E311: Kobe Bryant Uses PS Move to Play NBA 2K12

By on June 10, 2011

I’m an avid NBA 2K fan, and I’m one of the many who’ll tell you NBA 2K11 was by far the the greatest game in the series. Sure, there’s still lots of room for improvement, but you definitely won’t find a better basketball sim in the present or past.

This first bit of gameplay from NBA 2K12 scares me, though. Aside from Kobe Bryant looking like a buffoon playing it with a bad-looking PlayStation Move control scheme, there’s a certain jump shot in the beginning of the demo that’s particularly bothersome. At the 1:02 mark, the offensively challenged Joel Anthony of the Miami Heat catches a pass from LeBron James — which is a feat in itself. Then, Mr. Anthony proceeds to cross his defender up, and swish a pretty-looking mid-range jumper. Yup. A guy who is responsible for this debacle went all Kobe on the Lakers for a second there.

As a series that bills itself as the world’s best basketball “sim,” it really bothers me that that sort of thing can happen — no matter how early in development, or what difficulty, the game is at.

Vicarious Visions: Fix this. Now.

Thanks to ConsoleSpy for posting this on their YouTube page.

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