Episode #399 – Xbox One vs Playstation 4 Launch Lineup Debate

By on August 24, 2013

This week on Gamertag Radio:

Roundtable debate about Xbox One vs Playstation 4 launch lineup featuring Dougie, owner of StickSkills.com

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Danny Pena

About Danny Pena

Founder & Co-host - Since 2001, Danny Peña’ has been at the forefront of Internet video game community building. Known for his unmistakable voice and interview skills. For press inquiries or additional information: email me. Bio: about.me/dannypena | Twitter: Godfree | Follow me on: Xbox Live: Gamertag - GODFREE | Nintendo Network - Godfree | PSN: GodfreeGTR
  • Richard Pitt

    @25 min Only one PS+ account needed for everyone on one console

  • Maad Man

    I would buy a PS4 if PSN was free, but there’s no way I’m paying for that trash that’s is PSN, so I’m sticking with Microsoft this gen. And I’m really excited for voice controls with Kinect.

    • Mandy Paez

      As Parris said above, everything comes down to each person’s preference.

      An improved Kinect for $100 is a steal (compared to what the original Kinect sells for). But it’s only a steal if the person likes or wants it. As we argue on the show, we’re not trying to say it has no value (well, me at least. Can’t speak for Parris.) Just that it has no value or appeal to us, which makes the item itself and the additional $100 necessary to buy the system a detriment.

  • Maad Man

    Just finished listening to the podcast; I think it’s time you make new friends Danny, or at least invite new guests that are as excited as you are about the Xbox One. Seriously, this isn’t PSN ID Radio lol

    • Blaze Blue

      Lol I totally agree, he needs his own pod cast.

    • Scoochmagooch

      Yah a little more divercity couldn’t hurt… I hate to say it but its getting kinda circle jerky

      • Parris Lilly

        so let me get this straight, we are only allowed to discuss the Xbox and if we say anything positive about the PC or the Playstation it’s a bad thing?

        • Scoochmagooch

          No it’s just that its kinda obvious how you all sway and since all of you guys are against Xbox (not including Danny) it’s kinda hard for us fans of ms to listen… It’s like your alienating half your audience

          • Parris Lilly

            that is silly talk, you are hearing what you want to hear. I’ve made it crystal clear Im getting the XB1 when it has a game I want to play. Pointing out alternatives in 2013 for gaming is simply informing our entire audience

    • Rhino

      +1 totally agree. i thought this was a show for Xbox fans. lose the PS fanboys Danny, and bring on some folks that want to talk Xbox. Mandy might be the biggest Sony fangirl I’ve ever heard. She needs to go.

      • Mandy Paez

        Well darn, and here I thought I was a Steam fangirl.

  • Parris Lilly

    both consoles will be great it all comes down to personal preference and what you are willing to spend

  • Blaze Blue

    I’m sorry but I’m not going to sell myself short on buying a system only because it is going to be 100 less than the other. As a gamer why miss out on a moment of a new launch. It’s a experience that some people would not want to miss, to go hard and to bust danny’s chops over and over again. I heard more of why I am not Xbox one then why I am not ps4. Danny I would like to have love to help you out with points that could have been made, you just sounded out numbered.

  • EnyOne

    Another engaging episode. First, I think Pete said that Ryse is Gears of War re-skinned and I disagree with that, if anything I’d say it’s more similar to the Batman Arkham games. Probably one of my favorite moments of this episode is when Danny brought the Ouya up for the first time to Parris, that was great. Also one thing that I want to bring up that wasn’t covered in the podcast that makes XBL for the Xbox One a great service and that the PS4 and PC don’t have is the fact that every and all games will have dedicated servers, the play experience becomes much more improved when playing on dedicated servers and I think that’s a big factor. On the topic of picking up a console at launch, I don’t think there is much need to do so. Until #400.

    • Mandy Paez

      Hardest distinction for us to work with. We were trying really hard to stick strictly to discussing them in relation to launch day titles – which kind of snowballed so I’m not sure we succeeded. While it does come down to personal preference, there’s much more incentive to pick up a new console in 2014 because the lineup of games to release is much more exciting.

      • EnyOne

        Yeah, launch titles carry more weight than dedicated servers in an argument (not being sarcastic). Agree with the launch lineup in 2014 being more compelling (as a Xbox gamer; Halo 5, Titanfall, and Destiny in 2014 are console sellers as opposed to the games coming out in 2013 with probably Watch Dogs being the most compelling on next-gen. While Sony’s console may be appealing because of the $100 price difference, it’s games lineup is not as impressive as MS so far. Danny has a point that indie’s don’t sell consoles, AAA does and I’ve yet to see a major AAA title announced by Sony that isn’t third party (infamous 2 and Killzone: Shadow Fall aren’t AAA imo, if you think back to the life of the PS3 console and list AAA titles, you’re not going to see infamous and one of the Killzone games may be on that list but towards the end). If the new Gran Turismo came out on PS4, that would sell PS4s, seems like a gaffe that the new GT is only coming out on PS3.

