to notice the differences in real time gameplay.

    I’m more interested in the games, because I buy a console to play games. Graphics aren’t the deciding factor, it’s about quality gameplay and story.

  • Kam Williams

    I would love to hear Parris comment on the price of the PS4 in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina (which is hundreds more than Xb1 in all three). Seems like Sony has conceded the continent of South America and noone is covering that story. Is Sony ahead on preorders? Sure, but they were outsold by MS in the latest talle and do we actually think that Sony can write off South America and still sell enough to outpace MS? Thats seems a bit far fetched in my view. This pricing issue down there is a bigger issue than U.S journalist realize.