Episode #401 – Xbox One Release Date & Console Power Differences Roundtable (PLAY THE GAME! Edition)

By on September 8, 2013

This week on Gamertag Radio:

  • Nintendo Direct:Pokemon X and Y
  • Xbox One release date announced
  • Xbox One first TV AD aired during the NFL game
  • Albert Penello On The Supposed Xbox One/PS4 Power Differences
  • Microsoft making changes and people still hate them
  • Don’t take our console debates too personal

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Danny Pena

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  • Snake eyes 211

    I love football and it’s great but I think you’re wrong Godfree because the wasting money on these ads and by the time the Xbox one comes out it’ll be halfway through the season and to be honest for those people that are getting the system in the first six months to a year are the hard-core gamers and they should focus on pleasing them yeah some of us like football myself included but a lot of other gamers don’t they could waste that advertising money in packaging in a game for us US consumers :-/

    • Danny Peña

      Nope. This isn’t a waste of money at all. You guys are seeing this as a stupid move. They want to grab the NFL audience and promote it. There’s NFL season EVERY year. This will get the word out about the feature for 2014.

      • Snake eyes 211

        Next year they won’t be promoting the NFL will be promoting something else and nobody will remember this commercial so they should waste that advertisement money on something else. the people that buy the Xbox1 are gamers.not mom and pops so what they should do is make the gamers happy because they are the ones they tell their friends and family and convince him to buya new systems. that’s the way it’s worked since the beginning of gaming

        • Mandy Paez

          There is a market there with the hardcore NFL fans, there’s no doubt. The question is, will these features result in them adopting a system early or just be nice additional features for when they decide to buy for other things (like games)?

          • Snake eyes 211


      • Kristian

        Is this NFL thing behind the paywall? I remember Godfree not long ago saying how much he likes the multiple screen concept, that he multitasks in the couch, with his controller playing a game plus an iPad to check his twitter and his beautifulpeople dot com profile (jk), the reason I am saying this is because I think the NFL crowd would be better off with an Ipad or android tablet than an xbox one, fantasy leagues are free on many sites, plus if you are a football fan you probably have an app related to your fantasy team, the team you root for or the sport in general, why would someone spend 560 dollars to have what they already have?, granted not on the screen, but I think the scenario Godfree protrayed (tv + tablet for twitter or other things)not long ago is more common than you probably think, plus tablets are cooler than a g̶a̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ entertainment box.

  • Scoochmagooch

    The X1 speaking to the NFL crowd is a very smart move. Especially with the commercial that aired during the opening. Do not underestimate the casuals.

  • otherZinc

    Lol @ Mandy,

    In one sentence she says; I was excited about a trailer at E3 by M$ until it reveled The Master Chief, then Mandy was disappointed…? She claimed she anticipated the possibilities of what this possible new ip could offer…

    THEN, says she’s excited for Killzone:SF?, a residential “Halo Killer” that never lived up to the hype! And, this new Killzone:SF showed absolutely no new gameplay what-so-ever!

    When Halo 4 by 343 gave us more game, than any game, in console gaming history! I’ll explain myself, as Mandy & Plausen never do:
    Halo 4: 343
    Single player
    Co-op 2-4 players
    Spartan ops: 50 stages
    All for $60!!!
    And I left things out.

    Yet Mandy can’t give 343 the benifit of the doubt? When Killzone:SF won’t even have friggin CO-OP! Nor will Killzone:SF be 1080p “native” @ 60fps! Yet the PS4 is soooo next gen & powerful!? Please.

    Yeah Mandy, if you don’t mind, what are you so excited about Killzone this year after over 10 years of Killzone mediocrity?
    Also, a Movie with it

    • Mandy Paez

      So my enjoyment of a game should be determined by the specs they list on the back of a box and not by the experience it provides me?