        • Mandy Paez

          Which is another difficult standing/bias to work around. Ask me 5 years ago and the MS lineup would have, without a doubt, been more impressive than Sony’s. However, as the gamer I am now, I have little excitement for it. Ignoring the technicalities of AAA titles versus Indie (which I do mostly agree with your point), I’m much more excited and impressed by Sony’s choices. For the mass market, many will see the MS lineup as superior. But like everything else, it will depend on what you look for not just in the hardware and system features, but in games as well.

          That said, my hope is that some of the Sony exclusive franchises (not yet with games for PS4) will make an appearance next year to combat MS bringing in Titanfall & Halo. As a side note, some lists of games so far announced don’t have multi-plat games on both (for example, I’ve seen Kingdom Hearts 3 on the XB1 list, but not the PS4 even though we know it’s coming to PS4). Discrepancies like this in relation to non-launch day titles may be causing some misinterpretations of what both consoles will actually be offering.

  • Snake eyes 211

    The original Killer instinct that comes bundled with the ultra combo pack does not feature online according to IGN in a interview with Ken Lobb :-( by the way he said the game is emulate so it might not look good so I’m thinking of just getting the combo breaker pack that comes with the new KI

  • K Cobham

    Great show. I just built a new PC and I still have both consoles on pre-ordered. After listening to you guys go back and forth on this podcast and past ones, I’m beginning to believe I might drop both to buy a 27″ monitor and headset. Its going to be tough decision.

  • michael

    Killzone shadow fall is the only exclusive FPS launching for next gen. We all know FPS is the biggest genre in gaming. And if the xbox is supposedly the online shooter console, what online exclusive will they play for X1?

    • Parris Lilly

      Titan Fall (if you dont have a PC) and Halo both in 2014

      • Danny Peña

        Titan Fall > Killzone

  • http://angryfacing.com/ Nick

    Everything comes down to what their preference is. I’m with Danny on this.

    I’m an Xbox fan, I never found anything joyful in the PSN service. Everyone I know is on Xbox, and will be on Xbox.

    Some may have friends on PSN, and that’s their thing, and they should get a PS4. It just depends on their preference. Buy what you want!

  • kftgr

    Still listening, thoughts so far.

    Multiple arguments all confused together:

    Exclusive launch games
    Launch games

    Hype – definitely more hype for the previous gen. Was that purely due to the games? No, it was more with the next gen jump between PS2/GC/Xbox to PS3/Wii/360.

    Exclusive launch games — really up to preference and up for debate.

    Launch games — looking at all the launch games as a whole, I’d give it to this upcoming launch.

    more stuff…

    Innovation… the game that really wowed me for 360 was Dead Rising with the number of characters on-screen never seen before (forgot…was that a launch title?) Haven’t got my own experience with the new games, so can’t really say. However, as a fan of Kinect 360 I’m excited with what the new Kinect will do, especially as the OS has been built with Kinect ONE in mind.

  • Jermaine Johnson

    Enjoy listening to the podcast but all this “PC PC PC” is starting to get real annoying. It’s almost as if console gamers are now inferior

    • Parris Lilly

      seriously dude, what is your deal? No one on the podcast has said consoles are inferior. We talk about PC because we are playing PC games. This is a video game podcast so we discuss all platforms including the PC.

      End of the day you make up your own mind on how you want to spend your hard earned $$$

      • Jermaine Johnson

        No need to get defensive Parris. I agree with everything u just said. All gaming platforms should be discussed, just not at the detriment of one another, that’s all I was saying. And my statement wasn’t just directed at this episode in its entirety, but I heard small bits (mainly from Mandy) that is similar to what I’ve been reading and listening to on the net for a while now. Bottom line is that we are all gamers and I respect everyone’s opinion and will continue to be a fan of the podcast.

        • Parris Lilly

          dont try and twist this into me being defensive, you clearly stated the podcast is getting annoying because we discuss the PC and I

          Not sure what your agenda is but I’d appreciate less snark

          • Jermaine Johnson

            I have no agenda, what is their to have an agenda about? I just gave my opinion and you are misinterpreting what I’m saying and taking it into left field. It’s video games bro, nothing to engage in an argument about .

          • Parris Lilly

            like I said knock off the snark and stop trying to start something because you dont like our opinion.

            There are plenty of podcasts that will sing the praises of consoles and never mention the PC, maybe my opinions on GTR arent for you

          • Jermaine Johnson

            For the record i have a PC and a console so for me its not about one platform vs another.

            First of all I gave a general opinion without even mentioning you or anyone else. You fire back “Seriously dude, what is your deal?” which can be viewed as somewhat combative. I then further explained my opinion and then you suggest I have “an agenda” and that I’m being “snarky” lol.

