GTR Giveaway: 5 Copies of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary **Winners**

By on November 10, 2011

This is how we celebrate the anticipated release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Our friends at 343 Industries sent us 5 copies of the game to giveaway, GTR style!

All you need to do is:

1. Follow @gamertagradio on Twitter

2. Tweet: Win A Copy Of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary from @Gamertagradio. Full details at:

3. Tell us below why you deserve to win.

You must complete all 3 steps to be eligible. We will pick 5 winners on Monday. Good luck to all!


  1. Johnny Malice
  2. summer98763
  3. Gs543
  4. SamVersionOne
  5. Agiliste

Congrats to all. Please check your DM’s! More giveaways coming soon.

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  • louiedog

    I love Halo. I own Halo 2, Halo 3: Legendary, Halo Wars Limited CE, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach Legendary. I don’t have Halo: CE. I always played my roommate’s copy. I would love some help completing my collection and playing Halo: CE again with new graphics and online multiplayer would be amazing.



  • Chris Hofer

    I would like to win because I own all Halo games (even on the Original Xbox), and I need something to take my mind of trying to beat Halo: Wars.  :-)  You’d also help keep my winning streak somewhat alive.  Thanks for considering my entry and for the contest!

    Twitter: @PriusGuy2004:twitter 

  • Anonymous

    I deserve it because I love Halo! Is that a good enough answer? I would hate to get into all the boo-hoo-pick-me stuff! Haha.

  • Anonymous

    I deserve to win because im a huge halo fan and this would be awesome to win!! Ive been looking forward to this coming out. Thanks so much for the giveaway :)

    Tweeted from: @volcombrandon

  • Danny

    I’veplayed Halo my whole life and still play the original Halo game today in my original Xbox. I dont really like BF or the call of duty games and halo is starting to change a little this will bring back good Memories.


  • Brian Lepak

    I own every Halo from Halo:CE for PC to Halo: Reach, even Halo Wars. I need this to complete my collection! Money is tight right now so a free copy would be GRAND!

  • Agiliste Dev. Team

    Hi Gamertag :)
    I deserve to win because my son finished Halo: CE at 5yo (on easy, I’ll be honest) and has now taught his sibs to kick my a** in firefight (one Mom against 3 kids is NOT a pretty sight, even if I have the Grav Hammer :D )

  • Cameron Seamons

    I NEED to win because this will add to my vast halo collection and be an amazing christmas present! I already have 3 of the Halo books, two copies of Halo: CE, Two legendary copies of Halo 2. 1 regular copy of halo 3, one legendary hard case Halo 3, And 2 copies of halo Reach…  To say I am not a halo fan would be lying. :)   Also (I wont go into details)  But I wont have money for christmas. :(

  • Jeff Randall

    I love playing HALO, and I’m broke. Thanks!

  • NuAngel

    The N64 was my last console, until the 360 came around. My only experience with the original Halo, for many years, was waiting for it to come to the PC.  I remembered following the news at Mac World, seeing this amazing looking ring world and awesome looking protagonist. I almost went out and bought a Mac!  Then it got taken over by console, and being a “hardcore PC gamer” I thought “goodbye, Halo. At least I can play Oni!”

    Little would I know that years later I would become obsessed with the 360, and all it can do.  And while I did a quick playthrough both on the PC, and on the 360 (thanks to backwards compatability), it’s time to go back and play the original, the way it should’ve been played. With passion, a a big screen TV, a controller, and absurd amounts of caffeine.  The new high quality graphics, will only be icing on the cake that is HALO.

  • L

    I believe I deserve to win because I’ve been a HUGE Halo fan since day 1, almost 10 years ago. Halo is the reason I bought an Xbox, Halo 2 is the reason I got hooked on XBox Live. I literally spent hours playing Halo 2 every day. I would stay up until 2 AM daily for like 3 months straight playing Halo 2 online, even when I had to wake up early for school the next day. I’ve bought every Halo game, including the Legendary edition of Halo 3, 3 different copies of Halo Reach, 2 different copies of Halo 2 (on of them the collector’s edition), and 2 differnt copies of the original Halo. And I still have every single one. I have all the Halo books, and even the Soundtracks for the games. You could say that Halo is an obsession for me :). My love for Halo has gone far enough for me to have even made several tributes to the game on my Youtube channel:

    And there’s at least 5 more there if you view the rest of my channel, all made by me to show my love and dedication to the Halo series. Needless to say, I’m a pretty hardcore fan and it’s one of my favorite game franchises of all time.

  • MyFire

    I deserve to win because I love fps and halo is  a great game :)!/MyPyrito/status/134793459415515136

  • Duncan M

    I have had every Halo game. I love Halo. I want to see how well 343i can do. I have many reasons. . . . I REALLY would love to win. BTW, did I mention that I love Halo?

  • Jonny459

    Following on twitter, and tweeted via: @Jonnymovgamer:disqus

    I deserve to win, because I’m a big fan of Halo, and would like to buy it, but can’t atm.

  • kUDA

    I feel like I deserve to win because I am a broke gamer who just lost his gf and job recently and I need something positive right about now :(


  • James Stone

    I deserve to win cause today is my B-DAY!!!!!

  • Alfredo Orizondo

    Because i’m not only a huge fan of the Halo series but a huge fan of Gamertag Radio! Oh, and I voted every single day for you guys as best gaming podcast! How you didn’t win is beyond me.

  • Patrick

    I am a huge fan of the series, and this would be my only way to get it right now, do to me not having a job. Plus, I have never won anything before, so to win something would be a nice change of pace :)

  • Albert/Ricky

    i deserve to win a copy because i would like to replay my favorite game of all time in new graphics

    Twitter: @Evilteddy03:twitter

  • TruRAV3N

    I never win anything. lol

  • DanteSparda504

    Mainly because I love Halo and don’t have the spare change to pick it up.

  • JD

    I would love to win because I really fell in love with the series with Halo Reach and went back and played Halo 3 and ODST.  I missed the last generation of Xbox completely so I never got to play Halo CE. I’m really looking forward to seeing where it all began.  Thanks for the chance!


