Sam Fisher gets a new voice actor in Splinter Cell Blacklist

By on June 6, 2012

You may have noticed Sam Fisher’s voice had a little less iron in it during Microsoft’s press conference this past Monday, when Ubisoft revealed Splinter Cell Blacklist. That’s because Michael Ironside, the voice of Sam Fisher since the series’first game in 2002, is no longer voicing the character, according to Kotaku.

Instead, Canadian actor Eric Johnson will be taking Ironside’s place as Fisher’s voice. Ubisoft’s explanation? The studio is doing motion capture work to animate Sam Fisher, and, well, to put it bluntly and in words Ubi didn’t directly use, Ironside is too old. Funny, because Fisher is starting to seem less and less old too.

I’ll miss ol’Ironside. It’s going to be tough getting used to Johnson’s voice coming out of Fisher’s pixelated mouth. Let’s hope he does such a good job, we entirely forget about this change in voice.

Source – Kotaku

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  • mcthekeep

    That will be strange indeed not hearing the “Sam Fisher” that I am used to. As long as the game plays well thought I can get used to the new voice.

  • The Taff

    I’ll miss Ironside quite a bit, but Sean Connery didn’t play Bond forever either.  It’ll be an adjustment, but I’m willing to give Eric a shot.

  • Zerech

    How to ruin one of the best game series ever =/ Michael Ironside is out of the game, the very soul of Sam Fisher and hes gotten 20 years younger in the Blacklist game… Typical game industry to ruin awesomeness…