Gamertag Radio App Coming Free to iOS & Android

By on April 23, 2013

We are super excited to announce that the Gamertag Radio App will be available to fans and listeners for free!

Update: Download it now – (iOS) | (Android)

In an effort to make all of our content available to all our fans, you’ll soon be able to access everything from old shows to new downloads and bonus content from your mobile device at no cost. You’ll find all of our shows including the usual Gamertag Radio podcast along with the newest segment from Parris, The Balcony. It is also home to these GTR App exclusive segments:

  • GTR Overtime
  • Backlogged

GTR Overtime features a mix of serious and humorous discussions not always related to gaming by the usual podcast staff. (GTR Overtime may host our most epicly hilarious discussion to date.) Backlogged, hosted by LadyLuck and David2SLY with occasional guest appearances, follows their adventures attempting to reduce Mandy’s notorious gaming backlog.

gtrapp2You’ll definitely want the app in the coming months as events like E3 earn extra behind the scenes content made available exclusively on the GTR App. This can include:

  • Special round table discussions
  • Video logs
  • Exclusive editorials and more.

If you own an Apple device, the Gamertag Radio app is already available for free on iOS. For our Android fans, it will be showing up on Google Play within the next 24 hours. So get to downloading!

We’ll have more exciting news regarding the app in the near future, so keep an eye out.


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Co-host & Editor - Mandy Paez has been cruising the scenes at community and industry events with Gamertag Radio for over 4 years. While young, her cookie eating and argument skills become known quite often on the weekly podcast.
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