Libsyn Sponsors Gamertag Radio For E3 2013

By on May 6, 2013


Team prepares for coverage of the industry’s largest trade show

May 6, Miami, FL – Gamertag Radio is proud to once again announce an exclusive partnership with Libsyn for their coverage of the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3). Libsyn will be sponsoring the Gamertag Radio crew as several staff members make the trek to Los Angeles this June to cover what will be one of the most historic E3 events in years.

“Gamertag Radio is one of the Premier Podcasts and Libsyn is proud to once again sponsor their coverage of E3” says Rob Walch, Libsyn VP Podcaster Relations. “We love and respect their honest opinions…They truly put their listeners interests first.”

With Sony already unveiling its next-generation hardware, the PlayStation 4, and Microsoft set to make a big announcement in the coming weeks, readers and listeners won’t want to miss Gamertag Radio’s expansive coverage. The staff will offer a variety of coverage from on-site members providing hands-on experience and interviews while our remote staff maintain updates on announcements and content such as game trailers. 

You’ll be able to follow all of Gamertag Radio’s coverage from their website,, and the Gamertag Radio App, now available for FREE on iOS and Android.

During E3 2013, listeners can expect the following direct from the E3 2013 show floor:

● Special episodes of Gamertag Radio
● Bonus content exclusively on the Gamertag Radio App (iOS & Android)
● E3 specific episodes of The Balcony and Gamertag Radio App exclusive segments
Backlogged and GTR Overtime
● Daily interviews and roundtables
● Staff write-ups about press conferences, special events, and game demos
● Show floor pictures and video
● Behind the scenes content and more. 

Aside from sponsoring Gamertag Radio’s E3 2013 coverage, Libsyn is also giving away a FREE month of its service to podcasters who sign up using the promo code ‘GTR’ on its website, 

Stay tuned for more announcements about Gamertag Radio’s E3 2013 coverage. Any inquiries can be directed to Danny ‘Godfree’ Peña at [email protected] or Peter ‘Peterocc’ Toledo at [email protected]

About Libsyn and FAB Universal Corp: Libsyn is part of FAB Universal Corp. which is a global leader in digital media entertainment sales and distribution. FAB delivers media to its customers worldwide through Intelligent Kiosks, Retail Stores, Retail Franchises and online through Apple iTunes and Google Android through three business units: Digital Media Services, Retail Media Sales and Wholesale Media Distribution. We distribute billions of movie, music, podcast, TV show and other digital files to consumers in 240 countries. Sales of digital media are generated through kiosks networks, subscription sales for mobile devices, smartphone Apps and Netflix-like subscription models. In 2011, we distributed billions of downloads of copyrighted music, video games, ringtones, ebooks, movies and podcasts to over 50 million people worldwide through iPods, iPhones, iPads, iTunes, Blackberrys, Windows Phones, Androids and many other devices and destinations. We are a publicly held, Pittsburgh based company with thousands of shareholders and a world-class team. Visit us on the web at, email us at [email protected] 

About Gamertag Radio: Gamertag Radio (GTR) is an independent online gaming website dedicated to the gaming community that was founded in 2004, and intended to help to unite all gamers. Over the past few years, GTR has grown from a small website to one of the largest and most respected gaming information sites on the Internet. Every week GTR records and distributes new episodic content recapping the news of the past week, including discussions about what is happening in the online gaming community along with interviews and a weekly custom soundtrack highlighting up & coming Hip Hop artists.

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