Giveaway: Black Ops II Season Pass :: WINNERS HAVE BEEN SELECTED

By on February 1, 2013


The picture says it all. Gamertag Radio just got the hookup from the good folks at Activision for Xbox 360 fans of the hit shooter; Call of Duty Black Ops II.

We’re giving away season pass DLC codes to two (2) lucky readers at random here on the site. All you need to do is comment in the post below. Its that simple.


This is for Xbox 360 only. 1 per person.


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  • Jeremy

    Thanks for the contest!

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    WooT! Another awesome giveaway! Thanks GTR!

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    I would like to someday host a show like you guys… Keep up the good work!!!

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    Thanks GTR for hooking us up with a BO2 Season Pass!

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    Would love to play Revolution with my friends

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    Keep up the good work. True gamers respect it!!!

  • Paul Williams

    I would really love to win the maps.. I just can’t afford to throw money at DLC at this current time. Me and my brothers would go nuts if we managed to get the season pass

  • RogueDoc

    Count me in!!

  • Michael

    Been dying to play the new zombies map and Nuketown zombies. Thanks for chance to win.

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    Great contest! We need to get a GTR night going for BLOPS 2!

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    Pick me please!!!! I’m a poor college student!

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    Thanks for all the giveaways you do. Keep up the awesome work even though godfree is crazy for selling his Vita :-P

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    GAMERTAG RADIO!! I love to see you guys give back to the community! That’s what GTR is all about. Right! Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Would be great to win, thank you for the chance.

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    You can’t go wrong with a giveaway!

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    Thanks for the chance GT Radio:) Black Ops 2 season pass giveaway is dream for me and every Call Of Duty player.Good Luck to everyone and me.Thanks

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    GTR is knocking it out of the park in 2013 with these #exclusives! Keep it up guys!

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    I can’t believe you guys got ahold of a BLOPS2 season pass. GTR is awesome !!

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    I’ve been pretty broke since getting Call of Duty & would love to win the seasons pass.

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    TY for the chance to win this season pass for COD BLOPS2! If you guys aren’t following GTR on Twitter you are doing something wrong!

  • McK Plus

    Here is my PLEASE PICK ME post. This is probably the most dedicated indy site on the web. I spread the word & listen every week.

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    I just saw @Godfree post about this on Twitter. Keep these contests coming.

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    Props to GTR for all the work in 2013! So far there has been a crazy amount of exclusive content & now some contests. I still have to listen to the show that was released yesterday. No better time than the present…

  • Pro Xbox Gamer

    I had been saving my XBLA Marketplace points that I earn through Bing Rewards for this season pass. Right now I’m only about 200 away. It would be great to get this as a prize and then spend the money on The Walking Dead or Mark of the Ninja.

  • Wendy Callahan

    Nice,GT Radio Just in time for Revolution DLC.The Best giveaway Black Ops 2 season pass.Thank you for that Great chance to win.I really appreciate it.

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    leaving a comment to try and win

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    Great contest — keep em up in 2013!

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    This has to be the best contest your team has done yet. Way to keep pushing for content for the community!

  • Jerry

    Great contest!

    To get some conversation going, I know two episdoes ago Godfree & Peterocc talked about the FIFA hack and seemed to indicate that part of the blame was on those who were hacked. I have worked 3 years at a public accounting firm in the field of IT Risk & Security. In other words, I have a lot of knowledge on proper security controls & I have been hacked twice! The second time I even had a unique password that was not used by any other services. This has to be the work of some hackers gaining access to Xbox’s private information. I was furious! To attempt to prevent this from happening again I had to change my microsoft live id, password, and personal information so it didnt match my old profile. A HUGE pain!

  • Ken

    Dang, lots of people getting in on this contest. I’ve been trying for contests like Halo: CE & Dance Central 2 — hopefully I finally strike gold!

  • jcubborgmanz

    My bro just told me about this site – Im a big Black Ops II fan so I thought I would check it out. I created a Discus account not too long ago so it all works out. Looks like you guys run a sweet site. Ill definitely be back.

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    GTR is on fire in 2013! Keep up the #exclusives #podcasts #contests #community
    I think the list could go on for a couple paragraphs if I had the time

  • Manny

    Hopefully this just isn’t Pete having too much vodka and/or scotch on a Friday night! I would love the chance to win the BLOPS2 Season Pass! Keep up the great site guys!
    Oh, and just for the record, the primary reason I listen to the show every week is to hear Mandy out there on Fail Island! I am dieing laughing on some of these shows.

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  • Barber Fennel

    Keepin’ it real – Gamertag Radio style! Anyone up for playing some Black Ops tonight? I need to beef up the friend’s list and it blows playing with people who don’t talk.

  • alexandrehsf

    So here i am!

  • Alfredo Fichera

    I’m here!!!

  • BatedLemur1162

    My xbox account was deleted off of my hard drive a day or two after the black ops 2 update, and I do not remember my password, and I used the same email multiple times, I tried to contact xbox through 8004699269, or whatever their number is, and there is no way I can add info to my account without my password. I have been wanting to play Die Rise since it has came out, but I do not have the money right now, Since I recently bout two xbox games, I have no gold, but I do have silver, I have lived about 6 days on gold thanks to some great friends I never met off of xbox , giving me passes, if anybody has passes they wont use, please send them to my account, and if I get a season pass, that would be amazing, but I probably wont, soo, If I am being given anything, please try to send me the code to my xbox account, my gamertag is my name . Thank You.

  • adam

    wooo! hope the competition isn’t over because I would love to win the season pass :P thank you

  • niknight2

    fingers crossed I win this awesome gift. Thanks GTradio :)

  • Joey Garcia

    I would love to win the DLC map pack! It would be so awesome! Huge COD FAN! I would love to win with a new baby on the way in a few weeks its hard to have the extra cash for the maps and there will be alot more COD IN MY FUTURE! Love the site and thank you for the chance to win!