Astro A50′s and MixAmp To Deliver Dolby® Headphone 7.1 Experience on Xbox One

By on November 20, 2013


Just got the latest word from Astro regarding Microsoft and its decision to drop Dolby encoding on the SPDIF output at launch.

“While our products do not process DTS signals, we do have on-board Dolby® encoding in both our A50 Wireless Transmitter as well as our Wired MixAmp™ Pro. An Xbox One gamer will need to select Stereo output for game audio, but our MixAmps will process that stereo signal with Dolby ProLogic II and encode it with Dolby® Headphone – *the* gold standard for simulated 7.1 Surround Sound for gaming headphones.

So have no fear gamers, your ASTRO’s will still provide a Dolby® Digital Surround experience no matter what your console choice.

You can read more about Dolby Laboratories Headphone here (”

Source: Astro Gaming Facebook

For Astro A50 and mixamp owners, this is positive news and definitely makes me feel better about the Xbox One.

Now only if we could get that microphone adapter sooner…


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