Giveaway: Valentines Day Dead Space 3 DLC :: UPDATED w/Winners!

By on February 14, 2013


UPDATED :: Contact me via Twitter (@peterocc) so I can send you the DLC Codes

The good people at Visceral hooked us up for Valentines Day and we’re giving away 5 different Dead Space 3 packs:

Marauder Pack Winner = @downsouthtigger (Fred)
Sharpshooter Pack Winner = @VDH360 (Vladimir)
Tundra Recon Pack Winner = @JustBodies (Sebastien)
Bot Personality Winner = @FenDozer (Ryan)
Bot Capacity Winner = @rogXue (Justin)

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a way of saying THANK YOU to all our passionate Dead Space fans, Visceral Games is giving away free download codes, good to redeem for the eight weapon, suit and scavenger bot upgrade packs in Dead Space 3. The codes allow the winner to share with a friend or with your significant other. All in the name of love…and Necromorphs!


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  • Fred

    I call dibs one em! 1st post I win right!!! :P

  • eugaet

    I’m interested in the Bot Personality pack! I just need to know how we’re supposed to enter the giveaway. ;)

  • Fred

    Ok I have now left a comment which means I totally entered this contest right? Marauder Pack for xbox 360 please ;)

  • Justin Forsythe

    I would love the bot capacity pack for 360 Please and thank you!

  • Patrick Maertens

    I would love a bot personality or capacity code for the PS3. Thanks for the contest! Happy Necro… Er.. Valentines Day!

  • liljrSanchez

    If would be awesome if I can have Tundra Recon Pack for Xbox 360!

  • Angel Avenx

    I love this game, it might not have all the horror aspects of the first 2 bit it’s great in Co-op and still pretty intense in harder difficulties. I really enjoy the weapons crafting mechanics and even thou it might have ended, I look forward to Story based DLC or Dead Space 4 if possible. :)

  • Vladimir Ljubetic

    I’d like the Sharpshooter dlc. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Sebastian

    I’d appreciate anything for the 360. Preferably not to do with Bots. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Ryan

    I’d take any of the DLC packs. Hopefully me posting here is good enough for signing up!

  • Sharkey

    I would love to get my hands on the Tundra Recon Pack for X360 if still possible! =D