Review: The Fancy Pants Adventures

By on May 3, 2011

This is Mr. Fancy Pants. He is a simple stick figure, albeit his neon pants and amazing hair. He lives in an idyllic world of platforms and obstacle courses, until one fateful day when his world is shattered by the arrival of nefarious pirates who commandeer the king’s bathtub.

Mr. Fancy Pants must now make his way through a world populated with spiders, crabs, pirates, sword-wielding parrots, and ninjas. To aid him, he has a giant pencil he can use as a weapon and his incredibly bouncy self. He can slide, wall jump, and long jump through anything that gets in his way, provided that there is a little skill behind his maneuvers.

Of course, freeing the bathtub from the pirates is easy. Mr. Fancy Pants’ mission becomes a little more dire when his adorable sister is kidnapped by the same pirates. That doesn’t prevent him from having a little fun along the way, though.

Unruly pirates are coming for your sister!

The Fancy Pants Adventures is best played with a friend or three. Four players can co-op at once, and there is a lot of content in the game that is inaccessible or much harder to get to without help. With multiple players, characters can launch one another further in the air, reaching heights previously unachievable, and execute various strategic maneuvers to defeat enemies.

Every level in The Fancy Pants Adventures is fairly short, but has a lot of extra content. There are bonus rooms with time trials, races, and obstacle courses that all yield rewards, mostly consisting of additional hairstyles, pants, and weapons for the characters, allowing players to differentiate their characters during co-op play.

More games are also available in the arcade, split into two sections, one for single player and one for co-op, where players can try to beat their own scores as well as place on the leaderboards. All of these features combine to make a very well-rounded game.

The Good

Fun, quirky dialogue and story.

Bright, vibrant animation.

Short but fun levels with lots of extra content and more than one way through.

Lots of replay value and co-op opportunities.

The Bad

Some sections are a little difficult because the controls aren’t precise enough.

The Final Word

The Fancy Pants Adventures is a great game for all ages, and also a great game for friends or family to play together. It’s quirky, vibrant, and just plain fun. It’s also a bargain for 800 MS on the 360 and $10 on the PSN. So pick it up, have a blast, and don’t forget to be fancy!


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