Episode #372 – Happy Birthday Gamertag Radio & Michael Pachter Interview

By on February 26, 2013

This week on Gamertag Radio:

  • Happy Birthday Gamertag Radio! 8 years of podcasting
  • Playstation 4 Presentation
  • Michael Pachter Interview
  • *Playstation 4 Reaction
    *Next Xbox might cost more than PS4
    *Both next gen consoles launching the same day in Nov 2013?
    *Nintendo Wii U
    *Rumor: Next Xbox announcement in April

  • Custom soundtrack of the week: HipHopGamer “Pressure”

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Danny Pena

About Danny Pena

Founder & Co-host - Since 2001, Danny Peña’ has been at the forefront of Internet video game community building. Known for his unmistakable voice and interview skills. For press inquiries or additional information: email me. Bio: about.me/dannypena | Twitter: Godfree | Follow me on: Xbox Live: Gamertag - GODFREE | Nintendo Network - Godfree | PSN: GodfreeGTR
  • http://twitter.com/FlameDragon_ Stealth

    I dont want to listen to what pachter has to say about wii u because its just too negative

    why does the 3ds have to sell more than ds? to be successful?

  • wakeit

    its a x86 64bit platform not 32bit

  • DTEK

    …x86 tech utilizing only about 3 Gigs of ram…ok… correct….however….

    that’s probably ONLY for the process of developing the game… meaning….

    you still have potentially 8 Gigs of ram during actual gaming and OS available

  • DTEK

    ….just like current PC’s… its a 64-bit operating system…64-bit chip…. 64-bit board… but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have legacy support for x86 technology… this douche, er dude, should realize technology isn’t so black and white, there are work arounds, and should not just bash the PS4 before thinking outside the box… pun intended

  • themuIe

    x86-64 , moron

  • Jtrack

    Yeah,,pretty stupid comments..if you aren’t tech savvy and don’t know wtf you are talking about – Google it – it would have taken him all of 3 mins to see AMD’s Jag design is a X86 based BUT 64 bit…

    • Elem187

      But the PS4′s CPU is weak sauce man… The Jaguar core isn’t anything to write home to mom about.
      What i don’t get is how people can say the Wii U has a slow processor but praise the PS4′s processor. Both are slow. Both are below 2ghz (I know clock speed isn’t everything, but come on, anything less than 3ghz in todays world is pretty slow)
      I don’t care how many cores you have, those extra cores don’t add anymore performance unless the developer specifically writes multithreaded code to take advantage of it…. and no, the majority of video games aren’t going to put more than 3 cores to use when 90 to 95% of the game rendering is going to occur on the GPU.

      • lt.dan

        This is exactly what the reply was talking about. First off the clock on the wiiu is slower, second the ps4 has a 8cores! You are an idiot, if they aren’t why was I getting double framrates in AC3 when I upgraded from a phenom 4 core to an vishera 8 core. Also, They will use all 8 cores for one thing or another obviously. If you really think the wiiu is as strong as a ps4, you are a complete moron.

  • Jtrack

    Yeah..forgot abt Patcher – the guy talks so much trash, don’t comprehend how anyone still listens to him and takes him seriously – I remember when he said that if Sony blocked used games and Gamestop retaliated by not selling the PS4 – that it would severely damage PS4 sales…lol- what planet does this guy live on?
    Patcher wacked out fantasy scenario > Gamer who wants a PS4: “Damn – Gamestop isn’t selling the PS4, I guess I won’t get one, I Luv Gamestop, I will support their fight with Sony”
    Reality > Gamer who wants a PS4 “Oh, Gamestop isn’t selling the PS4, F**k them – let me go check out Walmart or BestBuy or Target or Toys R Us or maybe I’ll check one of the 1000 online retailers who are selling it”
    I can’t count how many times this guy’s predictions have been so uninformed, has this guy ever actually played a video game?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500684400 Sheldon Prescott

    I’d be VERY surprised if the “Xbox Gold” is more expensive than the PS4. With that 2 hour conference they had talking about the PS4, it was looking quite expensive to me, even though they didn’t give a price range for it.

  • http://twitter.com/Yungstar_2006 oo Yungstar oo

    is it not…
    your laptop using win32 OS access 3gig, while win64 os access much more..
    PS4 is not running win os.