            I’m grown man with a job, family, and responsibilities. Video games is a hobby for me, Im not gonna get in a pissing match over the Internet about this. Hopefully we can debate and discuss in the future with mutual respect of each other’s opinions. You can have the last word.

          • Parris Lilly

            then act like grown man and don’t come on a website (and twitter) complaining, get called on it and now you flip flop and say oh I got a PC too.

            you define the word internet troll and your act has grown tired with me, so move along and troll another podcast

  • Scoochmagooch

    I love how they bash TitanFall because its on PC but then go on to say how great the ps4 is because of all the indie titles it has. (which are on PC as well). Kinda hypocritical

    • http://www.gamertagradio.com peterocc

      When did TitanFall get bashed? I dont recall ever saying that or how great the PS4 is.

    • Parris Lilly

      who bashed TitanFall?

      • Scoochmagooch

        All the side comments made about how it was also out on PC. Pretty much saying that it didn’t count as a reason to get an x1. But then indies were a reason to get a ps4 even though 99% of them are on PC as well.

        • Parris Lilly

          you are trying way to hard to find a negative. Titan Fall is coming out on PC (FACT) Sony pumping up indie titles for the PS4 (FACT) and never once did I say indie titles was a reason to get a PS4 if anything I’ve said wait to get both the XB1 and PS4

  • James

    All good but in the end I subscribe to Gamertag radio because I’m excited for Xbox One not PS4. Can we get back to talking about Xbox One even if it means new hosts who are excited as you are. The PS4 chat is good but perhaps you can have another show for that.

    • http://www.gamertagradio.com peterocc

      Sorry its not your cup of tea lately. Understand that while we did originally start as an Xbox-centric show, we have adapted or morphed to encompass all gaming genres and console/

    • Parris Lilly

      so we need seperate shows for Xbox, Playstation, PC and Ouya? Why can’t we discuss them all on one show?

      • I do not like Godfree

        YEEEEESSSSS please, I would love a show (like the balcony) with mandy and paustin talking everything playstation … make it happen!!!!

  • GamingSince85

    I agree with single player gamers not having a reason to go next gen. It all comes down to preference. I’m getting an Xbox One day one with a copy of Battlefield 4 for the sole reason to play with all my friends on xbox live in 64 player matches at 60 fps. I’ve had Battlefield 3 since launch and play it to this day with over 400 hours logged in multiplayer and know Battlefield 4 will be all I need until the launch of Titanfall, Halo, Gears, etc. Nowadays I don’t have much time to play with school and work, so when I do have the time, I already know ill play online with my buddies and no time for much else. With Xbox one having dedicated servers, Kinect with voice control (which is awesome) and integrated into the OS, timed exclusive content, tv and sports integration, great controller, DVR options, group of buddies I always play with, exclusives, etc. I know the Xbox One is the NextGen system for me. Everyone should have a variety of reasons to choose the system that is right for them and shouldn’t be bashed for it.

  • DocVape

    Damn Danny, there is no reason to get a xbox one right now

    But why are you acting like people won’t be playing battlefield /COD non stop for like at least 4 months into 2014
    Get a Xbox One when Titan Fall comes out and a price drop happens. Hell I wouldn’t doubt if half the cod/battlefield crowd will just stay with the current gen
    Both systems have a bad line up
    But let’s not act like people won’t be busy playing cod/gta5/battlefield to care about the 2013 next gen games

    • Danny Peña

      That’s the thing. I don’t find the launch line up bad like you do. I’m excited for Crimson Dragon (will be my first game to play on the console) but I bet you are not.

      One more thing, I’m not all about FPS.

  • http://thatsangel.com/ Angel

    This isn’t 2002, godfree, with PS2 letting people on dial-up join multiplayer games against broadband users on SOCOM. As a subscriber to PSN and XBL, I really don’t see where all this commentary on XBL being better is relevant. XBL has more polish, little Wii-inspired avatars to decorate, etc. But does it matter THAT much?

    PSN doesn’t drop users, doesn’t suffer from more considerable lag. I can do the same things on both systems: play multiplayer, download games, stream movies, etc. PSN’s most significant flaw is the cross-game chat. I’d argue that cross-game chat is the problem on XBL.

    Online console gaming is now a battle between antisocial and elitist personalities. You get the guys with no mic because they have no friends online and don’t want to deal with screaming kids and loud music, and you have guys in clans who play together all the time with no care for “randoms.” That’s not something that either system can remedy. That’s entirely on the respective communities.

    EDIT: Otherwise, I learned my lesson when the 360 and PS3 both dropped. I still shiver at Madden. Early adopters are essentially beta testers. I bought both consoles a year later once an audience was there for them and the consoles were more reasonable to budget. My PS3 was a Blu-Ray player until Uncharted.