Post Mortem: Adventure Combat Ops

By on November 12, 2013

Last week we had a chance to interview Rob from Adventure Combat Ops, a simulation-real world-close quarters-tactical-zombie-adventure experience. That’s a lot of words to try and explain what its all about. Imagine training with former Delta Force, Rangers and SEAL operatives and using that same training to fight in a simulated encounter with Terrorists and Zombies! With a story line seemingly ripped from today’s popular entertainment leaders The Walking Dead, World War Z and Call of Duty, participants are part of an ever evolving story that begins in Miami and continues on through the country.

Read on to check out our experience!


After recording our interview we were invited out to experience Adventure Combat Ops firsthand. So Danny, myself and Yami from Twinfinite set out early Sunday morning to see what the hype was all about. After registering and signing the necessary waivers, we geared up with the supplied camouflage uniforms, airsoft machine guns, radios and ammo and prepared for the unknown. This was followed by weapon safety, tactics and training to get us up to speed on the objective; a Search and Rescue mission within an abandoned jail. We then loaded up onto our transports and headed out. What follows is our experience.

Final Thoughts:

While I left the experience exhausted I felt like somethings could have been done a little better. For one, water should be included as part of the event for participants as the heat index & humidity took 1 person out before we got halfway through training. This might have been due to overheating, nerves or a combination of the two. At times the action and activity seemed kind of disheveled and uncoordinated, but in the real world a combat situation is rarely well scripted like a movie or video game. Things happen and as such Adventure Combat Ops does overload the senses on all levels. One also has to take into account the fact that this was their 1st ever events and occasionally things need to be ironed out.

All in all, a great time was had by our group and if the opportunity arises I would love to do it again. Consulting with the creators of the event after our run through, we were told they would love to return back to Miami in the future. The current plan is to have the next event in Tampa sometime in January 2014 followed by Raleigh-Durham, NC then the Boston/NYC area. They also alluded to a possible surprise pop up event back in Miami sometime before their originally anticipated 18 month ETA.

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Thanks to Jen, Rob (aka Silver Rhino), Slick, Mad Max, A Train & Teddy from Adventure Combat Ops



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