The Top 25 Most Important Gamertag Radio Shows of All Time

By on May 2, 2011

To celebrate our 300th episode coming out soon. I decided to post the top 25 most important Gamertag Radio shows of all time. These episodes made a major impact in the gaming industry & community from 2005 until 2011. Since the release of some of these episodes, we’ve managed to influence others to start their own podcast, major interviews featured on major media, most talked about controversial moments, history in the making for an indie podcast and much more!

Back in 2001, I started podcasting (or in those days internet radio). I never thought that my own podcast was going to make a major impact on gaming. This happened because of our work, dedication and the support of our fans. One thing I always mention to those up and coming podcasters: “Don’t force it… just let it happen.”

These shows were just recorded and we have never tried to make it controversial or to get a buzz. The first thing we want is to entertain our fans more than anything. That’s why our show has always been so successful. Plus having some of the best staff members ever! I couldn’t done this without them. They have helped so much. Much love to the old and new staff members. Thank you for everything.

So let’s begin with the top 25 most important GTR shows of all time. There’s many of you that may have started late and never got the chance to check out these past shows. We broke it down on why this had so much buzz since it was released. Take your time listening to these episodes. There’s HOURS of great content!

25) Episode #1 – Gamertag Radio’s First Episode

Released: Feb 25, 2005

The first episode of Gamertag Radio with Godfree & his brother Nano aired on Feb 25th, 2005. Because of this first, Microsoft contacted us to be featured on

24) Unreleased Episode – MTV/Xbox 360/ Perfect Dark Zero Info Leaked

Released: April 2005

Gamertag Radio was the first site in the world to have information about the new Xbox 360 & Perfect Dark Zero. We recorded an interview with some of the people that had the chance to attend Xbox 360 / MTV event back in 2005. The 30 min interview was up for only an hour before Microsoft contacted us to take it down. It was too late. The audio interview was all over the web and was featured on Gamespot, IGN, MSNBC, Kotaku, and more.

23) Episode #78 – Lost Planet & Small Arms Dev Interviews

Released: Aug 06, 2007

Community members were invited to be the first in the world to play Capcom’s newest game “Lost Planet” at Microsoft campus. We had the chance to interview the Capcom team about the game in this new audio from the summit. We got to check out Small Arms and sat down with the developers from Gastronaut Studios for this exclusive roundtable audio interview. This show is the most downloaded episode in the history of Gamertag Radio.

22) Episode #80 & #242 – Interview with movie actor Danny Trejo

Released Date: Aug 06, 2007 & May 25, 2010

Both episodes contain interviews with the movie actor Danny Trejo. He has been in many movies such as Heat, Spy Kids, Dusk Til Dawn & many more. But you might have heard his voice in these video games: Grand Theft Audio Vice City, Def Jam Fight For NY & the new GTA for PSP. Years later, ee also had him again to talk Machete, Predators and more. Gamertag Radio is the only gaming podcast to have him on twice.

21) Episode #68 – MLG Orlando, FL 2006

Released: Nov 6, 2006

Let’s go back to 2006 live from MLG Orlando. In this episode we interviewed a few players that were part of this tournament & the gave us their MLG experience. But out of no where actress Dawn Wells – Mary Ann Summers from Gilligan’s Island showed up for this exclusive podcast interview. Also pro gamers Tsquared & Lil Poison.
This episode was featured on Kotaku.

20) Episode #154 – Exclusive Podcast Interview With Netflix

Released: Jul 28, 2008

An exclusive interview with Steve Swasey, the Vice President of Corporate Communications from Netflix. He talks about their new partnership with Microsoft for the Fall dashboard update. This was right after this was announced back in 2008. During the interview Steve slipped and said that this was an exclusive 1 year deal with Xbox. Then it became available for Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

19) Episode #202 – The Good & Bad Of Gaming Journalism Roundtable

Released: Jul 27, 2009

A special roundtable with Dan “Shoe” Hsu, Editor for & Kyle Orland. We discussed the good & bad of gaming journalism.

18) Episode #115 – Halo 3 Midnight Launch Nationwide Coverage

Released: Sep 26, 2007

Where were you on September 25, 2007? Halo fans from all over the world waited in line for hours just to be the first gamers to purchase Halo 3. In this audio you’ll get to hear our nationwide launch coverage from the following cities: Miami, Seattle, Chicago, Orlando & LA. For the first time ever GTR had live stream coverage from Miami’s launch event with almost 1,000 people watching it as it happened. The Gamingbits staff also interviewed us during the launch. You can view it here.

17) Episode #31 – Xbox 360 Launch & Zero Hour

Released: Nov 21, 2005

GTR staff members Godfree & Nano reporting live from Best Buy in Dadeland Mall (Miami, FL). CyberAthlete reports from the special event Zero Hour with Q & A roundtable with Xbox execs Peter Moore & J Allard. The launch of the Xbox 360!

