HipHopGamer Deserves a Second Chance

By on February 10, 2013


The other day I was browsing Facebook and noticed a post from the ECA announcing their new ambassador. It was HipHopGamer. I’m proud of him for making moves and slowly making changes in his life. But others in this gaming industry are not happy with this decision.

I don’t blame them at all.

There are things HipHopGamer has done in the past that I don’t agree with at all. Every time I see him in person at a gaming event. I always give him advice and my feedback about certain things. He has a big following, which is a great thing, but he needs to be careful with the things he says and posts online. Of course, we’ve all made mistakes and learned from them. We’re humans. And it’s sad to see well-known journalists bash HipHop for things he’s done in the past.

I went through something similar a few years ago when I got an award from the Xbox MVP program. I got all these interviews and did so much on my own. But in June 2007, Aaron Greenberg (Microsoft) gave me the scoop about a big announcement that would make “gaming history.” Once this was announced, not many people were satisfied with the news (featured on Joystiq, Destructoid, Sarcastic Gamer, G4TV, 1up, IGN). Some were bashing GTR for reporting it. I won’t lie; this had me feeling depressed and unhappy with everything. I felt like the world was hating on me for something that I love to do, which is podcasting. Eventually, despite all the negativity, I kept busting my ass, working hard for years without pay to make some amazing things happen in my life and for Gamertag Radio.


This blog post isn’t about taking sides. I just feel that people should give HipHopGamer a chance. There are lots of folks we like in this industry who were not necessarily angels in the past. Eventually, most of them change for the better. That’s how it is with life, and it’s why I think everyone deserves a second chance.



AnnoyedGamer released this video on Gametrailers and talked about the ECA’s announcement (fast forward to 6:38). He said having HipHopGamer as an ambassador is a bad idea. He mentioned the reasons why HipHopGamer doesn’t represent this industry: claiming to be the number one games journalist, calling people “faggots” online, starting fights at press events, grabbing a dozen gift bags at gaming PR events, and plagiarism. Still, though, he says he’s giving HipHopGamer a chance to change. I do agree with AnnoyedGamer that we need to be careful with the things we do or say within our communities because major media outlets can and will use our negative actions against us to try and give us a bad reputation. And that’s exactly what’s happening with HipHopGamer: gaming journalists pointing to all the negative things he’s done in the past, using it against him.

So, HipHopGamer, it’s time for you to change. I will still support you.

Here’s the convoversation between AnnoyedGamer and HipHopGamer on Twitter:

(Check out these comments on NeoGaf too.)

This is the official response from the ECA about this drama:

Gerard approached us wanting to know what he could do to help the cause. He’s in the process of turning his life around, becoming more professional and inspirational to his friends and followers. It’s exceedingly rare that we have individuals approach the organization laying it all out there, offering to do whatever they can, and asking for nothing in return. While we weren’t aware of any of his perceived transgressions online, we choose to embrace his support, his efforts and his selflessness. If we were all judged solely upon the negatives in our past we would all be damned. We would like to give him the opportunity to be a voice for gamers and a positive role model for gaming.

So, again, HipHopGamer, I will give you a chance. Just be smart and careful with what you do. Those who don’t like you will use it to shut you down. You are representing us– the minorities–in this industry. The only way for all of us to be successful is when people like you open the doors for others. But do it the right way. There are young people that look up to you all over the world. Don’t let them feel that this is a let down. Show others that dreams do come true.

Keep doing your thing, and make us proud.

Danny Pena

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  • SpaceGhost2K

    HHG’s been nothing but a gentleman to me for years. I can’t speak to his faults, but I can speak to my own, and I have plenty. If he’s offering to step up, do more and do better, it would be criminal to not give him a chance.

    • [email protected]

      So his homophobic twitter slurs against other people in the industry is gentlemanly and positive? I mean, I understand the little guy is . . . uh . . . “slow”, but someone should have taken him aside and explained how inappropriate that sort of thing is. He would probably be offended if other people went around throwing the word “retarded” around as a slur and, likewise, he should respect *other* people and not throw homophobic slurs around. Especially in an industry under attack for its personality and attitude (perceived by the outside).

      Look, I think it is really sweet that the industry takes a mentally challenged person so seriously. I think it shows the heart and compassion that this industry has for human beings. In most other industries, I think that if a mentally disabled person walked into your office with an idiotic giant WWF belt over their shoulder, wearing street clothes, and talking like a hyper-active toddler, and approaching things with absolutely no objectivity whatsoever and basically being an eager product shill (again, not that I am demanding that he counter any of those things . . . I don’t expect a mentally disabled person to approach this sort of thing with the same integrity and objectivity that a “normal” person would) — but most other fields and industries would laugh at or ridicule the guy.

  • OVG

    HHG is POSITIVE, POLITE, VERY PASSIONATE AND FULL OF ENERGY. KUDOS to him. He my be a gamer first and a journalist second but whatever he is doing its working and deserves all the credit that he is getting for working his nuts off the last 5 years.

    HHG you go BOY!!!

  • Xino

    half written article.
    you do your research too.

    *ECA problem was due to the event HHG went to when a Russia guy cursed at him for no reason. It was destroid website that started that unresearched claim
    *Annoyed Gamer is wrong and still living in the past. HHG has stopped all that untrue claims and he’s already rising to the top.

    AnnoyedGamer? phsss…another negative journalist. that’s all they do nowadays, sensationalism and always spreading negative just to get hits and popular

    man after all he did and evolved, people still hate him and put false.
    in the end, there will always be evil and enemies to put people down no matter what they do.

    • [email protected]

      Hip Hop Gamer is a meaningless nobody who is little more than an over-excited ten year old running around asking people “can I promote your stuff? can I promote your stuff? I wanna promote your stuff!”. Not an ounce of critical thinking and he’s as overly excited in a disingenuous way about every single thing he “reviews”, much like the idiot Entertainment Tonight “interviewers” are over enamored with their interviewees.

      Hip Hop Gamer is a mother-effing joke and nobody should take him seriously. And as an actual wrestler with actual experience and walls full of medals, I’ll gladly shut that ignorant little hate-filled mouth any time he likes (assuming he can get the penis of whatever company he’s sucking off at any given moment out of his mouth).

      The guy is just pathetic and obvious.

      • Xino

        i didn’t even bother reading the rest of the stanza after stanza 1.
        Sorry buddy, you wasted your life time typing all that thinking I would care or be offended.

        And Marcus Beer is just a prick gotten straight from the toilet