  • Anonymous

    I love the Halo franchise and this is where it started at. I want to experience a title that I loved so much remade in HD. Good luck to all the contestants. This is a real great giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    one of my favorite memories was getting lost in the lost in the the silent cartographer playing coop with my little brother , just driving around destroying the warthghog so many timesand the music in the game , spent so many hours with this game using xbox connect in the old days ,  , i rented this game 5 times till i finally bought it , one of my favorite games of all time ,it holds a special place in my collection off games , winning this would be great and thats why i should win , it will bring back memories and i will play coop with my little brother again cant believe it will be ten years . i was 11 now 21,Tweeted the contest.

    @ spyroyoo

  • Nintendo fan

    I should win a copy because I have been a long time fan of the site and I love Halo!

  • Pushaman55

    Getting this game would be awesome for me. I’ve been with the Halo series and Bungie (now 343 Industries) since this Halo came out on Xbox! Halo was the game that made me switch from Playstation 2, to Xbox and to keep it going, Xbox 360. I love Halo, it’s the best series I’ve ever played and this game would allow me to relive every moment of and to relive the start of a game that would change the game industry, forever. Thanks for the chance!  @Pushaman55:twitter 

  • Djdsf

    I deserve to win because I love GTR. Hows that?

  • Bmharmon

    i deserve to win, because i am awesome….and because i love the site and i have been a viewer and follower for awhile…thats why i deserve to win, all that plus im broke lol. good luck everyone

  • Andrew

    I deserve to win because GTR is awesome and I love the Halo series.  I followed the series from the beginning and this would be so cool to win and play the game that started it all once again.  Updated to HD of course.

  • shadowreaper

    I deserve to win because I’ve been a Halo fan from the beginning.  After beating every Halo on Legendary, I went out and got the Legendary symbol tattooed on my arm to show my love and achievement.  Why I really deserve to win is because “times are hard” this fall and I’ve had to make some serious cuts to what I spend money on.  The last thing sitting on the edge of should I buy it or not is Halo: CEA.  If I won this, I could save money and still get to play one of my favorite games of all time!

  • Tall Dood?

    I deserve to win because I have never beaten the original Halo Combat Evolved campaign. I was very young at that time and I only played a few times it at my friend’s house. I really want to have a chance in finally finishing the campaign in new graphics as well! :)
    Twitter: @garrettyu:twitter 

  • Deuce

    Hmmm, I want to give some sort of clever answer that will win me this game but to be honest, if you compared me with someone on this list who might be younger than I am or be unemployed they deserve it more than me. So unfortunately I will have to just give you the reason that I WANT to win a copy of Halo. I want to win because Halo for me brings back great memories of going over to a friends house and just getting down on some games, playing for 6 hours on a Friday night and just having fun. It would just be a nice reminder of what gaming was and should be today. And then of course it would be nice to not have to at least one game with all the crazy games coming out this month and next.

  • Fenz4Ever

    I’m a huge halo fan! I even convinced my non-gaming wife to dress as Cortana while I was Master Chief for Halloween!

  • Vault101M

    This game brings back some awsome times I had with my friends in high school. Plus it also made love First Person Shooter games more and learn the fun of team work. I have never won anykind of contest befor and I may not win this one. But of I do I will enjoy reliving those days in school omce again.

  • Rob Hestar(★♋)

    I deserve to win because I am huge halo fan and have shelled out money for the last 2 Collector editions.I would love to win a free copy of the game it would make me even that much more excited (if possible) of halo coming out next week! :)

  • Anonymous

    I deserve to win because I’ve been a Halo fan since it was first announced as a Mac title. Well before Microsoft snapped up Bungie an made it an awesome title for the Xbox. I bought the original Xbox just to play the game an have many fond memories of local LAN play :)

  • Youngin’

    I deserve to win because I really want to.  And I want to make all my friends jealous.  :)  Thanks for the contest!

  • silver_DewSky

    I deserve to win because I bought my original Xbox for Halo. Then bought my original Xbox 360 for Halo 3. Then upgraded to the Xbox Slim for Halo: Reach. And if don’t win, I’ll probably try and get the game at some point because I love Halo! Also, good luck everyone!

  • Agent_Bakery

    I want to win so I have a great Christmas present to give to my best friend. I don’t have a 360, but he does and we always played every Halo campaign with our friends. Good luck to everyone and I hope I win!

  • Gary KB

    Halo has always been a part of my life. From the Halo Combat Evolved days to the Halo 2 split-screen multiplayer madness, to the wonderful times on Xbox Live in the best multiplayer game of all time Halo 3, to the captivating story in Halo ODST, playing RTS for one of the first time with Halo Wars, and Firefight and multiplayer brought to another level in Halo Reach. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition will really start things off with the new Halo trilogy that will come out soon.

  • Nicole Bouchard

    I deserve to win b/c im a huge HALO fan always look forward to playing them whenever they come out also bought the Halo xbox slim that came out a while back Thanks for the chance to win <3<3<3

  • eugaet

    I would like to win so I could play splitscreen with my son. He turned down the opportunity to do so after seeing the graphics on the original Halo. Kids these days. Twitter: @eugaet_aux:twitter!/eugaet_aux/status/134825777983266816

  • Anonymous

    I deserve to win because I have 5 kids and sometimes I just need a gaming break….

  • Ciara Weaver

    I’m a Halo fiend! Even when new games came out that we purchased I would still always resort back to playing on Halo every time!

  • Justin Forsythe

    I deserve to win because I’m Master Chef….I mean Chief… I mean Chef.  What I’m trying to say is I blow shit up!

  • Andrew

    I deserve to win this because I haven’t had a chance to play the original yet.


  • Goaliedom236

    I deserve to win because I cannot afford this game, but I wanna review it for the site I work for!


  • the King

    Hey GTR gang, I deserve to win this prize b/c I’m ready to jump back into some Halo action.  I don’t have the money to pick up MW3 so this would be the perfect way to get my FPS fix this holiday season.


  • theLimit

    I deserve to win because Halo would give me a reason to turn on my 360.

  • ✰ⒿⒾⓃⒶ✰

    I should win because Halo is the reason I bought a Xbox in the first place. I’m a huge Halo fan girl and it would be awesome to take a trip down memory lane and blast some covies away!

    Thanks for the contest! G’luck everyone! :)

    Twitter: @summer98763:twitter  

  • Phil L

    Yo godfree & the gang, I need to win this game b/c I’m still going back to play the old school Halo from time to time.  I need to get this updated version to throw back and play some multiplayer with my roomies!

