OUYA is coming to stores

By on February 5, 2013

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Via email:

Our loyal-est loyalists…

We have some good news today. Because of the support for OUYA you showed, some of our favorite stores are going to carry OUYA when it officially launches to the public in June.

Just so you know, you’re still getting yours as promised, before they’re ever in stores. Wanted to be sure you heard that from us.

For you developers, this means even more OUYAs will soon be in the hands of gamers everywhere, so get makin’ on those games…

Keeping calm,


As of right now, they have Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop and Target. Check out the official site here: http://shop.ouya.tv

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    Yeah, I’m still not seeing the appeal of playing android games on a big screen. Sure some are good, some are passible, but the majority are just plain crap – clones, of clones, of clones of 80′s pc & arcade games.