New Systems: Hardware VS Software

By on January 30, 2012

So continuing off the conversation on this week’s show (Episode 324), I’ve been considering thoughts about our wants and desires for the next console generation.

From what I can see, most arguments for the announcement and accelerated release of next gen consoles revolve around the hardware. The fact that consoles are falling farther behind PC on the ability scale. It’s not – for the most part – that developers have run out of ideas or failed. Rather we feel that game developers are now limited in what they can create by the simple fact of the hardware in our consoles.

Let me note that, to some extent, I disagree with the previous statement. But regardless, that’s an argument for another time (or the past if you saw the video discussion between myself and @vicious696 from E3 2011).

The question is: Considering where we are now, will it be the hardware specs of the new console or its launch titles that will determine you buying on day 1?

I don’t feel like my Xbox or PS3 is doing too badly, so simply giving me flashy new tech probably won’t be the factor in a day 1 purchase. I’d much rather see some quality game content at release to really push me to buy. Not necessarily AAA titles (aka Halo or COD), but rather games that aren’t Perfect Dark Zero or Kameo. Yes, the Xbox 360 launch was kind of slacking.

In terms of buying my Xbox 360, I held off several months for the release of other games (Oblivion and GRAW). For me, even though the quality and capacity of the hardware had increased, it wasn’t worth my money or interest until it had games I wanted. I imagine that the next generation of consoles will likely be the same.

So what do you think? Buy it day 1 because it’s the newest, latest, and greatest or buy (day 1 or later) based on the software being made available? Do you want good launch titles or a new system is a good enough start?


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  • Swarley Ganbaatar

    I’d prefer to wait for the slim version to eventually come out. Could be years but I always do wait.