16) Episode #116 – Bizarre Creations Interview About Project Gotham Racing 4

Released: Oct 02, 2007

This wasn’t the first time we had Bizarre Creations on our show. We go way back in 2005 on Episode #27. But what makes this episode on our list? During this interview community manager Ben Ward talked about Project Gotham Racing 4. The interview took place 2 days before their big annoucement: “Activision Acquires Bizarre Creations”. Get to hear what they had to say about the game, PGR On Demand, new multiplayer features, new tracks, Geo Wars & more. RIP Bizarre Creations.

15) Episode #26 – MTV True Life: Tsquared & Xena Interview

Released: Oct 16, 2005

This was an exclusive interview with pro-gamers Tsquared & Xena from Major League Gaming that took place in 2005. Both pro gamers were on our show to promote MTV’s True Life show which aired during the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. During our interview with Tsquared, MTV recorded the it for their show MTV True Life. Watch the episode here. First time Gamertag Radio was on TV!

14) Episode #110 – MC Frontalot, Gamedaily & Bioshock

Released: Aug 21, 2007

Gamedaily – GTR’s E3 Sponsorship with EA controversy

A few years we announced that for the first time ever a major gaming company sponsored Gamertag Radio to attend E3 2007. Once we announced this news a writer from Gamedaily (RIP) wrote an article called “Most questionable media sponsorship – GTR” and even Joystiq posted an article about this news. I sent him an email to see if we can discuss the topic for the show. Listen from both sides & why a lot of people didn’t know the full story about our E3 coverage. After this episode was released even Sarcastic Gamer posted an article defending us. The most talked about ever!

13) Episode #100 – Gamertag Radio Staff Celebrates & Win A Halo 3 Zune!

Released: Aug 06, 2007

Gamertag Radio finally hits the 100th episode! We start the show with a blast from the past on how GTR started. Listen to when the Xbox Community heard Trixie for the first time, Xbox 360 launch with J Allard, Nano uncensored, bloopers, community interviews & much more! Also we had one of the biggest giveaways ever in GTR’s history. This episode was featured on Joystiq.

12) Episode #249 – Kinect vs Playstation Move Roundtable Debate

Released: Jun 28, 2010

One of the most talked about episodes in 2010. My debate with Hip Hop Gamer. Xbox Kinect vs Playstation Move roundtable debate. We already know who won this debate.

11) PAX08: Gamercast Network – Podcasting The New Media

Released: August 31,2008

Special show included in podcast list, but does not have a number.

Podcast hosts from the Gamercast Network at Penny Arcade Expo 2008

A roundtable discussion with podcasters from Gamercast Network. A podcaster from each show discussed their experience with the shows and why podcasting is the new media.

Panelists include:

Jeromy Adams [Founder & Co-Host, Sarcastic Gamer]
Chad Hantak [Webmaster & Co-Host, Video Game Show]
Chris Paladino [Xbox Community Manager, Gamerscore Blog] – Moderator
Danny Pena (Godfree) [Founder & Co-Host, Gamertag Radio]
Natalie Sousa [Co-Host, Achievement Junkies]
Jay Van Beveren [Editor in Chief, Talking About Games]

10) PAX07: ‘Podcasts & Blogs: The New Face of Game Journalism’

Released: August 26, 2007

Special show included in podcast list, but does not have a number.

During my panel at Pax 2007, Major Nelson (while hosting the panel) asked me a question about major blogs taking other news from the small sites and not giving credit. This is when I called out Kotaku. Major drama! Plus check out what happens at the end when one of their staff members shows up to ask a question.

Panel members are (in order of appearance):
Chris Grant-Editor in Chief, Joystiq
Godfree-Host, Gamertag Radio
Ashley Jenkins- Frag Doll and Ubisoft community manager
Michael Zenke-Editor- Slashdot Games

9) Xbox Community Awards ’05, ’06 & ’07

Released: Nov 20, 2005, December 14, 2006 & Jan 1, 2008

Special show included in podcast list, but does not have a number.

Never in the history of gaming podcast has someone made an award show like this. In 2005, we released the first award show during the launch of the Xbox 360. Former Microsoft executive, J Allard was on our show for the first time to promote the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. First and last time he has ever been on an indie podcast. We also had some gaming celebs including Peter Moore, Major Nelson, Trixie, Frankie (Bungie), Aaron Greenberg and more!

Just listen to these awards and you will see why this is one of my favorite GTR moments in history.

8 ) Episode #157 – Press Vs Community Roundtable

Released: Aug 10, 2008

I was invited to the Mercenaries 2 Community Day event that took place in LA, California at Pandemic Studios in August 2008. After the event, I recorded a “Press VS Community” roundtable discussion featuring Deaconblade from (Unscripted360), Trina (Gamingangels), Vicious (Talkingaboutgames) & Ryan (Marvel).

The year 2008 had been a big challenge not only for GTR but the community in general. Why are gaming companies changing by not working with indy sites anymore? Are there too many gaming podcasts & blogs? Has this “community” gone too commercial? Are we community or press?

This episode was one of the most talked about episodes in 2008.

