Video: Don’t Starve Update Teaser (with hidden features)

By on January 27, 2013

So during my recent foray into Klei Entertainment’s hit game/beta Don’t Starve on Steam, I noticed that the next update to the game is coming up in 2 days. For those that aren’t familiar with the game, you should check out Episode 367 and listen our review of it.

While watching the video trailer above I noticed that around the 2:15/16 mark a mysterious QR Code appears for a split second. Had I not paid attention I probably wouldnt have noticed it.


I ran the QR code through my phone and found the following teaser for the next update. The title of the picture on the game’s official site is titled “Hidden Knowledge”. I wonder what it means?


I also noticed a bevy of new items and features that are being added to the game including two new characters, a wormhole and a mysterious voodoo ring that once completed, allows you to recreate a new world and bring your items with you.

I still have an one (1) extra code for this game. If you havent picked it up and are interested in checking it out, the 1st person to request it below gets it.


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  • Andreas

    This game looks awesome! Can I have your extra code so I can try this out for myself?

    • peterocc

      Congrats. I need your SteamID so I can gift it to you.

      • Andreas

        My account’s name is “andreas_agren88″ (without the quotas) and my specific steamID is “27030″

        • peterocc

          g1_En4cer correct? Accept the Friend Request so I can gift it to you.