Glenn Beck vs Warren Spector: Drama during the GameStop managers’ conference

By on September 5, 2012

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck says that video game designer Warren Spector doesn’t like him. He talks about an incident that happened with one of his staff members and Warren during the GameStop managers’ conference.

Danny Pena

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  • OAR_John

    Sorry, but that was a real d-bag move on Spector’s part. If someone enjoys and respects your work, that person’s politics should have no bearing. If I did something that the public could enjoy, I wouldn’t care if both Glenn Beck and Bill Maher were fans. I would treat them both respectfully.

    • Vin

      This is a story told by Glenn Beck, a guy who makes a career out of painting others in a negative light… It’s pretty hard to say how “d-bag” the move is when the story comes from only Beck and he was not even present during the incident.

      • Erik

        It’s not really a two-sided story, though. His friend asked for the ears, got them, then told Spector that he worked for Glenn Beck, at which point the ears were revoked. Even a Glenn Beck clock is right two times a day, you know.

        • Vin

          There are many sides to every story. Perhaps there was someone else there who Spector felt was more deserving of the “ears” in question. Perhaps the sequence of events was very different than it was described in it’s second generation telling. In any case, I am sure that Glenn Beck is barely familiar with any work that Spector has done. He may be a self proclaimed “Disney-phile”, but I doubt the guy knows much, if anything, about Spector’s specific work. I would not call that a fan. My point is that Spector is completely entitled to his opinion. Glenn Beck is never afraid to share his.

          • Andy Bates

            Sorry Vin, but you really don’t have a leg to stand on here. Warren Spector may have a right to his opinion, but it is petty in the extreme to retract a gift because you disagree with who that person works for.

          • sicness277

            Yet if Glenn Beck were in Spector’s position and handing the gift to someone who works for Obama he would not only take it back but probably burn it in front of them just to spite them. Beck has done as petty and even more ridiculous things to the point it’s understandable why Spector did what he did. After all, it’s just a toy…

          • Erik

            It doesn’t matter what Glenn Beck has done. I don’t like him, I think he’s a dumbshit who knows his job hinges on him saying more and more ridiculous things and he’s trapped in a downward spiral to madness, but that doesn’t give you a blank check to be rude to him or his employees. You can’t rob somebody just because they stole the stuff in the first place, you don’t get a pass on being a dildo because the guy you’re doing it to is a sweaty weirdo. I’m not saying Spector has to like Beck, or that Beck is a good person; just that Warren, in this instance, acted like a real jackass. Would it have been the worst thing that’s ever happened to him to accidentally give a pair of rabbit ears to Glenn Beck?

          • Erik

            Beck’s credibility is not the question here. I don’t care that it’s Glenn Beck, Spector still acted like a dick. He was fully ready to give those ears away until he found out who was going to get them, and that makes it a dick move. In fact, it’s even more of a dick move if they don’t know each other, it’s not like Beck did anything to Spector personally other than be a hack radio host.

          • Rob Cypher

            Perhaps Spector doesn’t like bigots or people who work with or for them. That seems pretty simple to me.

        • sicness277

          You’re right, it’s a one-sided story told from Glenn Beck’s perspective. It’s easy to criticize someone’s actions when you don’t know their reasoning for it, as is the case here.

  • Marykate Clark

    Warren Spector is awesome… Never heard of Glenn Beck. I don’t really think some random shock jock or his views have much, if any, relevance. Anyway, I’m sure he can buy his own toys somewhere else, if his little story is at all true. I don’t care.

    And I’m really looking forward to Epic Mickey Power of Two. It’s been a while since I’ve had a great platformer to anticipate.

    Now… if someone could just get the ball rolling on Psychonauts 2 …(Notch?)

    • Erik

      He’s the most popular talk-radio host and, formerly, television pundit in the country. He’s a hack and a nutjob, but he has a lot more listeners than Warren Spector has fans.

      • Rob Cypher

        “He’s a hack and a nutjob”

        Should’ve stopped there; all that other info was unnecessary.

    • Bobbie

      You are an idiot. 1. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t bother posting an opinion. 2. Just because you (in your myopic little world) have never heard of Glenn Beck, does not make him a random shock jock, nor does it make him irrelevant. 3. The point was that Warren Spector’s behavior was very rude and childish. Spector may disagree with Beck’s “politics”, but that is no excuse for treating one of Beck’s employees the way he did. Just because you like Warren Spector, does not make his actions justifiable. 4. Next time you decide to post an opinion, at the very least, make an attempt to be more informed and less biased. (Hurr Hurr, I like so and so, and therefore this other guy is wrong, hurr hurr.)

      • todd blend

        Oh god Beck is going to be another nut like


      • Chris

        Guy, you just failed the ol’ politeness test yourself. Y’know we take courtesy pretty seriously, here on the internet.

      • Ted

        Who the hell is Glenn Beck?

  • Getz

    Or maybe…just maybe. It’s all a conspiracy. And we really didn’t land a 1-ton 6-wheeled SUV on Mars…and Warren Spector took the Oswald ears to Glenn Beck Himself…. Hmmmmm What then?!

  • Tahoe R. Kamman- Nevada

    I think both Glenn Beck & Warren Spector were big FAIL’s in this

  • Tails the Foxhound

    I think it’s a shame GB ended up getting those ears anyways.

  • Fallarnon

    Who knew Spector will turn out to be a liberal asshole. Just lost my purchase of both Epic Mickey 2 and the 3DS game.

    • Ryan

      See above comment: there are plenty of conservatives that aren’t idiots (obviously not including you) that don’t like Beck.

  • Chris

    I’m totally down with Spector taking back the ears. If you don’t like a guy enough, why do you have to give him your stuff? Why aren’t you allowed to get it back if he (or his winged-monkey minion) touched it? Also, how often is it you get to tell a shock jock where to go? I wish Glenn Beck’d try to take some of my stuff, man I’d be all ‘no WAY guy’! Finally I wonder if that liberal guy who is Beck’s producer wakes up screaming, bathed in his own sweat, at 3, every morning. Seriously, it’s like Noam Chomsky flying a secret bombing mission over Cambodia for the CIA.

  • biggie2316

    If Warren Spector has an issue with Glenn Beck liking his work because of his political views then they should make a Liberal only rating to put on the game..

    • Ryan

      There’s a difference between being liberal/conservative and being Glenn Beck. If I were Spector I wouldn’t want that moron endorsing my work, regardless of where on the political spectrum he was.