Top 10 Most Downloaded Gamertag Radio Episodes of 2012

By on December 5, 2012

Here’s the ten most downloaded Gamertag Radio episodes of 2012.

10) Episode #331 – Giving Up Gaming Journalism

Aired: Mar 22, 2012

Ninja Gaiden 3 and Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City bad reviews
Amazon Offering Refunds for Mass Effect 3
Giving up gaming journalism
Custom Soundtrack Of The Week: Dj Babu De La Soul / Hernandez, Jose “Perico” Watch Out
Dragon’s Lair for XBLA to support both Kinect & Xbox 360 controller
EA Games To Shut Down Online Multiplayer Servers On April 13th – Burnout Revenge, The Godfather & more
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations review
Fanmail returns! Send us your questions at [email protected]

9) Episode #327 – Gamertag Radio’s 7th Anniversary

Aired: Feb 23, 2012

Gamertag Radio’s 7th anniversary
SSX demo
Mass Effect 3 Demo
Custom Soundtrack of the Week: Garcia “About Her”
Godfree’s new show for Discovery Channel Latin America “Yo Soy Danny Peña”
Online drama: internet vs Bioware
UFC Undisputed 3 review

8) Episode #349 – Podcast Interview with Ouya Founder & CEO: Julie Uhrman

Aired: Jul 17, 2012

Interview with Ouya founder & CEO Julie Uhrman. Her FIRST podcast interview about the product

7) Episode #325 – Resident Evil 6 & Jessica Chobot is in Mass Effect 3 & Munitio Review

Aired: Feb 6, 2012

ING Marathon in Miami – Congrats Mandy!
PS Vita marketing with Taco Bell
Jessica Chobot is in Mass Effect 3
Custom Soundtrack: Tech N9ne ft. Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!) – Blur
MUNITIO Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Billets 9mm review
Resident Evil 6
Ladyluck plays Soulcalibur V

6) Episode #322 – The Big Announcement, Next Gen Consoles & Mobile Gaming

Aired: Jan 15, 2012

CES 2012
The big announcement
Next gen consoles at E3 2012?
Custom soundtrack of the week: Mac Miller – “Jerry’s Record Store”
Japanese publication predicts the death of game companies
Mobile gaming vs handheld

5) Episode #328 – Wii U won’t save Nintendo, PS Vita & SSX Review

Aired: Mar 1, 2012

Pachter: “Wii U won’t save Nintendo”; “35% of Wii customers lost to FB and phones”
Jet Set Radio HD coming this Summer for Xbox 360, PSN & PC
Custom SOundtrack of the week: DJ EFN (Feat. Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY!, & Blood Type) – Thanksgiving (Remix)
PS Vita Review
Ninja Gaiden 3 review beats Street Fighter X Tekken

4) Episode #330 – Can a Video Game Make You Cry?

Aired: Mar 15, 2012

Mass Effect 3 review
Paustinj hates Diana in Mass Effect 3 (Jessica Chobot)
Next Xbox might not have a disc drive, here’s why
Fan mail: Letter to Ladyluck about PS Vita hate
Custom Soundtrack: Tech N9ne – Can’t Stand Me (Feat. Krizz Kaliko)
Jet Set Radio HD soundtrack details
Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition Review
Fan Mail
Can a Video Game make you cry?

3) Episode #321 – PS Vita Sales, Soul Calibur V Ad & Big Announcement Next Week

Aired: Jan 11, 2012

Back from vacation. Gamertag Radio’s 7th season!
Holiday gifts
Big announcement coming next week and rumors
Treyarch Dev Talks CoD Gun Balance and Why It’s Broken
Soul Calibur V advertisement in Japan
Custom Soundtrack of the week: DJ Jazzy Jeff – My Souls Not 4 Sale Ft. Raheem Devaughn
PS Vita sales in Japan
Ladyluck talks about Star Wars: The Old Republic

2) Episode #358 – Exclusive Podcast interview with Christa Charter aka Trixie360

Aired: Oct 7, 2012

Exclusive Interview with Christa Charter – Author of the upcoming novel Schooled: A Lexy Cooper Videogame Mystery
Leaving Xbox back 2 years ago
J Allard
Xbox Community
Xbox Live Gold member vs Ads

1) Episode #359 – Nintendo Wii U & XCOM Enemy Unknown Interviews

Aired: Oct 17, 2012

Voice mails: Episode 358 feedback
The Walking Dead: The Game episode 4 review
Resident Evil 6
Interview: Nintendo of America about Wii U, TV features, games & online
Interview: Lead producer of XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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