    @Shuffling4Iowa is my twitter

  • ilRadd

    I should win because I’m evolved…


    …well, I do have aspirations to someday being evolved…

    Twitter: @ilRadd

  • Matt Ferrell

    I’d like to win because I don’t have the money for the game, but would like it!  :)

    animasou @ comcast . net



    Halo was the first game to really get me into FPS on console, and it was the big reason I got an Xbox. 

  • Edward Davis

    I deserve to win because Ive continually had mixed feelings on the franchise since 3 ,and Id love to revisit all the great fun we had with the original

  • Jerry

    I deserve to win b/c I’m one of the most diehard, hardcore gamers on this site.  I own all three platforms and blow 90% of my income on nothing but games.  There is no doubt that I need this game, but if I’m able to get it from the fine folks at GTR my wallet would relentlessly thank you!

    BTW, if I do get the game I would love to play against some of the crew on this site.  Lady Luck, I’m looking at you!  Twitter handle is @DezJerry:twitter 

  • Doug (Honeycut1)

    Halo was what brought me back into gaming on a regular basis.  Plus my wife might hit me with a stick if I buy another game this fall.

  • Mark Litzinger

    I deserve to win because I would actually give this copy to my bro-in-law so that he could play online with me. Already pre-ordered this from Newegg. Full disclosure :) Thanks for the chance!

  • Juan Sanchez

    I have demonstrated Halo honorship and deserve to be rewarded. Besides, I’ve completed all Achievements for every Halo so far ;)


  • TimP

    Winning this contest would bring me to tears of joy. Halo is my best
    friend and a big part of my life (half of it to be exact). I am 20
    years old and it’s hard to believe that I was a puny 10 year-old when I
    first stepped out of that Cryo-chamber. Whenever I fall upon hard times
    Halo is there for me, urging me to pick up that controller and kick some
    alien-ass. My Xbox is a first-generation dinosaur, my Halo: Reach disc
    is scratched, and Halo: CE Anniversary is the only Halo game that I will not be able to afford at it’s release.  Not getting the new Halo game is not an option, however, so if I was lucky enough to receive one of these beauties it would save me from the debt I would have from taking out a $40 loan.  I personally promise you (gamertagradio) that your Halo: CE Anniversary disk would be in the right hands with me.  I would give it a loving home and use it every single day.  Thanks for consideration :)!/BlindNoodleGod/status/134816546353725440

  • Chris Policastro

    I deserve this because I lent my copy of Halo to a “friend” and he moved ot Florida and never gave it back! I even emailed him when he moved there and said I would pay the postage back but that POS never replied!

  • Steve Hearon

    I deserve to win because I “pwn” all noobs and would love another game to test my unworldly skills.

  • Grant L

    I deserve to win because I’ve never actually played the first Halo and feel like this would be a good time to do so.

  • TomaszewskiArek

    I love the Halo.

  • Jeff Wolfhope

    I guess I deserve to win because I don’t not deserve to win any more than anyone else…I guess what I’m saying is…why NOT me?

  • Jeremy Duff!/Duff3c/status/134988977680822272

    I deserve to win because it has been a long, long time since my trigger finger got to feel the power of the original Halo pistol… it’s time to scratch that itch at the expense of other gamers online.

  • Savath Ouk

    being a fan of halo from when it was first on PC, id love to see what it would look like in HD.  not really sure why it took them so long to do it, but im glad its finally done.

  • Doc

    I have a Kinect and not many uses for it. (except it’s friggin’ awesome with the new dashboard preview) I’d like to check out some of it’s functionality for this if I win. Plus first Halo still the best.

  • Ranyos

    Xbox became our primary household console when I got it for Christmas at the tender age of 15. Included was a copy of Halo: Combat Evolved, a game which was so enthralling, my younger brother and I played from after dinner time at about 6 pm straight through until 7am the following morning. I took an hour-long nap, woke up and continued playing through to beat the game. Halo: CE was the first game that had ever done that to me, so it holds a special place in my heart above most others in gaming. If I won this game, I would treasure it as I had the original, purchasing not only the PC version of the game, but also downloading it to my 360 from Games on Demand. Not to mention the fact that I got to try the game at New York Comic Con and it’s going to be an absolutely amazing addition to anyone’s collection.

    • Ranyos

      Not to mention the fact (again) that my birthday is this week! xDDDD Help me celebrate 24 years with 10 years of awesomeness!!

  • Blackchaos903

    I bought my xbox just because on halo. But unfortunately I can’t by this one cause I’m the only one working and my wife is in nursing school.

  • Welles42

    Halo on Xbox was the first FPS to draw me into their world. I’m feeling nostalgic for a single-player FPS experience that isn’t subservient to multiplayer. Halo did just that. Focused on the player navigating it’s fully realized world.

  • Kyle Nolan

    Do I deserve to win? Probably not. Would I like to win? ABSOLUTELY! The only games I play on my 360 are the Lego games and the Halo games. Seeing as I just used up my video game budget by picking up the Lego Harry Potter 2 game, I would love to win the new old Halo game so I can play that as well!

  • Jody Owsley

    It seems weird to say I “deserve” to win more than others… I did miss out the first time around on HALO: CE. I just bought my first Xbox in July of ’10. Would love to play it and see the story from the beginning. Thanks.


  • iZer

    There’s too much awesome games coming out this month and it’s hard to choose wich one to buy and wich one to skip. Winning a copy of Halo CEA would help me get more games than i can afford. I’m not an Halo mp pro but i loved the campaign of the original one and i would love to play the remake to bring back some memories of the original Xbox release.

    Twitter: @iZer:twitter

  • David

    I deserve to win this because Halo is my favorite Xbox game and I beat them all on legendary except ODST.

  • at00

    I deserve to win because I’m a big Halo fan that wants to see the original in all of its new graphical glory!

  • Rakalfs

    i want it cause on my country Panma ony like 5% of population got xbox and am am one of the few that play halo with the xbox, and like many store doesnt sell that xbox games so much, but i was glad they sell halo but i am not sure if they sell CEA i havent got time to check i really liked anniversary maybe am not so old but i played that like 2 consecutive years on the PC and i didnt now they where more halo games till i discover it on internet, and i will like the game cause many of my ps3 friends have being asked me hey am coming for playing halo Aniv i got now like 6 friends cause that games is awesome and they saw the trailers, i like much halo but i dont have time this wekkend to buy games

  • Goose Checka

    I’ve been a Halo fan since Halo CE. Halo is what brought my friends and I together in college. Halo is how I met my husband (my halo emblem is sewn into my wedding dress!). Halo continues to be how my friends and family connect with one another now that we live across the country.

