Episode #400 – Michael Pachter Interview about Wii U, 2DS, Xbox One, PS4 & PS Vita

By on September 1, 2013

This week on Gamertag Radio:

  • GTR celebrates our 400th episode!
  • Michael Pachter Interview about Wii U, 2DS, Xbox One, PS4 & PS Vita
  • PS4 set to outsell Xbox One by 25 to 30%
  • Voicemail shout outs
  • Pachter interview continues….
  • Roundtable with Godfree, Mandy & Paustin
  • Custom Soundtrack Of The Week: Fat Joe – “Madison Square”

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Danny Pena

About Danny Pena

Founder & Co-host - Since 2001, Danny Peña’ has been at the forefront of Internet video game community building. Known for his unmistakable voice and interview skills. For press inquiries or additional information: email me. Bio: about.me/dannypena | Twitter: Godfree | Follow me on: Xbox Live: Gamertag - GODFREE | Nintendo Network - Godfree | PSN: GodfreeGTR
  • Stealth

    Nintendo is going to make a killing this holiday

    • Danny Peña

      Yes, with their 3DS system and games. Not the Wii U.

      • Stealth

        wii u is going to make a killing too

  • Freydog

    Intro to this podcast was so bad I turned it off before I got to listen to the actual cast… O-well. I really enjoy Michael Pachter too.

    • http://www.gamertagradio.com peterocc

      SMH… Typical troll ^^^^

    • Danny Peña

      Fake names = trolls. :)

    • Parris Lilly

      hahaha that’s pretty funny even for a troll :)

  • EnyOne

    Congratulations on Episode 400 gang. I’m with Pachter and Parris, price is going to be a huge factor for console sales. I recently looked at the history of console price drops (http://vgsales.wikia.com/wiki/Price_cuts) and the fact that Sony dropped the price of the PS3 $200 in one year is compelling me to hold off buying an Xbox One. I said before that I was going to hold off until Destiny and Titanfall come out, but if the X1 doesn’t get a price drop by the Spring release of those games I’m probably going to get Destiny for the X360 (because the developers at Bungie said that they tried to make the Destiny experience the same on all consoles, current and next-gen) and I think I’m just going to bypass Titanfall (or get it for the X360 too if the X360 ported version isn’t awful). I mean, the Wii U received a $50 price drop within a year, so it can still happen. Thanks again for podcasting, until next time!

    • Danny Peña

      Thanks EnyOne!

  • Rhino

    hey all, just wanted to say thanks for episode #400. really well done! i take back any hate towards Mandy from episode #399. sorry about that, i’m a fan! keep up the great work team.

    • Mandy Paez

      Haha no worries, we all get particular about things we’re passionate about. Though I have no problem sticking a shiny PS4 fangirl badge next to my Steam one :)

  • Kam Williams

    Loved the interview. Felt a bit sad for Paris and Mandy when the Pachman fired a torpedo into their indie game arguments. “Filler content is not very compelling”. Ouch!

    • Parris Lilly

      I’ve never argued that Indie titles were system sellers, matter of fact I’m the person who asked the question. If anything he validated my $399 argument

      Danny has corrupted you mind! lol

      • Kam Williams

        Actually what he said was price would be a chief motivation until kinect’s features were fully known. He indicated that in the 2nd and 3rd year he expected higher sales of Xb1. Besides real cloud gaming at launch sounds better than redbox game streaming a year from now that cant even be enjoyed unless i spend another $200 for a Vita. Sorry but online is where i live buddy. But since you seem fixated on numbers here’s one for ya-300k dedicated servers. How many will Sony have on launch again? Oh yea they havent said and folks like you dont intend to ask that question do you? Didnt think so…

        • Parris Lilly

          lol you do realize these ‘dedicated servers’ is a marketing gimmick. I am very happy to see that XB1 will use them but they’ve been on the PC for years and if you think that the PS4 wont use them as well you are fooling yourself.

          I’m not a fanboy, I live in the real world and have stated repeatedly that I am getting both consoles….in 2014.