7) Episode #28 – What’s wrong with the Xbox Community?

Released: Oct 31, 2005

Gamertag Radio staff discussed an important issue going on in the Xbox Community. This episode is the most controversial show we ever made in the history of GTR. Just listen to the show and find out why.

“Too many chiefs, not enough Indians…..” – Nano

6) Baggins FM WGTR – #1 Underground Hip Hop Radio Station In Liberty City

Released: April 29, 2008

Special show included in podcast list, but does not have a number.

WGTR FM, a new underground radio network for the residents, workers, and Waste Management Officials within Liberty City. Baggins FM WGTR, presented by hosts Godfree, JVB, and Peterocc and mixed by Wrekonize, is the #1 Underground Hip Hop radio station in Liberty City. GTA fans download this podcast and play it on their Xbox 360 as a custom soundtrack while playing Grand Theft Auto IV.

5) Episode #279 – Bloggers, Media & E3 2011 Roundtable

Released: Feb. 8, 2011

The most talked about roundtable of 2011. ESA made some major changes this year by giving out less media passes to bloggers. Depending on your stats is how ESA decided how many passes bloggers will get. The Gamertag Radio crew had a few things to say about this topic. The gaming community called this episode influential, motivational and one of our best episodes to date. A week later, writer Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica, joined us to give us his feedback about this topic.

4) Episode #257 – Mafia II Community Launch Party NYC

Released: Aug 31, 2010

After Community Vibes 5, 2K Games approached us about having a community launch party for Mafia II in Miami and New York City. It was one of our biggest parties that year, having it in 2 cities on the same week with non-gaming events going on around both cities. That’s how you know that we needed to work twice as hard to promote it. The support was great. Many companies sponsored us: Scion, Playboy & NVidia. We also had Playboy model Jo Garcia and Hot 97′s own Miss Info to co-host the party. One of my favorite moments was having unsigned artists Garcia, DJ Sharpsound & Mayday be a part of the event.

The buzz was so crazy that we were even featured on Allhiphop, Examiner,, The305, Hot97, Wall Street Journal and more. The funny part was having an Italian-American group “Unico” protesting outside at our event for 10 mins and later claiming that they damaged our party. Not that many people know this but we even had Take Two executivess at the party in New York City, on the low, just to support us. Good thing Destructoid posted an article about how the party was a success. There were other parties but this one takes the cake!

3) Episode #103 – Pac-Man CE & Aaron Greenberg Interview

Released: June 9, 2007

Back in June 2007, Aaron Greenberg gave me the scoop about a big announcement that would make ‘gaming history.’ Once this was announced not that many people were satisfy with the news. Some were bashing GTR for reporting it. It was so bad that other podcasters created a 72 minute show about us called “Episode 82: Sex, Lies and Gamertags“. Now, a few years later, they are not around anymore.

Featured on Joystiq, Destructoid, Sarcastic Gamer, G4TV, 1up, IGN, etc…

2) Episode #55 – Peter Moore Q&A Roundtable

Released: June 18, 2006

Why this is our 2nd most important GTR show of all time? When you have major media talking about what Peter Moore had to say about our first ever Q&A interview, that’s when you know things are going to get crazy. During the interview he said that ‘game controllers too complicated’, his feedback about Wii (before it came out) and a few other things. Could this be the reason Kinect came out?

1UP Yours – Podcast made an episode about it. Game Pro, Arstechnica, Kotaku, etc.

1) Episode 226: Community Vibes 5 Live

Released: Feb 8, 2010

No need to say on why this was our number 1 important show of all time for Gamertag Radio. There’s no party out there like Community Vibes. We are the first podcasting site to have a party and get major sponsorships. BioShock® 2 by 2K Games and 2K Play’s The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom were the official sponsors of Community Vibes 5. This is the first time for us and won’t be the last.

Also, the EA Sports community team was there to make a major announcement about their new program: EA Sports Game Changers. It was heard from us before anyone else. They gave us props during an interview with ESPN about the event during Super Bowl weekend plus surprised one of our hardcore fans, Anton B, with a special gift. We had 3 musical acts: Artofficial, Mayday & Garcia. Plus the Miami New Times called us the #1 rated Super Bowl party. Even Microsoft’s own Major Nelson did a promo video for Vibes 5, in which he also gave us an EXCLUSIVE easter egg showing Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 faceplate before anyone else in the world had seen it.


There was fans waiting outside of the venue for hours, a few since 6:30 AM. The party was mentioned everywhere, making this the biggest party we have ever made in the history of Gamertag Radio. It was so stressful to make something like this happen in a city that really has NO gaming events. We even had to compete with major events around on that same weekend. That’s why I’m proud of GTR. We don’t have million of hits compared to other major blogs and we don’t have that many staff members. But one thing that we do have is loyal fans. That is, to me, the most important thing about our GTR community. Without them, none of these things would have happened. You can also add the hard work we put in to make this one of the most succesful indie gaming sites out there. Now that’s what I call EXCLUSIVE! Until next time….

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