Sequel to Kojima’s Zone of the Enders underway

By on May 29, 2012

Jehuty fans, rejoice: A new Zone of the Enders sequel is officially a thing, as announced by Hideo Kojima and company last week during a Zone of the Enders event in Japan.

The “Enders Project,” as it’s currently codenamed, is in an “early prototyping” phase, which consists of “key staff” testing what can be done with Kojima Productions’ internal Fox Engine, according to Andriasang, paraphrasing a Famitsu piece. They’re currently taking character models and converting them into Fox Engine assets. You can check out some of those models here.

And that’s all we’ve heard about this “sequel project” so far. We’re probably still a way’s off from seeing the game, considering it’s still in an early prototyping phase, coupled with the fact that a North American release for the series’ HD collection has not been announced yet.

My guess? Expect this “Enders Project” on next generation consoles.

Source- Andriasang

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