  • Nickolas T Barber

    When I was 9, I snuck into my grandfather(a tech savvy man)’s computer room and watched him playing a video game on his xbox. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. My first memory of Halo is of him firing controlled bursts at squat little aliens with reverse-shark fins on their backs(I later learned to call them Grunts) and then of him being unable to properly drive the Warthog without flipping it. I asked if I could play, but he said it wasn’t for an 9-year old to play.

    So that night, I broke the rules. I snuck into his PC room, quietly turned on the xbox. I sat back in his recliner chair, much too big for me, and gripped the xbox controller tensely, also much too big for me. My fondest memory of the game are from that night. The enchanting title-screen music, the tense, sudden firefights throughout the Pillar of Autumn, and then the purely epic feeling from stepping out of the lifepod and seeing Halo in it’s vastness.

    That night made me love video games. That night made me love Halo. Now, 10 years later, I’m so excited for this game to be released in a new light. It’s a thrilling nostalgia rush, to be honest. My birthday is November 18th, and Halo: CE Anniversary would be a spectacular present.

    Halo: CE started my childhood love of video games and sci-fi when I was 9 years old(it had been out for a few months when I first played it). Now, being released just 3 days before I turn 18 and begin life as an adult, it is literally the first and last video game of my childhood. Whether or not I win this particular copy, I will find a way to get this game. It’s a great way to finish off my childhood.

  • Thomas

    I deserve to win because I’m a big halo fan, I have all the halo games. 
    and started whit playing halo when i was 10 years old.

  • Nick

    I’ll give you the truth: We are having some financial trouble and won’t be able to pick up many games for the next few months. Would love to play the remastered version of the game that I love and got me on Xbox in the first place!

    Tweeted on @angryfacing.

  • Xbox Dude

    I should win because I <3 Xbox more than myself. Twitter

  • Daedalos42

    I’m not sure if I deserve to win, but I would certainly like to. I have like Halo ever since I played it years ago. I was finally able to afford an Xbox and Halo Reach a few months ago, and have been playing it ever since. I haven’t ever played through the original campaign, so I would like to play it, and the new multiplayer maps look amazing. 

  • Andrew Broas

    Halo turned me from a PlayStation fanboy into an Xbox fanboy. I’ve grown up since then and learned to enjoy games on all platforms, but Halo holds a special place in my heart. Also too broke to buy anything this month. Last game I bought was Gears 3 and that might be it until I get a job next year (graduating in December).

  • ThreeSixXero

    Been around playing Halo since CE. Sorta running low on cash around this time (mainly cause I have to have my Xbox with an E74 error fix’d), so I’ll take a free copy if I can get it. I probably don’t deserve to win per se, since I haven’t really done anything for this site but I have made a legitimate attempt to leave feedback and other such things for Halo Reach and many of the things that have come in the TU as well as bringing maps back like Damnation and Hang Em High have all been ideas I have supported both on Bungie’s Optimatch forums and 343 Industries’ forums.

  • Liam Hillman

    Halo is that game I grew up with. At the age of three it was my first video game (and the game I played the worst at). Somebody ‘misplaced’ my copy. I met my best friend at a guys LAN party for Halo 2 and he’s still my best friend today.

    So I think I deserve it because I have never really got to experience and understand the original game. It’s fine if I don’t win and clearly someone with financial trouble or a bigger video game fan wants it more than me. 
    It was the game that won my childhood, but the game I never could grasp.

  • Alfredo Serrato

    Today is 11-11-11 ten years ago I was 11 and I played the best game ever. I hae bought all Halo games and am a steadfast fan. Is this coincidence or is it the fornunners wish. Tread lightly when picking the winners =)

  • DjDan994

    I bought my Original Xbox because a friend of mine showed me Halo CE , and since then I only play Halo , the best Xbox franchise , even now with the 360 i keep playing Halo with Reach and Anniversary must be in my collection !

  • John Shortcut

    Uh, Oh… It’s not that i deserve it, but i’d like to win it, since i live in Venezuela, and i’m unable to buy Halo stuff in here, so i always try to find ways to get “Free” Halo Swag! I’ve learned a lot of things and my character has been forged since i entered a cyber and saw this “Halo” Icon on the Desktop of the Computer. After The Bungie intro… my life changed. It has helped me a lot and i’ve been able to meet people from every single country; Something that not everyone can achieve. That’s why i’d like to have it: To relive the memories and make me remember why i am what i am.

    And because… You know you liked those pictures from the Waypoint Community Carnage Night, i took ‘em!!

  • Christopher Wynne

    I deserve to win as I’ve played halo from the start. I don’t quit, cheat, and I try to be competitive as possible. Take that gaming enthusiasm and match it with being an avid fan of GTR and what they’ve given the gaming community, and you have a winning combination

  • George Patton

    I think i deserve to win becuz i bought my xbox 360 and all the halo games for the the Xbox 360 the same day and i didnt sleep until i had beated all of them in legendary (halo3 through Halo Reach)

  • Robert Watts

    I desrve to win because, despite having only had an xbox since Halo:Reach was released, am one of Halo’s biggest fans.I mostly bought an xbox for halo, and don’t play any other games (except Battlefield 3). I love the games and, once I have Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, will have a copy of all of the games. 

  • Kyle Omnislash Gaddo

    Because I’ve hated every single Halo game after the first one, because they were terrible and if Halo is ever going to win my love back, I need the Anniversary Edition of the first game with a nice facelift.

  • True$erg

    Growing up, I never had an XBOX – I was a N64, Game Cube, PS2 kind of kid. I got into the Halo series when I played Halo 3 – ever since then I’ve read most of the books, purchased all the graphic novels and recently played the 2001 version of CE. It was aaaaamazing! 

    I would like HCEA just because it’s amazing and am a huge fan. GT: Rhadamanthis (almost a Brigadier :))

  • True$erg

    Growing up, I never had an XBOX- I was a N64, Game Cube, PS2 kind of kid. I got into the Halo series when I played Halo 3 – ever since then I’ve read most of the books, purchased all the graphic novels and recently played the 2001 version of CE. It was aaaaamazing! I would like HCEA just because it’s amazing and am a huge fan. GT: Rhadamanthis (almost a Brigadier :))

  • Shawn1449

    Well, I’m just going to keep it short. I love Halo, and I would love a copy of Halo Anniversary due to not being able to afford it

  • Ryan Thomson

    I absolutely love the Halo series, i have been playing since the first one and this remake would be awesome to add to my Halo collection, Im a student and i cant spend alot of money on video games anymore. It all has to go towards books and gas money, and other college needs. It would really make my day to win this game. 

