E311: Risen 2 Impressions

By on June 22, 2011

If you played Risen on Xbox 360, you may scoff at the idea of a sequel also making it to consoles. The console version of Risen(60 overall) scored a woefully 17 points less than the PC version on Metacritic’s rating system. Numerous console reviews pointed to poor controls, graphics and menus that brought all the scores way down. Before you totally write off Risen 2 due to the sub-par port, allow myself to show you why Risen 2 deserves a second glance. Especially if you’re a fan of open world action RPG’s.

Piranha Bytes, developer of Risen 1 and 2, could not start off the presentation without being apologetic for Risen’s first attempt at the console market. Not only was the first Risen not designed with consoles in mind, Piranha Bytes was given only six months to complete a port from PC. Six months isn’t a lot of time to make a PC RPG into a competent console RPG. This time around they made sure that not only will Risen 2 be designed from the ground up with both consoles and PC in mind, but the two versions will be identical in offerings.

Now for those that are new to Risen, Risen 2 is an open world action RPG that aims to bring an unique single player experience. The main character is a nameless hero that makes a return from the first game. The unnamed hero is now a broken down man that has turned to alcohol and taken to the sea as a pirate. Piranha Bytes says the game will feature between 300-400 quests, supplying at least 40 hours of game play. The hands-off demo was focused on showing the world they had crafted that will ensure the player doesn’t see familiar or repeated dungeons and environments. From what I saw, Risen 2 will be graphically competent with a lush living world. Risen 2 is not due out on PC and consoles until sometime in 2012, which makes this glance fairly early in the development process, but it may still be a good idea to keep an eye on Risen 2 since it seems to have some potential as being one of the better open world RPG’s available on consoles.


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