    • Snake eyes 211

      Killzone being Halo killer it’s most definitely not. but Sparta op season two was canceled because nobody was playing it and split screen it’s so 1990s I think most people enjoy having the whole screen to themselves and if you say you have kids they should not be playing these games get them a little TV and a wii.
      But Killzone is doing something that Halo hasn’t done since the original Xbox be a launch title and that’s very hard on it’s own

      • otherZinc

        Please provide the link where Spartan Ops was cancelled, I know it was played to death. Also, played more than any Killzone mode.

        Would like that SO cancellation link…

        • Snake eyes 211

          http://blogs.halowaypoint.com/Headlines/post/2013/03/28/The-Halo-Bulletin-32813.aspx halo 4 multiplayer was Way better than Killzone but halo4 single player campaign was weak personal opinion and how they are already working on a halo5 I doubt they’re gonna put in the effort to come out with the second season

          • Kristian

            Halo 4 campaign is the most lamest, corny, cheesiest story in video games, I mean, come on, really? ok, so the AI who is going nuts because, well, she got old, suddenly starts to develop this “feelings” for his robotic companion, come on, 343i got it all wrong, if they wanted a “deep story revolving around the relationship between two characters that altough different thay are capable of feelings from one another” they should have named their product “twilight: the videogame” not Halo, if you are trying to innovate a beloved franchise by making it a soap opera, well, theres something wrong there , I really was expecting a “kiss and an I love you” at the end, and not only that, this game was all about going from point A to point B and press a button to proceed, multiplayer has been the same since halo 2 and the best of all things … in the credits a TACIT apology just in case you did not like the game from the developer, who does that?

    • Katfury05

      I agree, she can’t make up her mind why the PS4 is better. I for one like the MS line up much better. I have a xbox 360 and a PS3 and I overall enjoy the Xbox 360 much better. Mostly because if a game has a update it usually doesn’t take an hour to download and install it. Also I find it more user friendly. I will most likely get both new consoles but not at launch. I just can’t stand the whole fanboy/girl mentality without a real reason. I mean everyone still bitches about MS red ring of death but no one ever complains about problems on the PS3 that made some games (like Skryim and the Mass Effect Trilogy) barely playable. Or the incredibly long download times on the PS3 when it is the superior console spec wise. As for Killzone, it is surely not a game that I would buy a console for.

      • Mandy Paez

        I don’t know, seems like you got my reasoning pretty clearly since you addressed it in your comment :) But since I’ve been unclear, the *only* thing that will sway my desire to buy or not buy a system is games. And by that I mean games I want, not games everyone else thinks I should want.

      • Kristian

        sorry Katfury but the issues in skyrim and the mass effect trilogy are not because of sony, it was Bethesda and EA who made a broken game, as I stated before I have never experienced slow downloads in PSN as a matter of fact it has been on psn where i have downloaded, as for what Mandy has stated she is always been about the games, i remember when the 3DS came out and she was saying the same thing as now … “until i get games i care for i do not care about the console”, I think that is one of the reasons she prefers the PS4, altough you might think that the Xbox launch line up is better, she disagrees and she even says why (she and pete “bro”c own gaming pcs, and they are familiar with the “free to play” model more than us console gamers, and ps4 is going to have a bunch of those at launch, free to play = free games for you and your buddies) moreover … you have ps+ instant game collection, indies on board, no motion gaming crap and great first party studios. For me though, both launch line ups are pretty “meh”, but I understand Mandys reasoning and preference.

        Look, these two companies want your money, they are not your friends and they do not have your best interests at heart, but I think (and this is my opinion) that of the two, Sony understands better the word “value” and pretty much get what the gamer wants and care for. I do not beleive the crap Godfree says that “microsoft listens”, if that were true, they would have never put forward those retarded policies (the outcry of disenchantment when the always on policies were leaked back at the beginining of the year, or the “deal with it” controversy). But anyway, I think nothing negative has been said about the PS4, yes, multiplayer is now behind a paywall, but guess what? there is so much value in PS+ that it pays for itself, and I am talking about not only the free games but awesome discounts too (rayman origins for 5$, Max Payne for 8$ just to name a few, and this is all year long not only when you are about to launch a console). PS4 has better specs (I do not care but probably you do), its cheaper and the overall experience pretty much will be the same in both consoles, yes you may have the bulk of your friends on xbox live, but that does not mean you cannot make new friends, right?