  • Booby2Tone

    Come on guys! You completely left out of the interview one of the biggest game changers coming into the console market….. VALVE. The Steambox is going to make just more than a dent in the next generation, and you didn’t even mention it in the interview?! If anything, there is a huge potential the Valve could knock off both Microsoft AND Sony from the top if they do it right and they don’t even get a mention? That’s an interview fail in my book.

    • http://twitter.com/ABACAB72 Arik Cotton

      They will talk about Steambox once Valve announces it. It’s a bit too premature to talk about it at the moment. Besides, it’s not really a console anyway. It’s just a scaled down PC, at least from what’s being said about it. Not many people know about it now. We might hear about it at GDC, definitely at E3, but they haven’t done a conference announcing it fully right now.

  • Piper312

    Danny Penna, if you’re unfamiliar, the type of ram Sony is using is DDR5, which is GPU RAM. So the reason they have 8GB is to beef up the GPU, not the x86 processor. If you paid attention, their graphics demos were running entirely off the GPU.

  • Jeff Campanozzi

    The information regarding the next playstation console specs that was talked
    about the this weeks podcast is wrong. I was digging around and found some
    intresting information. The base architecture is X86, but it’s a 64-bit
    architecture. Which would allow more than 2gigs of ram to be used in game.
    This x86 a custom build from AMD.

  • Jeff Campanozzi

    Please do a better job fact checking when your talking about specs. Don’t be like other gaming sites out their that spread false facts regarding next-gen consoles just to get traffic.

  • http://www.gamertagradio.com peterocc

    By the time this show was recorded (an hour or so after the press conference finished) this is one of the primary pieces of information I was going by. This image taken from Engadget’s web site ::


    This image clearly shows an x86 CPU… Nothing more. Nothing less.

    I’m not going to argue or comment on the comments by those below.

    • Sumtynnaztee

      Seriously i dont care if you made these statements a month ago. They are still ignorant at best. The readon why you choose not to reply and defend your “facts” is because you are plain wrong. The podcast as a whole sounded like a bunch of lifeless fanboys. I thought you guys were true gamers, instead you come off as “Xbots”. Real gamers of any kind would have found something impressive about that 2 hour conference. Goodluck gametag radio I`m out and won’t be coming back.

    • themuIe

      Lol, moron. Ignorant.

  • http://twitter.com/illustratedDEO DEO エリヤデボンオットリ

    Geeez you guy’s sound like a bunch of sad panda’s ,sigh…. wait till E3′ 2013. Happy your day Gamertag Radio.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.clarmont Matt Clarmont

    I’m like…AMAZED at how much that Press Conference was downplayed. Gripes: Didn’t show the machine, games weren’t that great (poor Bungie and Sucker Punch)…Yes this press conference was still better in MY opinion than the last SEVERAL full on E3 conferences by ANY console maker. Whatts with the downplaying? Does anyone realize the MAGNITUDE of some of these features? That Share button is getting a “ho hum” reaction but it is literally a GAME CHANGER, along with the Gaikai potential. Is this fear by the Microsoft loyal? Or is it just an inability to see how HUGE these revelations are? Idunno man. Wake up, gamers. Microsoft is likely paying VERY close attention and will be FORCED to up their game as a result. We all win, here.

  • LSextreme

    LOL, look at these comments, you guys cant disagree and be civil at the same time? may I quote the saying: Internet trolls! your just making it harder for us who like to have a descent conversation in the comments section!

  • Piper312

    You guys downplay social features when everyone prefers 360 because of Xbox Live. Xbox Live Gold is nothing but a social feature. Cross game chat, and your buddy list are so important you’ll pay $50+ a year for them, but you don’t think social features matter?

  • myopicraiderfan

    x86 refers to architecture just like IA64 refers to Itanium architecture. x86 architecture can be 64bit or 32bit. 32bit processors can address up to 4GB of memory, but you don’t normally see that because addresses are used by the system and GPU. You can’t directly compare a PC CPU running windows or linux against a console because the OS is written for s specific purpose instead of a general OS. You get more efficiency out of any game console to it’s hardware.

  • Killa Kastro

    I’m really surprised that the conference got so downplayed. @peterocc:disqus comparing downloading while to playing to music download client is ridiculous. Having to download 2GB before you play compared to 10+GB is a step up from how game downloads are currently handled. AND I HATE!!!! That people when people say something isn’t next gen because of graphics. Graphics should be the least your worries, it should be about better gameplay and believable AI. PLEASE Devs use this boost in power to enhance these things this console generation verses using smoke and mirrors with graphics to distract use from what really matters. That’s my GAMER to cents.

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