Medal of Honor: Warfighter | Single Player Campaign First Look

By on September 20, 2012

Two weeks ago I was invited by EA Community Managers to join up with over a dozen other bloggers & FPS enthusiasts in experiencing Medal of Honor: Warfighter at PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. Besides the obligatory food & drink I was given the opportunity to sample a small dose of the Single Player campaign of Danger Close hit. The Medal of Honor series has always been about staying true to the experience and showing respect to the soldier. What I saw during my gameplay session was about as close a glimpse you can have into the eyes of a soldier as possible without the danger.

The single player campaign takes place shortly after the end of the last game and took me on an emotional roller coaster with a controller. The introduction starts out in a hospital with a recovering soldier. You can really see the pain and anguish as the soldier, Preacher must decide between family and country. After reminiscing he decides to rejoin his Mother, Voodoo & the rest of Tier 1.

Gameplay starts off on the small island of Basilan in the Phillipines as Tier 1 is tasked with rescuing hostages from an Abu Sayyaf stronghold. You can really tell that EA/Danger Close has had time to fully capitalize on the DICE engine as the details and graphical precision are amazing. Water drops from plants and individual ripples of water extend out as your character and the rest of Tier 1 traverse the rain filled streets of Basilan. That’s about as peaceful as its going to get as my character is sighted by an enemy sniper and my world begins to cave. Enemy AI no longer is restricted to one layer as they begin to flank my position in an attempt to get the upper hand. My only recourse is to retreat and flank from another position.

I eventually make my way to the next waypoint on my HUD where I’m greeted with the lovely sounds of a Blackhawk helicopter. This is where the DICE engine really begins to shine as I float above the area raining fire & brimstone on my enemies. Details such as reflections of the helicopter on the water below, the red glow of the mini-gun barrel every time I spool up, delivering rounds that lay waste below. Explosions abound as vehicles imitate a Michael Bey film and then as quickly as it started, my gameplay session is over. I realized I’m gripping the controller as if I was really just holding a minigun in my hands.

For me. the single player campaign for every Medal of Honor title has always been not just a game but an FPE, a First Person Experience. Bringing action and story together into a seamless roller coaster of emotional mayhem, Danger Close has really stepped it up this time with Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is set for release on October 23 for Xbox 360, PS3 & Steam.


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