2010 Activision/Bungie Deal Details Made Public

By on May 21, 2012

The details of a high profile deal between ActivisionBlizzard and Bungie were made public today as the InfinityWard/Activision lawsuit continues. Apparently ActivisionBlizzard contracted Bungie to create a 3 part Sci-Fantasy Shooter codenamed “Destiny” to be released every other year beginning next year in 2013. The deal also details a series of expansion packs codenamed “Comet” to be released every other year as well beginning in 2014. But thats not all.

The contract details that “Destiny” would be a Microsoft exclusive with development availability on the current Xbox 360 console as well as an Xbox 720 console. The deal also includes provisions to allow future availability to Sony’s PS3 and its future successor.

Those interested in reading the full legal contract can read it here



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