PAX12 – Medal of Honor Warfighter Community Event

By on September 4, 2012

This past weekend I had the privilege of being shipped off to Seattle, Washington courtesy of EA/LA Danger Close Studios to attend the official PAX 2012 Medal of Honor Warfighter Community Event. Not often does one get an opportunity to get extended hands-on with a triple AAA title such as this and for that I am extremely grateful.

Game Modes

After dinner and introductions we were let loose on Sector Control. This build was the same code that was used at E3 that highlights holding down control points and repelling the enemy. This is the mode that highlights the Fire Team concept. You can read about my impressions from E3 here.

The next mode we checked out was titled Hot Spot. This mode is styled after traditional “Search & Destroy” type maps but that’s where the similarities end. In Hot Spot there are multiple objectives spread across the map but only one is active at any given time and randomly generated. Attackers are forced to push their way in and set the bomb then defend their position until the bomb explodes. Defenders get a few seconds of advanced notice to hunker down and prepare for the attack.

As in Sector Control, the Fire Team concept is heavily enforced as your partner’s green hued outline is always visible to you in gameplay but once your fire team partner is killed you are highlighted in red to the enemy so make sure you stay in constant communication.

The last mode Home Run was considered by most at the event as the most popular and is most likely to make its way to GameBattles and hopefully MLG. Home Run is Capture the Flag with a twist; you only have one life to live.

Fast and furious, the game rounds usually never last longer than a few minutes as defenders need to quickly determine whether to split up to defend two possible flag points or try and camp the return spot as there is only one. Attackers get more points for actually capturing the flag than just killing the defenders which is great as it gives players incentive to play the game the way it was intended.

Comments and Observations

It really seemed like strict attention was given to sound detail and recoil. While I did experience an instances where I was emptying whole clips into the enemy without them dying I was informed that weapon balance was still being worked out and that a Hardcore mode was in the works for release into the final build.

Melee animations are highly visualized in the game (mostly by the opponent against me). Instead of a simply watching your character crumble, you actually see the action happening. Depending on which side of the melee attack you are on you either visualize the enemy going down or see your world getting flipped upside down. In one instance, an enemy melee’d me from behind as he tomahawked my leg and punched my body to the ground with the spiked end to my chest. Defeated and slightly embarrassed I said nothing and trudged forward in the game.

Final Word

While everyone knows me as the Call of Duty uber FanBoy, its amazingly refreshing to see the FPS genre get a face lift. Ive said countless times since my first encounter with Medal of Honor Warfighter at E3 that Danger Close has done the impossible & continue to improve on an amazing franchise. Their love and appreciation of the community especially the FPS Genre is top notch. Shout out to Seeson, Brian, Kevin, Chris, Alan & everyone else at EALA/Danger Close for the opportunity.



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