Episode #424 – Feb 2014 NPD: PlayStation 4 barely beats Xbox One in console sales, Titanfall and Yoshi’s New Island Review

By on March 17, 2014

This week on Gamertag Radio:

  • Feb 2014 NPD: PlayStation 4 barely beats Xbox One in console sales
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes
  • Mandy purchased a Playstation 4
  • Titanfall (Xbox One / PC) review
  • Yoshi’s Island (3DS) review
  • Basement Crawl (PS4)
  • Video Games Live Soundtrack review
  • Fan mail
  • Podcast reviews

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Danny Pena

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  • MIDI

    I really have not had ample time to get into Titanfall. What is more interesting than the game itself is its sales. As of now it is selling very well, and it will be interesting to see if it can sell through to E3 and or beyond. A lot of so called industry insiders and you tubers said it was not a system seller and MS paying 50 million for exclusive rights was way too much money since it was out for 360, Xbox one and PC. But respawn updated the controller, updated the xbox one upscaler, gave the xbox one cloud meaning and use and delivered a awesome experience that is selling systems. 50 mil was worth it. This was done with a relatively small studio and at below norm AAA title cost. The use of Azure to render items in the world in real time consistently now has other developers who previously were dismissing the cloud and Microsoft’s use of it beating the doors down to use it to develop for the Xbox One. As deep and as interesting as last years E3 was I cannot wait to arrive this year because this one may be far more interesting.

    • Dennis Crosby

      I’m not sure if 50 million is the actually number but that seem to be what people are throwing around but you also have to consider that Microsoft did all the promotion for this game to

      • MIDI

        For a 96% uptick in sales alone in the UK, plus what we dont know in the US it may have been worth it.

  • Brian Cash

    Good convo your loosing me with all the Titan Fall love. Your acting like it’s your first girl friend show some perspective. You got kids looking up to you for Christ sake. 15 maps vs 22 in Socom 2 with single player on PS2 is not value. Keep it 100.

    • Danny Peña

      Not true. Show me a FPS game that came with more than 15 maps during launch.

    • http://www.gamertagradio.com peterocc

      Socom 2 originally launched with 12 multiplayer maps. Zipper Interactive later added another 10 maps. The average is 10-12 maps for each of the COD & BF titles.

      How is that any different from the norm of most FPS games?

  • dooty22

    do you guys ever listen to yourselves after recording these shows or do you just post it straight up ??

    • Danny Peña

      We always do.

  • Neil Riley

    Isn’t ‘PS4 barely beats XB1 in console sales’ a negative way of saying ‘Even with TitanFalls help, XB1 still fails to beat PS4 in console sales’. Just saying.

    • Danny Peña

      Good. The more competition, the better for us. Why take it personal about the topic? They did beat MS by just 10%. #fact

    • Mandy Paez

      Well considering that’s the February numbers before Titanfall released, not really. March numbers will give us a better idea of how TF helps XB1 sales.

  • kftgr

    I totally disagree with Mandy’s view on Titanfall map sizes. The extra size provides the space for meaningful Titan combat. Also, it allows hotspots to move around, which is a godsend, as that discourages camping. Additionally, the respawn is fairly smart in keeping you close to the action; and even if you don’t spawn where you want, the pilot’s excellent mobility in Titanfall makes it a small issue.