          Why people get so worked up over what piece of plastic plays their games is beyond me

          • Kam Williams

            I’m worked up because i call you out? Paris, i operate on confirmed info. Not rumors or aspirations. MS has confirmed 300k dedicated servers. If there was anything false in that claim, i have no doubt that the extremely pro sony gaming media would’ve reported that by now. Sony on the other hand has told us nothing about their servers. Hell we cant even get them to confirm how much ram they are using for the OS. Now you may believe, hope, expect, or pray for Sony to have an online infrastructure equal to MS but you have no confirmed info…just your tilted assumptions. Sony has had 7 months to tell me they have or plan on having dedicated servers. They’ve told me nothing. So im entitled, indeed required, to assume that all they have is game streaming on vita. Confirmed info and facts Paris…come back when you have some ok…

          • Parris Lilly

            I’ll refer you back to my previous post and add the fact that I personally do not care if Sony gets dedicated servers, it holds zero influence over my purchasing decision, same as Xbox One having dedicated servers is not a factor in me purchasing both consoles in 2014.

            The fact that you seemingly have a personal witch hunt against me pointing positive things about the PS4/PC proves my point that you are getting way too worked up over what piece of plastic plays your games.

            it’s your money spend it however you like and enjoy playing games

          • http://www.gamertagradio.com peterocc

            PLAY THE GAME!!!

    • Mandy Paez

      I know we argued a lot in regards to indie during 399, but I don’t remember ever specifically maintaining indie titles as being a system seller. Simply that I am more interested in what PS4 is offering indie & F2P side than the AAA-titles on XB1. But that is a very strong personal opinion that I know the bulk of consumers don’t have interest in.

  • http://thatsangel.com/ Angel

    First, congrats on episode 400. Much respect to you, Danny, because that’s a huge milestone for someone who was talking about his podcast on LR when we didn’t even know what that shit meant.

    Wiiiith thaaaat saaaaid — let go of the free “CoD: Ghosts” thing, homie. Not gonna happen. There’s no incentive for either Microsoft or Sony to give something away for free that history has proven will sell in astronomical numbers. And it’s shipping to four consoles this time, plus PC and I guess Nintendo, if it counts.

    I really appreciated the candid conversation about indie games. They have minimal replay value and are essentially shovelware to tide people over until the next big release. The conversation is only extensive in the gaming media where the thirst for freebies runs rampant. We’re not buying high-powered consoles to play side scroller games that feel like the Diet Coke of entertainment. We want better technology and higher-def TVs and louder sound systems for more immersive experiences. Even if some of the indies are addictive, they’re nothing more than games we play to kill time.

    Finally, great interview with Mr. Pachter. But am I alone in feeling unsettled at the idea of Kinect identifying me, or my wife-to-be, as we walk into the room? I don’t want that. The thought makes me so uncomfortable. I don’t want to be a data-driven profile. I don’t want my Xbox telling me, “Angel, you seem to enjoy sports. Here’s a list of channels showing them.” We already tailor too many things around our interests and experiences when technology is supposed to be about exploration. Our bubbles are becoming jail cells.

    • Danny Peña

      Thanks man. At first, I wasn’t excited for the new consoles. But now that we’re getting closer to the release date – NOW I’m hype. It’s a great time to be a gamer.

    • http://www.gamertagradio.com peterocc

      You understand that feature can be turned off right? Its not always on. If you dont want that feature then disable Kinect, but understand that Kinect will be disabled until you re-enable it.

      • http://thatsangel.com/ Angel

        Oh, I’m totally aware, Pete. But it’s a question of spending $100 more for a peripheral with features I KNOW I don’t want. Microsoft said recently that the XB1 will work without the Kinect, except for “experiences that explicitly uses the sensor.” On the surface, that sounds like Kinect-enabled dance games and other motion-controlled bullshit. But I don’t trust Microsoft to not release an update after the launch that adjusts which features “explicitly” require a sensor.

  • Malcolm Baker

    congrats you guys on your 400 show can’t wait for the 500 show

  • Jermaine Johnson

    Again congrats on the 400th episode. Appreciated listening to Pachter and the business side of the industry. I earned a degree in Finance so the numbers discussion was right down my wheelhouse