  • SamVersionOne™

    Pretty much everyone on here is saying the same things as their reasons. With that said, I’ll say that win or lose, you guys rep the scene with honesty and integrity. I think everyone who enters deserves to win, so good luck to everyone. (Fingers crossed for me though. haha)

  • Rod Davis

    My dad loves Halo, and this would be a great (albeit belated) Veteran’s Day gift.

    Twitter: @ahylianhuman:disqus 

  • sheepkillaa

    Played halo 1 with my father when i was eight, i have been a great halo-fan since then. What i want is to get this nostalgic feeling again with my father. I will probably have to force him a little bit but hey :D

  • Laxman0202

    I might buy the dlc because I can’t afford the full game right now, eve though I’m a huge halo fan. It would be great to play the campaign because I never played it. I was too young at the time. I’d be grateful if I won this contest. Thank you

  • Pau1adin

    I deserve to win because I’m a gamer. I want to play it. So sugar coated nostalgic reasons for me. :D

  • Guy

    I deserve to win because I know that as a loyal Halo fan the past ten years the best thing I can do for the community is pay it forward by donating my extra copy of the game to someone who can’t afford it!

  • Vincentspartan81596

    I have followed all of the halo universe since it began. I have bought every single Halo game and every single Halo novel and it is the reason that I bought a Xbox when it came out.Unfortunately I have no money to buy Halo:CEA so it would be pretty awsome if I won a copy.

  • Keith Muelas

    I believe that i deserve to win a copy of Anniversary because I have 2 Halo Tattoos (The Legendary Symbol & The Mark of Shame). I have a $3000+ Halo Collection. I have completed every single Daily and Weekly Challenge in Halo: Reach since the game came out. I will be waiting all day out side of gamestop for a copy of it and will be there first in line until 12 midnight. And because I enter every contest/competition Halo related and have never won one.


  • foweR

    The reason I bought an Xbox was to play the Halo games although I’ve branched out and played the Gears of War and other arcade games on my Xbox since then. It would be awesome to replay Halo CE in HD! Thanks.

  • Josh

    Both of my parents died when I was naught but an infant, and I grew up in a despicable house with my aunt and uncle and their son, Dudley, as a result. They always treated me rottenly; I would work all day for mere scraps of food, and when it came night time, I was locked away inside a small cupboard under the stairs, like a vacuum or a broom. On my 11th birthday, a humongous man on a motorcycle broke down our door, threatened my relatives, and took me away on his flying motorcycle. I had to run directly at a brick wall in order to escape to this giant castle with other children my age. There, I was taught all sorts of “magical” spells and suffered from extreme hallucinations and skull-splitting headaches. I eventually found out that my parents were murdered by an evil lord bent on destroying the world, only that he lost his powers because of me and is now spending his every waking moment trying to kill me. For the next 7 years, I was constantly assaulted, found myself in a multitude of life-threatening situations, died, and everything I thought I knew about reality was questioned by inexplicable phenomena and supernatural creatures.

    Or I could’ve just been tripping on shrooms the entire time. = Give me the game anyway.

  • biRdy x LoCo

    First game I bought when I got my first xbox, and still my favorite game to this day. I a dedicated Halo fan, own  
    just need one more achievement to finish my waypoint career!

  • Steelbarber

    well I would loke to win my gamertag is STEELBARBER and my rep is five stars and im just going to see if I win or not k thx… =)

  • Anonymous

    I am not going to lie and say I am the biggest Halo fan in the world. But at the time Halo came out, I did not own an Xbox. I was a playstation fan. But When Gears of War came out. I jumped ship and became and Xbox fan. Since Dec 06, I have racked up 142,000 gamerscore which includes 1000 Halo 3 1000 Halo ODST. I have also completed Halo Reach and Halo Wars. Having the remastered original Halo would be great. 

  • Shane Peltzer

    Well I remember when Halo came out it was really the biggest shooter I played since Perfect Dark, which is really a long time. I would like to win because I feel that classic games can be brought back to newer fans and then those fans will gain a new form of admiration for the series say had they joined in in the middle of a series. Also I like to win things, it makes me feel happy.

  • Sam Oblad

    I remember the days of Halo: Combat Evolved, at the time I had thought that the graphics were amazing and that it couldn’t get any better than that. I’d play the campaign over and over again wondering when the next Halo would come out. When Halo 2 had arrived, I had left Halo: Combat Evolved back in the corner of my gaming shelf. Halo 2  was great but the first Halo always had that special feeling of intense action and deep immersion. I planned to play it again some day but when things come up and more games like The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Call of Duty came out, I could never fit it in. But then in the midst of all these other games I saw a small link on Google that said Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary trailer. I must’ve clicked the link over 15 times before it actually opened the window. I thought “This is my chance to play the most epic shooter of all-time again! WITH ULTRA-GRAPHICS!!!” While bouncing in my office chair I saw the release date and the bouncing turned into jumping. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is the key back to my wonderful and infinately imaginative childhood. I want to live back in the good old days of Halo: Combat Evolved. I need to.

  • Mikesiresjr

    I deserve to win because Master Chief kicked my dog down a flight of stairs into an alley and backed over him with a pick-up while Cortana was laughing. So if I win, when I play and die it will be a little piece of revenge.

  • SeniorWaffle

    I have played Halo since I was 10, and I’ll never be able to forget how amazing it felt to play over LAN  for the first time. I love this game, I love this series, and I want to win.

  • Jr

    I deserve to win this cause I’m a BIG Halo fan! I have played 1008hrs of Reach! (   I really want to try out the new maps too.

  • Cb1547

    I decided to get the original xbox over the ps2 because it looked like it had better graphics and it kinda looked like the dreamcast. I really didn’t know what games to get but just as I was about to check out at Best Buy, I overheard 2 guys talking “So dude did you finish that mission in Halo” “Yeah man it took me more than 2 hours to pass that.” “Yeah dude, it takes so long but the game is really addicting”. Right there and then I bought Halo and it took me 2 and a half hours to beat the first two missions on legendary. The next day I finished the game in co-op with my brother and have been anxiously waiting for Halo 2 since Master Chief said “I think we’re just getting started.”

