Giveaway: Defiance Von Bach Industries Fan Kit :: WINNERS HAVE BEEN SELECTED

By on February 1, 2013


The giveaways continue here at Gamertag Radio! Trion Worlds sent over Von Bach Industries (VBI) fan kits to giveaway to prospective Ark Hunters. You may be asking whats that? I was wondering myself and opened one up and honestly, the desire to keep one is mighty strong.

Each VBI Fan Kit contains:

1) Aluminum VBI Branded Case
1) Kisai Seven LED Watch
1) Aluminum Ark Hunter Recruit Title Plaque
1) VBI Contract
1) VBI Pen/USB Stick/Laser Pointer
1) VBI T-Shirt

That’s a whole lotta awesome… and we have two (2) Fan Kits to giveaway. All you need to do is reply below as we’ll select one (1) winner at random over the next few days.

Good Luck Ark Hunter Recruits!


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  • Miguel Oliva Aguilar

    Fingers Crossed. #GiveAway

  • Mitch Hendrix

    Nice! I’d love to get one of these. ed: oops, double post

  • shadow

    Cannot wait for this to hit the airwaves, extremely curious to see the mesh between game and tv

  • Mitch Hendrix

    Nice! I’d love to get my hands on one of these.

  • el_anana

    That kit looks amazing! I’m having a blast with what I’ve managed to glean with this game already, but loving all the extra content and history the developers have put into this. This just seems like another good tactic, and I’m sold!

  • Kristen

    I’ve been looking forward to the show and game for months now! I can’t wait to see how everything comes together. This kit looks awesome.

  • Requiem

    It would be great to get one of these.

  • Iconix

    That’s awesome!

  • Kildred

    These kits are so awesome! Can’t wait for this game to be released.

  • Guerrero

    Hmm, not sure if my previous comment went through when the page refreshed. Defiance looks awesome, would love to win a kit :D

  • Yankee White

    Everything about Defiance has been awesome so far!

  • David Ripper Lopez

    i need this so bad

  • ntD

    Do you shipping to Poland? ;) And at this point, I just lost a chance ^^

  • conrad owens

    hmmm Loot :D…

  • fwaits

    Looking forward to seeing both the game and the show. Hope they don’t disappoint!

  • TRDP90


  • LostPoetB24

    Feeling a Red Faction vibe from defiance. Cant wait to see whats in store for the game

  • FidgetTBC

    REALLY looking forward to all things Defiance!!

  • Stephen D. Gibson

    I’m in Boynton Beach Fla and would like to win. Please and thank you. Also, Tiltowait!

  • Andrew

    Nice prizes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Scott Miller

    I’d love it. First game/media I’ve been excited for in a while. Pre-ordering ASAP

  • Dihydrogen_Monoxide

    I’ve been looking forward to both the game and the TV series myself. I’ve already got my pre-order in for the game and have been collecting Arkfall codes in anticipation.

  • G

    Really looking forward to both the game and the show :)

  • Adam

    Was hoping I might be in with a chance to win this because I’m in the uk really been looking forward to the show. In alpha and actively recruiting my friends to the game. So far 3 have pre ordered it. Ps I’ll pay postage if its a problem to send to the uk :).

  • Trevor Leithner

    Would love this. Would add to my battle station. Also really impressed with the game even in it’s current state.

  • Khanjure

    Arkfall!!! Gonna need some VBI gear to head out and investigate. #Defiance

  • Jon Jonnz

    me, please!

  • Derek Smith

    This kit looks awesome. Very nice gear to go along with a groundbreaking concept. I really hope this game/TV show project starts off right. I know I will be a part of it.

  • f4ke

    Awesome package… I’d love to get one :)

  • Baptiste

    Cool swag here I come!

  • James

    Please include me in the giveaway. Thank you.

  • Gremlin251

    Awesome kit! That watch looks so cool. Would love to have this kit.

  • Josh

    That kit looks awesome! Thank you for the contest!

  • Adam Denman

    Been a big Trion fan for ages, now a big Gamertag Radio fan! That kit looks awesome. Would be cool to wear thar watch and say I got it from you guys and spread the word a bit!

  • Higor

    Awesome, i love Defiance, and want this in my house :3

  • Batman Chalupa

    Badass! Game is sweet so far!

  • Dreamreaperbo

    Awesome would be cool to win

  • Anam

    Hello. Archunting, here we come!

  • Tim O’Toole

    Love RIFT and so far Defiance is frakkin awesome! Great radio station to!:)

  • Some Guy

    Beta has been a blast, hope this game does well.

  • Brian Whelly

    Defiance is definitely sweet

  • GyzzyW

    This is badass, i’d like to win it. Defiance is a great game!

