E312: Splinter Cell: Blacklist officially revealed; Kinect, Spies vs. Mercs confirmed

By on June 4, 2012

It looks like we didn’t have to wait until Ubisoft’s presser to see Splinter Cell: Blacklist after all. The game was just revealed during Microsoft’s press conference.

A single-player demo was shown, featuring a Sam Fisher who still hasn’t aged taking down terrorists at the Iraq-Iran border. The game’s track and kill features have returned, but Kinect voice commands are a series first. We saw our “demoer” shout at an enemy soldier to entice him to walk toward a ledge and, ultimately, his impending death. He then shouted, “Now, Grim!” to signal an airstrike over a crowd of enemies.

Ubisoft then confirmed co-operative play, as well as Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer (!) for the Spring 2013 title.

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    Maxime Beland (@Harpax:disqus )

    Drag dead bodies. Sticky shocker bolt. Customizable OpSuit. Non lethal hand 2 hand take downs. Distract AI… ‘

  • http://www.facebook.com/King.of.kings.bc Stone Goerge

    i never liked Spies vs. Mercs so my guess this game will suck with that like the last one i like the DA modes