    I got Halo 2 at midnight release and have spent countless hours playing over xbox live. Later I bought the Xbox 360 on release day, just waiting for Halo 3 to come out. I’ve bought and enjoyed playing Halo ODST and Reach and I have been anxiously waiting for Anniversary to come out since back at E3 2011.

    I am a huge Halo fan since the beginning and still!

  • Ritchie

    I don’t really believe I’m entitled to anything from you guys.  I just hope to win is all.

  • Johnny Malice

    Halo is the only reason I own an Xbox. its the only game I play. If Halo CE never came to be id be out banging hot chicks, instead Im destroying noobs and developing a man crush on Mastercheif

  • Anthony

    I’ve always enjoyed the Halo series. It was the first FPS that I managed to enjoy playing. I mean, I played other FPS’s like Doom and Unreal Tournament, but I always thought those games were kind of freaky. I mean, when I did attempt to play those games, I was just a child. But when my dad purchased an Xbox and bought Halo, I realized that not ALL FPS’s were entitled to be scary, and that it could have a very engaging and captivating story.

    But why do I deserve to win? I remember being in such awe when I would play Halo. At the time, the graphics, sound, and gameplay were revolutionary to me, and I just remember my jaw dropping at how amazing the game was. With the graphical overhaul present in Halo CE Anniversary, I would love to re-live that moment of being in awe all over again.

  • BlackAdam52

    I’d love to win Halo: CE Anniversary.  Believe it or not, I’ve never played the first 2 Halo games! Last generation, I had a PS3 and Gamecube, but no Xbox.  So my first foray into the Halo Universe didn’t come until Halo 3 and then ODST and Halo: Reach.  I need to see how it all began!

  • Robotfowl

    I played Halo: CE coop before I played alone. I was in college, in summer school, and my best friend had just convinced me that this was THE game for my new xbox. The experience is one of the most, if not the, defining experiences for me as a modern gamer. I want, more than anything to recapture the glory that is halo. If I can have a copy in hand for when my boy gets back from the mid-east for xmas, heaven!

  • UnKnownShadow360

    I think i deserve to win because i have been following halo since Combat Evolved  and i am a realy big fan of the halo franchise.

  • Andy Costello

    I deserve to win Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary because I absolutely suck at FPS games, and I need something to help me get good at them. What better than the biggest FPS celebration of all time?

  • GamestopBunnie

    I have played Halo for 10 years now and I have been a huge fan since the games inception. I have loved all the Halo games and can’t wait for the future of Halo! 

  • Eric MacNeill

    I deserve to win because I’m a 37 year old man who has a son who loves Halo! He has Halo Reach, Halo 3, Halo: ODST and Halo Wars, and he needs this game to add to his collection!! We love to spend time playing Halo together so we need this game!

  • Anonymous

    I was a casual gamer prior to Halo. I enjoyed Goldeneye, but had never progressed beyond an N64. Halo was a multiplayer experience that had me knocking on the door of any of my friends who owned the game, because I needed a fix. Knowing that Halo 3 would eventually came out, I skipped the Xbox and bought a 360, just waiting for the next installment. I spent *hours* in Halo 2 with my friends just exploring the levels – trying to superbounce and escape the maps – in addition to playing multiplayer. I played the hell out of the H3 beta, and developed a backlog of “inferior” games that I just never got around to playing because I was too busy playing H3. I think ODST has the best story – one I’ve played solo and co-op more than the others – and firefight offered a nice change of pace and another means of stealing my gaming time from other games. Reach has actually been a means of keeping in touch with old friends, as I moved out of my home state Sept. 1st of last year. Being on a headset with old friends feels like being able to still hang out with them, and while it’s not exactly the same, it’s still better than losing touch.

    tl;dr: the Halo series turned me into a gamer, has had me pass on other games to keep playing it, and has kept me in touch with people I can’t see anymore. Plus, I love free stuff ^_^
    Here’s my tweet:

  • Justin Gulley

    I dont believe i deserve to win, but i would be EXTREMELY grateful if I did win it by chance. As a kid, all of my friends were allowed to play HALO CE except for myself. The first halo game i actually played was HALO 3 and after playing all but the original i still feel that there is an empty void in the little part of my heart reserved for HALO which would be filled with this game. I would go out and buy it but i lack the funds necessary for pre-orderment or even buying it at a local store. Getting this for free would be a dream come true and the one thing that would complete my collection of halo games & knowledge and would fill the sadness of being the only one of my friends to not play the original HALO. I appreciate all y’all have done and would be filled with joy if i won..THANKS GTR!

  • Chadmantonio

    I would like to give this copy to a friend in michigan who I’ve been playing halo with for years. We met in halo 3 and became such great friends he ended up standing up in my wedding. I have had halo anniversary reserved for months, but this would end up as an aweome gift for an amazing halo friend. That’s why id like to win. Thanks.

  • Shai Baruch

    I have been a Halo fan since the first came out, and I have played every single release. Sadly, I cannot get this one due to the fact I am getting Skyrim (it was a tough decision) and it will take a couple of months till I will have a chance to play the game. If you give me this game, I will appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

  • Kenneth BRUTON

    Ten years ago, I demoed the very first HALO, thought it was great…I did not get it. I followed the release of 2. Then, I got 3. life got in the way…it was not until I got ODST and REACH that I realized that I wanted to continue to finish the fight…I want the chance to start again, I would like to be worthy of that chance…

  • R Collinson

    I reallyyy love halos. All i play seriously! I have max level on waypoint and Im just a serrrrious halo gamer! Played all halos and have all collectors edition games! I LOVE HALOS!

  • Sliding Ghost

    I’ll be straightforward and say, I deserve to win simply because of my contributions to the Halo community.

    I extended the Half Infected Brutes glitch in Halo 3. I resurrected Chieftains, armed them with energy swords, and made invincible Elites fight marines in Halo 3! I raised up armies on The Covenant, including 28 Hornets at the third tower, 28 marines at Journey’s End and have armed the Spec Ops Elites on Floodgate Legendary with swords, increasing their effectiveness against the Pure Forms. I witnessed extraordinary things in Halo 3: Hammer Chieftains flying across the map, a flying Tank Form I found the only cutscene in Halo 3 that can have active AI fight each other

    I raised up armies of Elites, my current record being 37 cloaked Councilors and 11 cloaked Zealots on Great Journey at the Tartarus boss fight. And I brought the sword wielding Zealot on Two Betrayals to the ground floor from the bridge. On Legendary!! Here’s my channel:

    Of course, win or lose, I don’t really need Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. I got Halo PC for that. I just don’t want to be left out when it comes out. And I’ll take advantage of any legitimate opportunity.