        • Katfury05

          but it was Sony’s fault that those games that played perfectly on the xbox 360 and PC were barely playable on the PS3. It’s no secret that developers were not happy with how diffucult it was to adapt games for PS3. I completely understand getting a console because it has the games that you want to pay, but is all honestly neither line up is good enough to warrant a day one purchase for either console. I am gonna get both consoles eventually just like I have a PS3 and an Xbos 360 now, I just don’t understand the whole battle of which console is better when they haven’t even been released. That is why I will wait and see, it’s a waste of time to speculate. I still have a huge backlog I have to get through before getting the new consoles. Thanks for the input :)

          • Kristian

            That is not sony’s fault, if that were the case, Uncharted 2, 3, Last of Us, basically anything exclusive would have had the same problems … except they did not, and you know why? because of the developer! this gen though you would not have the same problems, architectures of both are basically the same so yeah, pretty much you would not see another skyrim in ps4 (I hope).

            I agree about the launch lineups and the games you want to play, thats why i did not preorder, but if I see a PS4 between launch day and christmas I probably will buy it. Have fun with your backlog, I too have one, I have not even started tomb raider, plus all the games I have downloaded from PS+.

          • Katfury05

            but like you said those are exclusives the games I mentioned are not and those are the games that have the problems. Of course that games that are developed specially for Sony are not gonna experience the same problems.
            Oh you need to play Tomb Raider great game, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
            As for the PS+ I enjoyed it, but I ran out of space in my hard drive fairly quickly lol.

          • Kristian

            Just delete old games, if you want to revisit them later on, you can redownload them, your save is on the cloud (I hate that word, thanks microsoft!) if you are a ps+ subscriber so you will be good to start your last game. As for the broken games, it is very funny, not long ago I was playing a bethesda game on PS3 (Dishonored) and I was trying to beat the game with no kills and stealth, I got stuck in certain part of the game, so I went to youtube to watch a walktrough … same options (stealth, no kills and hard mode) I laughed when I noticed something really strange, the walktrough I was watching was on xbox, as I repeat, same options, an guess what? … It had fewer guards (enemies) than my game!!! So, this is not because Sony put more enemies in my game (because, we, playstation gamers, are so badass that can take more enemies than the other console version), it was the developer who made or did not make some tweaks to the PS3 or Xbox version, I have played alot on PS3 and have not ecountered glitches or things that make a game unplayable never ever, so the games you mention, their issues were because of the developer who did not took the time to optimize or simply put make a better version of the game, I do not Know if you are aware that this generation Xbox 360 was the common denominator for developing games, first you develop for xbox then you port to PS3, that is why many games had issues, because developers did not put the time to make the ports they made to ps3 run better.

            Anyway, I wish there was only one console that coud play all games, so all this console war thing would end, and I wish that console would be a Nintendo one!

        • Mandy Paez

          Thank you – I didn’t even think about using my approach to the 3DS as an example that this is normal for me haha. Though if listeners are newer to the show, they won’t be as familiar with it. From a non-bias standpoint (or as non-biased as I can get), I find it amusing that everyone wants to bring up the PS3 gen mistakes by Sony (of which there were many), yet things like the RROD never come up in their discussion of Xbox. Thanks for a lot of varied and good points! Also, *high five* it’s like we’re so afraid of trying to make new friends.