  • Page Starr

    The Alpha of this game has been amazing! I have high hopes for the show and game and can’t wait to see how it plays on console.

  • Beefyamazeballs

    This game/show is going to be epic! Good luck to everyone

  • Mark Davis

    I love the Defiance concept. I have a beta for next weekend. That should be fun. I am really looking forward to the show!

  • Kcampfer

    Defiance looks like amazing. Can’t wait for the ps3 beat. Graphics look amazing! And massive co-op? Lol, what can be better? Also, the item giveaways look very nice. Good luck to all!

  • scott

    I want one

  • Joseph Klymko

    This would be incredibly to have, been following defiance since i first heard about about 1 year ago

  • Roy Sturgill

    I would love to have one of those kits, i’m an avid gamer and really looking forward to Defiance, from what i’ve seen my wife better plan something very special to keep me off the computer, lol.

  • Darque


  • Kenneth Kaufmann

    A VBI fan kit? That’s just the ultimate thing for every Defiance fan omg, just look at the contents that’s absolutely amazing :D

  • venus

    Played the beta and stress test and went to the 2012 SDCC panel…I absolutely can’t wait until the game and show come out!

  • Halcyon

    Defiance is like bliss, but this fan kit is like a boss on Megaman–super sweet! If I were to win this, I would create a shrine in it’s honor and love it long time. I also need a new shirt..

  • Jenbuu

    note seen this want. i must have it :) lol

  • Gene Villacian

    @cyberathlete @butt3r @David2SLY @Paustinj @ladyluck34 @peterocc @godfree Love the work you guys do. Thanks to you I got into the #Defiance beta. Getting one of these would be awesome. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Ricky Wideman


  • *Reid Harris Cooper*

    Oh man I so want this!

  • Zack


  • Greg Christiansen

    I really would love one of those. They need to put stuff like this up to buy.

    • Gremlin251

      Agreed, good idea

  • Malard

    Looks like an awesome giveaway, already telling my friends!

  • David Malone

    I can’t wait to play this game. It looks like WoW with guns

  • Daniel Trudel

    Been watching this Show/Game for a while, only 2 months to go!!

  • Daniel


  • fi quinn

    My life has been taken over with ark hunter training!

  • Mcthekeep

    Wow this is really cool! I can not wait to see this show. Should be pretty incredible. Looking forward to the game as well.

  • Nur Achmad Afandi

    arkhunting for defiance, but before that must be confuse to search ark code in source code indo or iret language, some binary or base 64 for get ark code, maybe in here can giveaway another ark code.

  • Blaise Friedel

    Can not wait for both the game and the show.. Defiance

  • Kayne Alexander

    Love Defiance! So much so that I started the Defiance Wiki, which is getting bigger everyday and attracting more and more people. Yay for Defiance!

  • bwar

    Love the kit, sign me up!

  • G00eySplat

    Looks awesome, got the ultimate edition preordered

  • LiquidZero

    Alpha and beta tester of Defiance…love this game! Wish I had some cool gear to show off and use…..

  • Gremlin251

    This game looks like it just might win Game of the Year. Got my preorder

  • Beau Machado

    Looks like a fun show and game, love this concept of game effecting show and vice versa. SyFy ftw!

  • Callum Brown

    Not sure if this content is still open… But I hope the random D20 that you guys use falls on me :) PS that watch looks pretty awesome!, Good Luck Everyone!

  • Edd Shiells

    amg, that watch is beautiful….

  • Fernando Matias

    This game looks legitimately great

  • Paul W. Hattersley

    Anyone lucky enough to get one of the kits yet?

  • Billilester

    Cant wait to explore this amaamazing new world

  • Ken

    this game looks amazing

  • D’Andre Layne

    I’ve been playing the PC Beta for the game version of Defiance and I’m actually impressed. Not a big fan of shooters but this world is extremely interesting. Would love to own this fan kit; I hope they put it up for sale soon though.

  • Savath Ouk

    very nice bundle good luck everyone

  • Bavaral

    Are these all gone?

  • Dale Reinhart


  • Roland Fier

    I would love a FAN KIT!!!

  • Roland Fier

    Where can you buy one of these in the case that one does not win this kit

  • Michael Wilson

    This would make a great addition to the Defiance Ultimate Edition ( providing amazon get their finger out and deliver it) . It sure would be nice to win. But if not then an early congrats to those that do.

  • Batman Chalupa

    Can’t wait to check out the awesome kit! Thanks again to Peterocc and everyone at gamertagradio, as well as the folks at Trion and SyFy. See you all in Defiance!