  • Burak Budak

    i love this page and i love Halo :D

  • David

    I deserve to win this cause my old Halo is wore out and the angels aren’t talking to me now.

  • Pro Xbox Gamer

    I have been a huge halo fan for years.  It is by far my most favorite series in all of the xbox library.  I love that you guys do all of these contests recently.  You’re awesome!

  • Jeffrey Jeff Salacheep

    I have never played the first 2 halo games, and all my friends called me a noob because I did not own the original xbox.  I want this game so I can whup their asses and call them a noob because its gone too long.. LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Twitter jepphyjeffsmile

  • Anonymous

    I can use a copy of Halo CE Anniversary because I want to relive the game in splitscreen on a big tv just like Major Nelson did! Thank you!

  • Alexcespedes20

    When I first played halo, it was around 2005, the game being halo 2. I couldnt stop playing it, and I practically fell in love with the game. My mom did not like the idea of video games, but I did. I dreamed about halo 2 for at least a year. Then with the announcement of halo 3, I got even more exited. Still, my mom does not like videogames. Again i wished and wished for it. Then, after a year it came out, I played halo 3 for the first time. I fell in love with it… again. It was possibly the most fun I have ever had in my life. Then came the announcement of halo reach. Again It could not happen. Then, a miracle. My mom understood my love for halo, so, she bought me an xbox. I then got every halo game I could get, from Halo CE to Halo reach. I since then gotten straight As and got into the valedictorian club, and even started my own Halo club at school. I have saved up money for every game, and I saved up money for Halo CEA, but my mom said no more spending money on video games. So please, I have worked really hard for the game.

  • Thomas Graves

    I remember the early days of childhood. I would eagerly wait to go to my uncles house, where my cousin had the place to be. He would always have lan parties, the best games and consoles, and one of my favorite games of all time- Halo C.E.

    Even though i would always die by the explosive power of the fuel rod gun grunts, slashing elites with their energy swords, or by the most menacing enemy of all time, the Flood, i would always pull through with my family when we played.

    Many years later, he moved. I was so sad, honestly not because hes going away but because halo was going away. My family couldnt aford something like an xbox at the time, considering i was like 6 or 7 when i wanted one and it was rated M plus the price of it. But i saved my money for a while, a very VERY long time. When i was 14, i finally bought an xbox 360! so the first game i bought was halo C.E., but to my VERY disappointment it didnt work on the new console.

    I thought about getting a pc to play it on their, but at that time we didnt have one. Luckily, i did managed to play Halo 2, 3, Reach, ODST, and Reach over the years!

    Man, those games were the best. i loved every second of gameplay, and im looking forward to Halo 4.

    But i never beat Halo C.E.

    This is why i think i deserve to get Anniversary.  Ive finished the fight many times, and the end of reach really made me want to play CE. When Anniversary was anounnced, i was so happy. I was about to pre-order, until i saw this. I am positive i have a chance, so please let me start what i want to finish. Thanks for your time.

    Oh ya… heres my twitter!/search/realtime/gs543

  • John

    Tweeted & followed.Biggest Halo fan & 2 times combat Vet.Couldn’t think of a nicer Veterans day gift than this.Good luck to all.

  • Brian

    I deserve to win because I’m not a n00b like everyone else posting on here.

  • Blake Houston

    I deserve to win because I am a Legendary Halo Fan. I’ve put more hours in Halo than in driving, eating, and sleeping in my Entire life… Maybe not quite, but definitely more Hours in Halo than in driving. =D

  • The Guy

    I would love to get a copy of this game.  Sadly, there are no deals on Black Friday for this gem, so if I don’t get it through this contest I’m stuck without my first person shooter fix this year.  I do have Skyrim which is a blast, but sometimes you just need the opportunity to hop online and go old school beast mode on some Halo!!

  • McK Plus

    I have two passions in this world:

    1.  Halo
    2.  Miami Heat

    This year has been awful on me.  First, it is looking more and more like there will be no NBA basketball this year.  This is miserable since that also means no Fantasy Basketball (which I’m surprisingly good at).  Now, I got laid off a few weeks back and am forced to pinch every penny — so no Halo: Anniversary for me.  I’ve owned every Halo game going back to Combat Evolved (yep, even ODST and Halo Wars)!  I love the series, but don’t know if I can afford to purchase this game.  If I’m able to pull through and win this contest my year would thank you!!!!  

    No matter the result, props to you guys for supporting the community so much this fall.  Seems like you guys have really been amping up the contests and coverage.  You don’t see many sites reporting all of the Black Friday ads like you guys are!  Needless to say, but thats what us gamers care about… We need to know the news, what games to buy, and the cheapest price to buy them.  Great community, great site!  Keep it up guys.

    Twitter name is @McKesson_Plus (used it to post this message)

  • Agumon Dragonite

    I’ve had Xbox live since the first week. I own every halo game. I played Halo 1 every day with my family. I played system link every weekend. I’ve been with halo since the very beginning, and I want to keep that tradition going. But money is very tight right now, and I might not be able to take hold of this glorious game.


  • Demetrius Monchez

    I deserve Halo CEA Halo is my whole life(No I’m not a lowlife)  I have every Halo game(most of them are limited edition)  I remember my first time playing Halo, l will never forget it I used to suck but after the years l got so so much better(I use to call Master Chief Halo) l was there for every release meant of every Halo game l have to see Halo CE remastered please that’s why I deserve to win a HALO CEA  thank you for reading.             I <3 HALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aragorn Johnson

    It is the only way I socialize with the outside world, :)

  • paca

    I should get a copy because reliving Halo CE would be mind blowing and doing it in glorious high definition would be mind blowing squared!

  • Will

    I believe that I deserve to win a copy of Anniversary because I am a big Halo Fan and I am a Navy Vet who would luv to celebrate Veterans day with a win!

  • Morgan H.

