Episode #408 – A Resolution to 720p vs 1080p

By on October 26, 2013

This week on Gamertag Radio:

  • Episode #408 – A Resolution to 720p vs 1080p roundtable discussion
  • Industry behind the scenes drama
  • Forza 5, Ryse Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 Install Size Revealed
  • Fanmail
  • Custom Soundtrack of the week: Troubleneck Brothers – Back To The Hip Hop

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Danny Pena

About Danny Pena

Founder & Co-host - Since 2001, Danny Peña’ has been at the forefront of Internet video game community building. Known for his unmistakable voice and interview skills. For press inquiries or additional information: email me. Bio: about.me/dannypena | Twitter: Godfree | Follow me on: Xbox Live: Gamertag - GODFREE | Nintendo Network - Godfree | PSN: GodfreeGTR
  • Huseyin Unsal

    720p: 1280 x 720 = 921600 pixels

    1080p: 1920 x1080 = 2073600 pixels

    • Danny Peña

      that’s not the reason why I buy games.

      • Branthog

        Current resolution capacity might server as a reasonable indicator of overall system capability. One might not care if a game is displayed at 720p or 1080 (or even 576p, as was comment this current generation), but the power needs to be there to grow into over the next decade for various benefits, such as size of the game world, complexity of audio and environment, number of events and activities happening onscreen at one time, number of players in multi-player games and so on.

        Rather than looking at it as a purely resolution issue, we should consider the systems in terms of overall power. Whether a developer chooses to focus that power on resolution or on world complexity is up to them. Without that capacity, we may as well just have stayed on the existing generation.

        Of course, we’re dealing in absolutely nothing but speculation at the moment, so we’re only going to know for sure when these are finally in our hands, next month.

  • Branthog

    Storage and digital acquisition is going to be a bigger constraint than concluded in your conversation.

    Due to the actual hardware measurements of a hard drive (versus the measurements used for marketing), That 500gb is actually 465gb.

    In addition, a drive requires at least 20% of its capacity to remain free for performance purposes (less space means increased fragmentation and slower writes). This is still true, even today, for most SSDs (Anandtech performed a rather thorough writes benchmark on popular current brands, finding that 25% free space offered the optimal performance). Since these new consoles are still using mechanical drives, speed may continue to be an issue like it was with this past generation, where you couldn’t install both GTA V CDs, because the systems required the combined read speed of the mechanical drive *and* the DVD.

    Operating on the assumption that the drives in these systems are actually “500gb” and that they have the same usage requirements as drives in play elsewhere (PCs, laptops, servers), then we need to subtract 20% from that 465, which leaves us with 372gb. That doesn’t take into account however much space the operating system (or operation systems[s] for the XB1) will consume.

    If you don’t use any other services that require space (music, movies, etc), that leaves enough space for nine games. That isn’t awful — but I can see how it could become an issue if you live in a household where several people will use the machine. If each person has at least one game they’ll play very long-term or forever (COD, BF4, Titanfall, Killzone, etc), that would leave only a handful of other games on-deck at any time and if you are data transfer constrained by your ISP, you might wince at the idea of purging 40gb or more, just in case you think you might want to play it again, some day.

    As cheap as mechanical storage is and considering you can get SSDs much larger than this (I have a pair of 500gb SSDs in my primary rig), I have to figure the choice for 500gb was one of optimal speed. It seems a size that is “passable”, but a terabyte would be enough storage to really give you breathing room, until they roll out the new editions in a few years that cost an extra $250 for twice the storage.

  • MozBlue

    When it comes to Digital vs Disc it’s already a non-issue as even if you by the game on Disc you still need to install the game, granted this happens in the back ground but you still need to free space on your harddrive, so it doesn’t matter if you buy digital or disc as you’ll run out of hard drive either way.

  • martin

    some of you guys defend microsoft no matter what!!! 720p should not be the stats quo for next gen consoles- period!!!

    • David2SLY

      I asked everyone in our GTR hangout this same question: Do you know what the resolution difference between a NES and a PS2 is?

      • Danny Peña

        exactly! The reason why we buy consoles is to have fun.

  • Tony Manhawkin

    What I think Danny and Pete were talking about for the angry tweets by gaming journalists is that Sony is giving out debug PS4 units to only certain review sites who are likely going to review them favorably. Marcus Beer was angry because he’s given a lot of praise to Sony but he hasn’t received a review kit. Also a lot of gaming journalists are angry because of a “review” event that Sony is hosting which has many wondering if the stage gameplay is going to be legitimate PS4 gameplay.

  • http://thatsangel.com/ Angel

    I’m still one of the guys who scoffs at 8-bit games. I’ll be the ignorant one to turn his nose up at Minecraft, despite never playing it. That’s the extent of my commitment to the future — the same as Godfree has with his commitment to playing only next-gen after those consoles drop and storing the 360 away.

    Every single generation has come with the “Oh, shit! Look how reeeaaaal it looks” declarations. We buy high-def TVs at 42″ or better and pair them with 5.1 sound systems (or surround headphones) for pretty colors and loud noises.

    I’ll leave those side-scrollers and 8-bit puzzle games on my iPhone for forgettable experiences when I’m in the bathroom or on the train. We can say it’s all about gameplay and addictive experiences, but part of what makes it so captivating as a hobby now are the stories and the visuals.

    As far as I know, though, the only point where the difference between 720p and 1080p becomes visible is with projectors that display at 60″ or more. But that’s always contingent on the quality of the source, too. And the disparity is nowhere near as significant as the difference between 480p and 720p.

  • Major Nelson

    The xbox is weaker, there is no software, PR catch phrase nor fanboy in this world that is going to change that, it is one of the reasons of the 720 thing, but hey! It’s all about the experience! Because you know you want to wave your arms like a retarded person and shout like an idiot to interact with the kinect … right? right? And what about the awesome experience that is watching ads! Come on! you know you want to watch ads! And of course, the better community in gaming, what an awesome experience is hearing litlle 12 year old angels shouting in your ears that you are a f@g, but hey! It’s not microsofts fault, no, because guys, come on! Microsoft developed this weak hardware but it is not microsofts fault It is the developaaazzzz acording to mr xbox himself (godfree). Ohhhh by the way, are xbox fans usually this ignorant (like the guy who called the show)? Because you actually do not need an internet connection to update the firmware in the PS4, you can call sony and they will send you a dvd/bluray with the firmware so you can update your system.

  • johanne_gray

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