Happy Birthday Gamertag Radio! 8 Years of Podcasting

By on February 25, 2013


To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Gamertag Radio, I posted some unreleased content of GTR and my old gaming show PSO Radio from 2001.

Xbox 360 – MTV Sneak Preview 2005

Gamertag Radio was the first site in the world to have information about the new Xbox 360 & Perfect Dark Zero. We recorded an interview with some of the people that had the chance to attend Xbox 360 / MTV event back in 2005. The 30 min interview was up for only an hour before Microsoft contacted us to take it down. It was too late. The audio interview was all over the web and was featured on Gamespot, IGN, MSNBC, Kotaku, and more.

GTR Voicemail

A caller sent this voicemail to Gamertag Radio but I decided not to release it until now.

Community Vibes Vibes Shout – Phoenix410

This was recorded during Super Bowl weekend in Miami, FL. A day before Community Vibes 5.

258 Blooper – Godfree’s Phone Call

Unreleased blooper.

258 Blooper – Peter?!?

This happened during our halftime break.

Gamertag Radio’s Intro – 2007

2007 intro.

Episode #104 – Unreleased

Unreleased recording from episode 104.

PS3 Versus XBOX – Doc Adams

Recorded for Gamertag Radio back in 2007.

Mafia II Launch Party – Audio Promo

Promoting our Mafia II Community Launch Party in 2010.

Unreleased: Chris Paladino and John Porcaro Shout Out

Recorded in Seattle, WA.

Gamertag Radio’s intro produced by Peterocc

Made in 2009.

GameCube 2001 Coverage

Recorded in NYC.

PSO Radio Intro

The original intro of my old show PSO Radio. Recorded back in 2001.

PSO Radio – Ads and Shout out

Recorded back in 2001 for PSO Radio – Phantasy Star Online.

Unreleased: Wing Commander Arena Interview

This was recorded after our interview with EA about Wing Commander Arena for XBLA.

Brilliant Strategy – Doc Adams

Recorded for Gamertag Radio by Doc Adams.

Episode 97 Blooper

Unreleased released blooper.

Episode 97 Blooper – Feelz Good hate

Unreleased recording from Feelz Good.

Doc Adams reviews Battlestations: Midway (2007)

Before Sarcastic Gamer, Doc Adams recorded this review for Gamertag Radio.

DJ Sharpsound mix for Gamertag Radio – 2005

Unreleased: PAX08 – Best Roundtable Ever!

This has to be the best podcast roundtable we ever recorded during PAX 2008. The only problem is Lono paused the recorder. We never got to record the full roundtable discussion. :/

Full audio 2 mins….

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