The Balcony Episode #10 – Is Titanfall Overrated?

By on March 18, 2014

This week on The Balcony:

On episode ten of The Balcony, Parris is going solo and asking everyone a simple question: Is Titanfall Overrated? The answer might not be as simple as one may think and I believe that Respawn Entertainment ushering in a new era of the casual first person shooter, it is a discussion you do not want to miss!

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Danny Pena

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  • Doug (Honeycut1)

    I like the quick show.

    For me Titanfall wasn’t overrated, but to be fair I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the game at all. Before playing the beta I assumed it would be the same kind of competitive multiplayer experience I really don’t have the time or desire to play anymore.

    I know Titanfall is an easier experience than other first person shooters, but similar to what you said I like that I’m given those quick challenges, rewards and faster leveling. Even if I’m doing terrible I can shoot the AI and/or rodeo titans.

    I’m having a lot of fun with the game and I’m happy to have spent the $60 for it.

  • Michael Cella

    My thoughts on titanfall
    Fell in love with it when it was that beta weekend
    Game comes out, I’m there at midnight, have not done that in 10 years.
    One week later my thoughts
    The ammount of screen tearing is disgraceful, if this happened in any other game it would get docked down 3 points automatically.
    Frame Rates drop a lot, especially when too much is going on at once
    The Multiplayer playlist…. Is lacking… Pilot Hunter and Attrition are basically the same thing (imo) i dont know… To me the game still feels like a glorified really fun demo
    I feel like Microsoft rushed this game out and that why it feels incomplete.