  • otherZinc

    Also, the Spartan Ops movie that’s in the Halo 4 game, Mandy…

  • Jermaine Johnson

    I applaud MS for marketing to the sports fan/non hardcore gamer but I’m not sure this is the right time to do it. Hardcore gamers make up the large majority of console launch buyers so why market to a group of consumers who aren’t likely to but your product 6 to 12 months after launch anyways. Next July/August would be perfect for the kinds of advertising they’re currently running for the X1

    • Rhino

      the hardcore fan already knows everything there is to know about next gen gaming. MS wants the casual/NFL fan to jump on board now if they haven’t already. why wait to advertise to this user base when you can get that customers business now. plus the NFL partnership is a big win for MS. lots of american eyeballs paying attention.

      • http://thatsangel.com/ Angel

        Agreed. The ad is for the on-the-fence customer and impulsive holiday shopper. It’s for the parents considering the kind of investment they’d like to make for their families and home lives.

        • Jermaine Johnson

          But if the hardcore gamer snaps up 80-90% of what’s shipped during the holiday period then was this advertising truly effective, especially when the football season will be over by New Years. That’s why I said the NFL stuff should really be pushed next summer prior to the start of the season

  • [email protected]

    Microsoft does not care about exclusives. Gears, Halo, Gear, Halo, I just reviewed 4 E3s for Microsoft. Look at the exclusives Sony has made vs Microsoft over the past 5 years.

    • http://www.gamertagradio.com peterocc

      Since when has Exclusives been the barometer for a console’s success or demise?

  • http://thatsangel.com/ Angel

    The only problem I had with the XB1 commercial is the same problem I had with the Kinect ones. Whose lives are they representing in that ad? How often do you put your 65″ flat screen on the roof, with a huge sectional, for an outdoor viewing party? How many bars are going to scrap their NFL Sunday Ticket with DirecTV to say XBox 1? Who’s going to be the first troll to shout “XBOX OFF” during the game?

    It was the same issue with Kinect on 360. These huge “Step Up”-like dance parties on TV. But at home, I have to slide my sectional around just to have enough space to calibrate it. I’ll truly enjoy this premium $500 device once I have a premium living room, I guess. And a premium social life.

    The XB1, so far, sounds and looks like it’s selling a lifestyle more than a console. Maybe it’s just too luxurious for my modest Brooklyn apartment.

    Anyhow, I really enjoyed the breakdown on the processor. I didn’t understand it all, but I finally get it. For the longest, I was asking myself what Microsoft showcased that couldn’t have been executed with a firmware update and a new, high-end Kinect SKU. Now I understand that we’re entering the next-gen for a console that can handle HD video streaming and cable connectivity and Skype in smooth motions and swift response times. The current-gen hardware wouldn’t support that.

    But now I’m wondering how important it is to upgrade for that faster processor to handle more features I have little interest in. Much to the point that Parris has maintained forever, despite some slicker graphics and renders, will the XB1 & PS4 launch titles that are also available on 360 & PS3 be considerably better and worth the immediate investment? I don’t think so.

    Oh, and people are only fake excited about Killer Instinct. The same way Sony enthusiasts reacted over Twisted Metal.

    • Mandy Paez

      Haha I love your comments. Lots of interesting points you bring up that we never really got into. While I know some people hate to make the comparison, I see it like with PC parts. Sure, I could upgrade to a better graphics card when the new one comes out but I don’t *need* to in order to continue enjoying the games I play. There are some aspects of games that will only function (or function best) on the new systems, but for the most part you’re making the decision to adopt early for the tech, not for the content.

  • Huseyin Unsal

    As a person that will own both home consoles eventually (no fanboy) I think Penello was talking PR speak the PS4 is more power this is a fact look at the Arstechnica breakdown but it doesn’t matter its all about games. As person that bought the 360 first this gen then PS3, I will buy the PS4 first for one simple reason its cheaper, Xbox one when there is a price drop. Mandy killzone is looking dope there really changing it up.

    • Mandy Paez

      Gotta be wary of that PR speak from any company. Glad I’m not the only one around here looking forward to KZ. Thanks for listening!