WikiLeaks Document Quotes Al-Qaeda Individual Using Sega Cartridges to Move Devices

By on April 25, 2011

So this sounds pretty strange.  New reports released today on WikiLeaks includes an individual known as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, one of the masterminds behind the September 11 attacks in New York City using old Sega game cassette cartridges to move controlled firing devices.

Remote-controlled firing devices disguised in Sega game cartridges: Detainee discussed remote-controlled firing devices (RCFDS) which were found during raids on Karachi in September 2002, These were built inside black Sega videogame cassette cartridges to protect the (RCFDS) and to make them appear innocuous.

The source includes a link to a New York Times article with the (very long) document with this statement included in it (Page 9). Damn but that’s crazy.


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