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All new footage of the newly announced game inFamous: Second Son by Sucker Punch exclusively for the PS4. Footage for this video was obtained using footage rendered by the new Second Son game engine.

Previously announced at Sony’s Playstation Press Event last week, inFamous: Second Son takes place seven years after the final events in inFamous 2 and follows Destin Rowe as he takes on the Seattle DUP.

Here’s some juicy info from Michael McCain, QA Manager and Forum Mod at Sucker Punch.

Replying to a question that simply asked where Cole was, Michael gave this response:

Second Son is an original storyline in the inFamous universe, featuring an all new lead protagonist, Delsin Rowe, with a new origin story. Cole MacGrath’s legacy from the first two inFamous titles ultimately concluded following the final events of inFamous 2 and he will not be returning. The inFamous universe holds so many interesting storylines and characters that we wanted to explore a new story arc for the franchise.

When asked why continue the inFamous franchise without Cole, and not just create a new IP, Michael said the following:

The inFamous universe holds so many interesting characters that we wanted to explore a new storyline and hero, while still staying rooted in the open world that the franchise is known for. Second Son is a brand new storyline, but does take place several years following the concluding events of inFamous 2.

The core of that universe is rooted in the idea of an ordinary person getting super powers and deciding how to use them. That’s the inFamous universe that we’re all so excited to share with you.

Then, in another post, he talked about Delsin’s powers:

As you saw from the trailer, Delsin will have smoke powers in Second Son but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. He’s capable of so much more than you saw in the announce trailer…

As for why Second Son takes place in Seattle? It’s pretty simple:

As Sucker Punch is based right outside of Seattle, and many of us have lived there our entire lives, we wanted to pay homage to our hometown and backyard. The city of Seattle has a unique personality all of its own and we wanted to capture that in Second Son. Seattle is a realistic city and not just some generic non-descript location, so we’re also to bring a whole new level of realism to the storyline, rooting it in a location that players can relate to in the real world.

So no more Cole as the main character…

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