5 Good Games You Might Have Missed

By on April 29, 2011

It is hard to play all the games that are releasing all the time and sometimes, playing and catching up on older games is not a bad idea at all. Here are 5 games that I can recommend to check out. Even if some of them came out last year, I am sure some people missed playing them for one reason or another.

The Saboteur:

Starting with The Saboteur, a really fun 3rd person open world game. It had some good ideas for the mechanics like the ambitious stealth mechanics, the really great looking explosives and usage of numerous dynamite types that you can fiddle around with. Also the pretty good story of Sean Devlin fighting to free France from the occupation of the Germans in the era that the game is set in. While not all of the ideas were implemented the best, especially the shooting mechanics, The Saboteur is still a really fun game nonetheless.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions:

With all the great games that came last year, for me, Shattered Dimensions was one of my favorites. It was a great start to establish the franchise the right way with Beenox, who are the official developers for the time being.

The great premise, a slew of known villains and characters, great writing and varied gameplay (while not perfect to be honest) all turned SD into a fun game to experience with stealth and action elements on top of great set-pieces.

Alan Wake:

Even though it is an Xbox 360 exclusive, I cannot exclude it because of that. It is one of the most enthralling games I have played for a while. The great atmosphere, the superb lighting and the characterization of key and secondary characters for the story was just extraordinary.

Gameplay wise, Alan Wake was good but it had a few problems with its mechanics and some design choices that really threw me off. Overall, the game is a must to those who want to experience something quite unique and different.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City:

Grand Theft Auto 4 was not a bad game at all. Some say it was superb, but for me (and I’ve finished the main storyline twice) the two extra episodes that Rockstar North created really made me a fan of episodic DLC.

The Lost and Damned was a really good episode that turned GTA4 into a crazy bike ride with no stops, no matter what. The new (and known) characters were really good. The writing, voice-overs and missions were an upgrade over the core game, even if the issues for the checkpoints and structure were still present.

The Ballad of Gay Tony was a remarkable episode that gave the San Andreas fans something to enjoy. The writing, characters and set-pieces were a notch above everything that Rockstar has even done with the GTA series.

You can pick up both of the episodes with The Complete Edition (that features the core game as well) or you can pick up Episodes from Liberty City, which are the two episodes only (they do not require the core game).

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood:

One of those first person shooters that you don’t really think they will succeed with in storytelling or set-pieces, but surprisingly it did and in a big way.

Following the Civil War, Ray, Thomas and William, the McCall brothers, found themselves in one nifty situation with one of their family members. Because of that, they are going through a number of tough battles to get some payback. The set-pieces and the writing is quite good while the storytelling leads to a few nice moments. With the western gameplay that I am sure a few people would love, you really get to see what happens in this game.  They also included some nice new mechanics that changed the standard shooter parts like the slow-motion abilities, one on one Showdown and many more.

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