    Got an xbox in 2002 and fell in love with Halo CE the first time I played it. My friend and I must have played the official xbox magazine demo a thousand times and I bought the game TWICE to play system link with my friends. So many great memories. Halo will forever be part of my life.

  • James Ravelo II

    I deserve to win because first, Halo: Reach made me decide to get an xbox instead of a ps3 and have been playing Reach a lot.  Second, I have played all the Halo games (though CE was played on the PC) and love Halo so much that even my scale model cars were given the Halo treatment (shameless plug alert! and  Lastly, I can’t bear to be without anything Halo so much that even when nature calls, I have e-books of the Halo novels on my phone to keep me company.

  • Chris Berke

    Hi! Halo has always been a big part of my life. On November 15, 2001, I stood out in the freezing rain to get the very first copy of Halo CE (and the very first xbox) sold in Sioux Falls, SD at a Best Buy midnight release. I played so many LAN parties with Halo CE that I can’t even count them all. Since then I have purchased every Halo game that’s been released. I have beaten them all on legendary (by myself because my friends wouldn’t help) just so I could say I did. After I played more, I got into the books and have now read the entire series! When Halo: Reach came out, I waited in line for the midnight release to get the Legendary Edition because I had to have Halsey’s Journal. I have always been a Halo fan since day one… well make that minute one! I can’t wait to play the Anniversary version and I hope it keeps me occupied until Halo 4. Thanks for everything Halo!

  • IrishFighter38

    Hey guys, big fan, I would love it if you gave me a copy of Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. I caught the Halo bug late, my first game was Halo Reach and I loved it. From there I got  Halo 3 and played that a bunch too. I really want to play the game that started it all. It would really mean a lot to me if you gave me a copy. Also whenever someone tells how to do something i say, “I was going to shoot my way out, mix it up a bit.”

  • Ray J

    I would like to win since I own every Halo game still and would love to see how Halo Combat Evolved would have looked like if it was released on the 360 instead of the xbox. Also winning the game is better than dropping on a Elite and assassinating them. ;P

  • Thomas Graves

    Is the winners random or do they pick by post?

  • Robbiewyatt19

    can i have 1 gamer tag is  hot stuff18

  • Anonymous

    I played the original when the xbox first came out in when I was in High School.  This is a very nostalgic game to me ^^

  • Joe Antholzner

    Got my first Xbox 10 years ago with Halo when it came out.  After a few weeks, my roommate got one as well and we ran a 100ft ethernet cable across the house so we could play each other without watching the other’s half of the screen.  Was quick to get Halos 2, 3, and Halo Wars when they all came out.  I’ve just finished Halo Reach and will be getting ODST soon.
    The style of gameplay and storyline is the best of any FPS games out there.  I love driving the Warthogs and Scorpions, blasting away at anything that moves along the way. 
    Now that my kids are old enough, I would love to get them playing the original Halo (as they just finished watching me play Reach and had several questions) in its updated glory, to get the next generation of gamers hooked on this awesome series.

  • The Fink

    This has been my favorite game of all time & I’m a huge GTR fan.  If I were to win this contest I would spread the word of GTR to all of my friends.  Love the site & the recent contests.  I’m newer around here, but props for all the hard work you guys put in!

  • Mini J

    Hey guys, I’m a faithful visitor to GTR and always a reliable download of the podcast. In fact, I’ve provided a nice 5 star review on iTunes for you guys.

    I would love to win this game.  I’ve had friends who I turned on to your site win stuff while I still am waiting for my chance.  This would be the biggest game for me to possibly win since I’m a diehard Halo fan.  I’m looking forward to Anniversary, and if I were to get it free of charge from you guys it would make my year.  

    I’ve provided the tweet on my new twitter account (@BearFanDubz).  Now that I have the twitter account, I’m starting to add the gang to my feed.  Lookin’ forward to hearing some banter!

  • Noah Jette

    I Deserve to win because i spend all my money on Diapers for my 9 month old son. I haven’t bought a new game in months :(

  • Gary Krogh Jr

    i don’t deserve to win, but if i did, then i would give one copy to my youngest sister who is pestering me to give her my original copy, and a 2nd one to my 2nd sister whom now works for gamestop but knows NOTHING about gaming.

  • Jarbo

    I was one of the first people in the world to play Halo back at E3 2001. I was walking by a small booth in the back corner of the west hall, and I saw a funny green X posted on the wall. I wandered in and saw a few stations running the newly announced Xbox system from Microsoft. The booth was empty because everyone was in line in the South Hall to play the GameCube and Sony’s latest titles.

    I headed inside and saw a few people playing Abe’s Odyssey, Project Gotham Racing, and a few other launch titles. But in one corner I saw some guys playing a first person shooter. Being a fan of the genre, I headed over to check it out. A developer saw me approach and asked me if I would be interested in playing a new game they created called HALO. I asked what the game was, and he told me that you play as a Space Marine who is stranded on a ring-world and has to stop an invading alien force from destroying the entire universe. Intrigued, I asked to play the game. He handed me the controller and said that they were showing off a CTF multiplayer mode on a giant map called Blood Gulch.

    The match started and I quick familiarized myself with the controls. I ran out of the blue base, and jumped in a dune buggy (which was explained to me as the Warthog), and took off towards the red base. Along the way I was bouncing over small hills and avoiding blasts of plasma fire. Reaching my target, I jumped out of the warthog and raced inside the red base. There was a red guy inside guarding his flag, I threw a grenade, bounced it off the wall and it exploded as it landed at my opponents feet. BAM! Running through the dust, I used my assault rifle to pepper his Mjolnir Armor and I finished him off with a rifle butt. 

    With the flag in hand, I raced back to my vehicle and sped off towards my base. The fight wasn’t over yet though… As I caught some air off of a hill a red guy stepped right in front of the warthog with a rocket launcher. He fired the weapon at me, but the rocket whooshed past the ATV and exploded on the valley wall. I aimed the warthog right at him and ran him down before he could reload. I continued my journey to the base and captured the flag.

    That, was my first time playing Halo. That is why I deserve to win a copy of the game.

  • Neil Merschbrock

    I PLAY Halo: Reach  more then anything else (next to Netlix that is) on XBL!


  • Fred H

    I deserve to win, cause I umm, I guess I dont know really, just please?

  • Ranyos

    I didn’t win. Oh, well. Thanks anyway for the contest guys.

  • BlackAdam52

    Congrats to all the winners!

  • ilRadd

    Congrats to all of the winners!